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My baby screams loudly every time some stranger looks at him, even family members. Is there something wrong with my baby? It doesn’t seem normal to be so scared so easily.

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Stranger Anxiety In Babies

Please be calm. Your baby is normal and showing signs of mental development above all. You don’t mention the age of your baby, but at some point between 4 and 10 months, most babies go through a period of stranger anxiety.

With some babies you hardly notice this phase, but with others, they literally start crying at all new faces or even voices. Or at least some faces or voices. It can vary with different people and as an adult it can be completely impossible to understand why one person is scary and another one isnt’t.

The thing is, you baby is really starting to understand the difference between closest family and others and between mom and others. And what the baby defines as “family” may not at all coincide with your definition.

So while it can be stressful as a parent, your baby’s behaviour is completely normal.

What he needs during this phase, is to be with the people he loves the most. Be gentle with him, cuddle him often and try not to expose him too much to the stress of meeting many other people. Also, do not try to train him by asking strangers to hold him and say no to anyone who wants him if you believe it will make him uncomfortable. For grandparents, dad or someone else, who is close, but right now scary, you can try to let baby interact with this person while in your arms, so that he can get used to that person’s looks, voice or smells while in a safe place (according to your son).

This is a development stage, and the more his needs of safety and reassurance are met, the faster he will get over it.

So you see, his behavior is actually a good thing; he is becoming a big(ger) boy.

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