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by k123
(New York)

My 3-month-old cries every time someone outside of our immediate family wants to hold her, or when someone new comes over. We take her out every day and try to socialize with as many people as possible so she can get used to people, but it still takes her time to adjust (if at all).

Is this normal?

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Stranger Anxiety At 3 Months Old

Actually, although it may seem early for a 3-month-old baby to be afraid of strangers, I don’t think you should worry at all. The other side of the coin is that your baby has really bonded with her nearest family, which is the far more important development aspect.

Maybe your baby will outgrow this behavior quickly, maybe not. Some babies are more sensitive than others, and it really doesn’t say much about how social she will be in the future. It is probably good that you’re out socializing a bit, but don’t push her! She needs you and your arms to feel secure. Over time she will be ready to give your arms up for some longer excursions. Let her do it in her own pace.

In addition to heading out to meet the world, a 3-month-old baby needs interaction with her family more than anything.

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Hope this calms you down and provides some inspiration. Have fun and enjoy your little girl,
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Mar 23, 2014

Don’t Sweat It
by: Kate

Every baby I have ever known has her own personality. And why wouldn’t she? We all respond differently to different situations. Your baby may very well be expressing a nascent personality type. Even if your child is not displaying a social preference, it is perfectly normal for a child — particularly an infant — to bond tightly to the people who provide daily care. Both of my children were very “clingy” when they were babies. Now, my son (9) is very outgoing and has many friends and acquaintances and my daughter (8) is introverted and has one close friend. My point being that their crying antics in infancy did NOT indicate a problematic adolescence.


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