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From Helpless To Helpful in Just One Year!

What if adult development was even near the speed of baby development? We would probably be completely burned out!

baby development milestonesBabies follow a quite predictable line of developmental milestones during their first year. First, they just sleep, then become a bit more awake, start to smile, then talk, etc.

It is fun to know what to look for and what you can do to encourage your baby.

But don’t become competitive! Babies are different. If your baby rolls over early or late compared to the average says absolutely nothing about the prospects of him becoming a doctor or a rock star or a happy person for that matter…

Our oldest son didn’t walk until he was 20 months old. That is considered quite late by any time table. Was it a problem? No! Was he abnormal? No! He just liked crawling, I suppose!

Most kids are completely normal, whether they are early or late compared to the statistical development milestones.

Of course, if you are worried that something might be wrong with your baby, promptly talk to a pediatrician!

A newborn baby doesn’t need all that much stimulation. But the older your baby gets, the more interested he will become in his surroundings and in playing.

As a parent, if you are the one responsible for taking care of the baby all day long, it can become quite tedious to try to entertain the little one unless you know what to do.

Knowing a bit about baby development and what the baby might be interested in at different stages help.

Below you can learn about your baby’s development month by month, answer in our baby development polls and find tips on how to play to encourage your baby at different stages.

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