baby care

First baby, second, third… there are always new questions coming up!  

Here are baby care tips based on real-life experiences and research. From getting your baby to sleep, eat (incl. breastfeeding), and poop to dealing with cradle cap, and activities for your bored baby.

You’ll find information an discussions on common baby behaviors, baby development, illnesses and injuries, and the bonding process too.

Baby topics

sleeping environment to prevent sidsNeed help to improve your baby’s sleep pattern? Here you’ll find all from fact about babies’ sleep pattern to, baby sleep schedules, routines, SIDS information, help with getting your baby to accept the crib and more.

Find all baby sleep tips here.

Daily baby care

daily baby care tipsDiapering, taking care of the umbilical cord stump, cutting baby nails, dealing with cradle cap, thrush, constipation, pacifiers, swaddling your baby, soothing a crying baby…

Find many articles with daily baby care tips.

Baby Development

11-month-old baby developmentDuring your baby’s first year, his or her development really is a trip at the speed of light!

Here you’ll find a monthly development milesones, games to play , toy tips, warning signs, and development questions and answers.

Read about baby development here.

Breastfeeding & formula

breastfeeding as birth controlFrom how to getting breastfeeding to work to what on earth happened to your libido… Find everything you need to breastfeed and feel good about it!

Find breastfeeding and formula tips here

Feeding baby solids

picky eater tipsTips for a successful baby food introduction, baby food recipes, a vitamin guide, tips on how to deal with picky eaters, feeding schedules for different age groups and more.

Here is everything about feeding baby solids.

The Sick baby

3-month-old baby cries when held by othersTips for a successful baby food introduction, baby food recipes, a vitamin guide, tips on how to deal with picky eaters, feeding schedules for different age groups and more.


Baby activities

baby music classesAt some point, when your baby is a few months old, he or she is ready for some more action. Now is a great time to start attending baby swim classes or baby music classes, for example.

Baby Gifts & Gear

baby toy gifts month by monthBaby gift tips month by month. Toy tips, clothes, jewelry, gifts for new mom, and for new dad Baby gear tips that cover e.g. strollers, cribs, car seats, and more. Find tips on baby gifts and baby gear here..

baby travel tips

heat stroke in babies and toddlersPlanning to go traveling with your baby?

Don’t miss our baby travel tips, including favorite vacation spots, how to make your baby endure the car trip, air trip, sleep better away from home, feel good despite the heat and more.

Find baby travel tips here.

Crying Baby

baby music classesA crying baby isn’t always that easy to interpret. Is he or she hungry, thirsty, tired, sick, having tummy pain, separation anxiety..?


In the Diaper

baby toy gifts month by monthWho would have thought that you would spend so much time thinking about another person’s poop… Well, with babies, we always worry about their pooping and peeing and their habits are normal

Find everything about baby poop and pee here .

Bonding & Behavior

heat stroke in babies and toddlersHow can I create a strong bond with my baby?

Why does my baby smack his head?

Why is my baby afraid of strangers?

This section is all about baby behaviors as well as bonding and attachment.

Learn about baby behaviors here.

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