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Heart-Centered Parenting from Pregnancy to Toddlerhood

Loving our kids is easy…
Raising them? That’s harder.
But here’s the secret: It doesn’t have to be!


At Easy Baby Life, we deconstruct your most challenging pregnancy concerns and pressing parenting questions . . .

… with easy-to-digest tips and guidance you can feel good about.

Raising thriving, confident youngsters in our time-strapped, noisy world can be exhausting, perplexing, and distressing for any parent.

Through encouraging support, trusted resources and evidence-based pregnancy and parenting advice, you’ll nurture your little one’s  development with confidence in a calm, secure and loving home.

pregnancy and birth
All the way from trying to conceive to holding your baby in your arms… Fertility and pregnancy tips and facts, birth planning and stories.
baby care
Baby care tips based on real-life experiences and research. From getting your baby to sleep, eat, and poop to dealing with cradle cap to activities for your 11-month-old…
From how to getting breastfeeding to work to what on earth happened to your libido… Find everything you need to breastfeed and feel good about it!
parenting toddlers
Toddlers are amazing and exhausting! Here are parenting tips for toddlers to help you work with your toddler instead fighting him or her.
tips for new mom
New mom sleep tips, how to take care of your body after pregnancy, exercise tips, recipes, and a lot more. The goal is to help you feel great despite being totally exhausted from time to time.
Tips for new dads
How to bond with your baby, how to help out during childbirth, explanations on what happens to both your own hormones (yes, they are affected!) and those of baby’s mom. Polls, tips, and much more.
learn about child development
What interests you right now in your parenting journey? Browse multiple articles & resources relevant to preconception, pregnancy and parenthood.
Seek to understand your child
Get curious and consider the “why” behind your parenting dilemma or life situation.
a positive parenting approach
Refer to our extensive knowledge base for valuable guidance and expert tips on all topics, from morning sickness and breastfeeding to colic, sleep and tantrums.

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From getting pregnant to getting back in shape and from breastfeeding to helping picky eaters, Easy Baby Life is packed with baby care tips, parenting advice and discussions from the positive parenting perspective.

By responding calmly to a child’s needs, understanding their perspective and focusing on positive reinforcement rather than harsh discipline, we role model kindness, generosity and a more joyful way of living.

With Easy Baby Life as your
positive parenting partner, you’ll…

  • Be less vulnerable to the pitfalls of inaccurate, out-of-date information.

  • Stop disciplining in ways that leave you and your child feeling  demoralized, anxious, and stressed.

  • Overcome your insecurities around parenting, which translates into a more confident, secure youngster.

By learning loving, proactive parenting strategies, you’ll be astonished at how much calmer, confident and energetic you’ll feel as you navigate— and delight in—each phase of your child’s development. And, your child will likely grow into a more relaxed, well-adjusted individual too!

What a beautiful gift and lasting legacy to give your child!

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