A New Baby Is A True Miracle… And A Very Exhausting One!

Our mission is to help new moms and dads and parents-to-be with tips and information on all aspects of pregnancy, caring for a baby and how to stay sane (and maybe even feel good) as a new parent.

Find both evidence-based information on issues like co-sleeping safety and what to eat while breastfeeding, and thousands of baby parenting tips on how to get your infant to sleep, eat, burp, play, breastfeed and more.

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Some of our most popular tips and articles are:

Where Would You Like To Start?

Baby Q&A

baby help lineAnswers to all your baby-care questions.

Here you’ll find hundreds of baby parenting questions and answers on topics such as baby poop, development, crying, sleeping, feeding, spitting up and much more. Parents from all over the world are helping each other.

Find all Baby Q&As here.

Trying To Conceive

tips for getting pregnantAre you trying to conceive?

Here you’ll find information on ovulation symptoms, factors that will determine your odds of getting pregnant, and many tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Find tips on getting pregnant here.

Your Pregnancy Timeline

pregnant week by weekIf you are pregnant, following the week-by-week journey is a wonderful thing. Here you’ll find information on every week of your pregnancy, as well as many other articles related to being pregnant, such as eating well during pregnancy, bleeding issues, tips on pregnancy yoga, and how your breasts will change.

Follow your pregnancy timeline here.

Prepare For Giving Birth

giving birthIs your due date approaching?
One of the best ways to prepare for giving birth is to educate yourself. Here you will find many articles on topics, such as the stages of labor, why it hurts to give birth, how to create a birth plan and many birth stories provided by visitors.

Find help to prepare for giving birth here.

Taking Care Of A Baby

baby care tipsOur baby care tips section covers many different aspects of daily baby care, such as dealing with diaper-rash and thrush in babies, helping your baby sleep better, and starting with solid foods, as well as the important baby development milestones and how to travel with your baby.

Find many tips for caring for a baby.

Breastfeeding Advice

breastfeeding adviceIf you are breastfeeding and wondering what you can eat while breastfeeding, what the benefits of breast milk are, if your breasts will sag, or how to breastfeed in public, you will find your answers in our breastfeeding section together with many other tips and advice.

Find breastfeeding tips and advice here.

Tips For New Moms

tips for new mothersBeing a new mom can be overwhelming and exhausting (and wonderful). Here you’ll find invaluable sleep tips for new moms, information about your post-pregnancy body, your libido while breastfeeding, and when and how to start exercising, to give a few examples.

Find advice for New Mothers here.

Tips For New Dads

tips for new dadsBeing a new dad can be quite overwhelming too. Our new dad section will discuss issues like sympathy pregnancy (couvade syndrome), how you can assist during childbirth, how to bond with your newborn, the importance of father involvement for your child’s development, and what the breastfeeding hormones do to mom.

Find tips especially for New Dad here.