No Rocket Science..!

daily baby care tipsTaking care of a new little person can seem scary at first when you know nothing about newborn baby care. Or you feel like you have forgotten everything.

Are they really this tiny..?!

Newborn babies seem easy to break. But if you think about how most babies enter into this world, you’ll see that they are not all that easy to break after all…!

At the hospital, the midwife advised me to “just put the baby under the tap and wash her off” when changing the diaper. No need for expensive baby wipes loaded with chemicals.

Just wash her off under the tap… Eh, you mean without dropping her…?
I let my husband “just” wash her off during the first days before I had the guts.
Well, at home I did manage to put on the diapers in the right way. (Quite different from my mother-in-law who put the diapers on backward all the time in the beginning..)
There is so much infant care information to digest in the beginning that it might seem impossible. And in my experience, it’s so easy to make things more complicated than they actually are.
Check out our tips and you won’t go wrong!
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