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tips for new moms
Welcome, wonderful new mom! This part of Easy Baby Life is dedicated to you! You'll find sleep tips for YOU, tips on how to take care of your body and what actually happens to it after pregnancy, exercise tips, recipes and a lot more. The goal is to help you feel great despite being totally exhausted from time to time. (Or all the time, maybe, like I was with my first baby…) Browse all NEW MOM posts below and also find useful resources for new moms here.

5 Powerful Parental Habits for Cooperative, Happy Kids with a Feeling of Self Worth!

positive parenting skills

We all want happy, cooperative kids with a great sense of self-worth. But how do we get there? How do we make children cooperate and be happy? A magic wand, incredible talent or special training of the parent? Or maybe luck – children that were born cooperative? NO. But it does take certain parental habits for cooperative kids! Behaviors we …

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