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How To Choose Baby Diaper Bag – 10 Tips To Pick The Right One!

how to choose diaper bag

Diaper bags can be quite expensive for what you get – a bag… But I must admit, it is very tempting to go for a cool, stylish one. There are so many cool bags to choose between right now.

However, while choosing between all different styles available, you really should have a few practical issues in mind as well. Check our tips on choosing a diaper bag that suits your needs.

Tips for Choosing The Best Diaper Bag For Your Needs

Go for quality

If you have the money, invest in a nice, quality diaper bag. You’ll be using it for two or three years or even more if you plan for siblings some time soon.

I once did a mistake to buy a low-budget diaper bag. Well, the zipper and the straps broke within a few months. Annoying and in the end more expensive than getting a good bag from the beginning.
Skip Hop, for example, makes high quality bags, that tend to last. Of course, there are many other good brands too.


This may be the hardest and the most fun part of choosing a nappy bag. In addition to different brands, materials, and sizes, there are also some different styles to consider.

Here are some of the most common and popular styles:

  • The most traditional style is simply a bag. This may be the first style you think about. The bags are usually square and have one long handle to carry over your shoulder. The handle is long enough to be able to strap it around the handlebar of your stroller. You can see an example of a traditional nappy bag here at Amazon.
  • Another style that many men seem to like is the backpack. (My husband totally disagreed with this, though, so you’d better check with your spouse if you consider buying one.) 🙂
  • Sling bags are kind of a variation of the backpack, you wear it on your back, but it only has one strap instead of two.
  • The messenger bag is the newest addition to styles available. It is designed to be worn on the left hip, with a strap across your body. It is something in between a traditional bag and a back pack.

When it comes to choosing between these different types, it is mostly a style preference. Of course, if you have problems with your back or neck, a backpack is probably a better choice than a regular bag. On the other hand, If you expect to almost always have the diaper bag strapped to your stroller, then a backpack might not be the best choice!

So, in addition to what type you like, consider what type will be the most useful for you!


Some materials stain easily, breaks easily and are hard to wash. Consider buying a bag that won’t give you a headache by looking old and dirty too soon.

Dark colors are better than light ones and coarse fabrics are more durable. On the other hand – if you completely fall in love with a light colored one, check the washing instructions.

If you live some place very sunny – a lighter shade will keep its color longer in the sun. In a rainy place, fabrics that can stand a bit of rain is a good choice.

Don’t forget Dad

Buy one that dad likes too! This is something I hadn’t thought about if my husband hadn’t commented on it. When our old diaper bag broke, and I talked about buying a new one, my husband said:

“Whatever you do, don’t buy one that looks like a makeup box!”

He meant those hard shell nappy bags that were popular a couple of years ago. Of course, both parents should be comfortable with carrying the bag around. Otherwise, buy one each. 🙂

Fitting the handle bar

Get one that can be strapped onto your stroller’s handlebar. This is very convenient and will save your back.

If you plan for siblings pretty soon, check if the bag also fits on the handlebar of a twin stroller. Mine did by pure luck, and that is very convenient!


You need padded straps to save your shoulders when carrying a fully packed diaper bag. This is particularly true if you choose a sling model, but is the best for all models.

A changing pad

Buy a diaper bag that includes a foldable changing pad (or buy one extra). This is very convenient when you’re out somewhere, not to mention when you’re traveling with your baby.

When controlling the quality of the changing pad, check that it is not too small and that it can be wiped clean easily. It is also nice if the changing pad is a little bit padded, to make diapering more comfortable for your baby.


You’ll also need plenty of both inside and outside pockets on the bag. Outside pockets are very convenient for bottles, both for you and your baby. One pocket for each of you to put a bottle in is a minimum.

Inside pockets are good too, for pacifiers, spoons, baby food etc. Little things that you don’t want to disappear in the middle of all diapers and clothes.

Easy to close

Also make sure you choose a nappy bag that you can close properly and easily, for example with a lid or a good zipper. This is particularly important for rainy days!

Fab online stores for your diaper bag

This probably goes without saying. By just searching for a few seconds on the web, I found an online shop selling Skip Hop diaper bags at some 20% lower prices than our nearest baby store does.

Since quality diaper bags are quite expensive, do consider shopping online.

Some online stores that have nice selections of diaper bags are:

A tip! A diaper bag is perfect for your baby registry! Find a list of great stores for your baby registry here.

Good luck!

If you need tips on how to diaper a baby, click here.

And which is YOUR favorite diaper bag? Share your views below! 🙂