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12+ of the best, most inspiring stores for your Baby Registry

best stores for baby registries

Creating a baby registry (or a few!) for your baby-to-be can be a really fun part of being pregnant. There’s so much stuff to choose between and dream about.

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I knew his gender already in week 14 of pregnancy. With my daughter, I didn’t find out her gender until week 32. (Her pregnancy is a story of its own – you can find my pregnancy diary in each of the pregnancy week posts here.)
Anyway, a baby registry can be started pretty much early as you want, and it is not at all necessary to know the gender of your baby. There are even sites that target moms who choose not to find out the gender at all – I specify one such great site below.

In this post, I have collected a number of baby registries. They are all free to join. Some offer discounts on what you buy. Why choose more than one? Well, when you start out, you might not know for sure what you want. OR you want to have a few different registries that will suit different friends and relatives.

A word of warning, though – don’t start up different registries with similar things in them, unless it is for things are OK to get duplicates of! You can certainly have a special “cool clothes” registry or everything on a shoestring registry, or all organic stuff. But if you do create a broad registry too – at least only register the big one-off things (like strollers and car seats) only in one place!

Have fun with creating your baby registry!

14 Great Online Stores For Your Baby Registry – and Counting!


I guess Amazon is the crown jewel of baby registries. I am sure you know Amazon already, but do you know their Baby Registry? It has a lot of great benefits, such as a huge number of baby stuff to choose between (with reviews – I love Amazon for those!), 10% discount on purchased items, sweepstakes and more.

If you register to become an Amazon Prime member at the same time, there are additional benefits, such as up to 15% discount (instead of 10%) on anything bought from the baby registry, 20% on diapers, a welcome box (limited time offer) and a lot more! Being an Amazon Prime member is NOT free, though, more than as a free trial for 30 days. After that, the cost is $99 per year. Worth it or not? Depends on you!

But registering for their Baby Registry is completely free! A novelty for the baby registry is what they call the “Universal Registry“, which is a service where you can add items from any website in the world to your Amazon Baby Registry. Kinda cool.

Create your Amazon Baby Registry here.


MyRegistry is a great option if you simply can’t decide where to create your baby registry. Just like Amazon (with their new Universal Registry option), you can register stuff from any website around the globe.

MyRegistry also has yet another great service – you can sync registries you already created for many other websites, including for example Amazon, Macy’s Target and many more! So if you got a little carried away and started creating registries on several different websites, you can actually combine them at MyRegistry. Neat, huh? MyRegistry is free to join, just like all the other registries listed here.

Create your Baby Registry at MyRegistry.com here!


Did you know that you can create a Registry at Etsy? Etsy is filled with entrepreneurs selling their own crafts, and this will be the place to find unique stuff for your Baby registry. You will definitely not find a regular stroller here, so Etsy should be an additional registry to offer a possibility to get something really unique for your baby-to-be.

Be aware that Etsy calls their registry a “Wedding registry” but a lot of moms still use it for their Baby registry. 🙂 I totally don’t understand why they don’t add a specific Baby registry possibility too. (Not that it matters what it’s called.)

Create your Etsy Baby Registry here.

The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod has stylish furniture, baby essentials, toys, and clothing. They ship globally. They also have a neat and huge room gallery, with pictures of girls, boys and neutral nursery rooms, toddler rooms, playrooms and much more. Great for inspiration.

Create your Land of Nod Baby Registry here.

Magic Cabin

Magic Cabin has toys. Lots of toys. And they are categorized for different groups, which makes the browsing for fun toys to add to your registry really easy. They call their registry a “wish list”, but works just as a regular Baby registry. If you fancy great toys for your child, this is a nice website to check out.

Create your Magic Cabin Baby Registry here.


Heartsong has a lot of toys, clothes, books, and crafts. They do have some furniture too, but a lot. They are worth checking out and just like Magic Cabin, they call their registry a wish list.

Create your Heartsong Baby Wish List here.


Carter’s have adorable baby clothes. Not much of anything else, but certainly a nice add-on to a general baby registry. A word of caution – if you add clothes to a baby registry, don’t add seasonal clothes unless you are very close to when your baby shower will take place. Clothing stores often change their offerings often, so what’s in your registry may not be available 3 months from now.

Create your Carter’s wish list here.


If you have never checked out Giggle, make sure you do! They have a surprisingly large selection of baby stuff – from clothes and toys to really nice furniture. The also have things like strollers, breast pumps, gift sets, baby books and a lot more. They carry many brands including their own.

Their baby registry is great. They have checklists, apps, guides, lists of most popular, discounts, free shipping, completion discounts, baby shower invitations and this list goes on.

Create your Giggle Baby Registry here.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is another good option for a registry. They have pretty much everything you need for your baby. Similar to other websites, they offer up to 10% discount to items that you registered.

Create your BabiesRus Baby Registry here.


If you like cloth diapers and other natural baby items, Grovia is a good option. This is a more narrow store, but they solved that by partnering with MyRegistry (explained below) for their Baby registry. This means you can add anything you want from their store to a general Baby registry.

Create your Grovia Baby Registry here.


Target ofcourse has to be included. Don’t get me wrong, Target is great, accessible and convenient – and juuust a little bit boring. Or no? Anyway, they do have quite a lot of baby stuff, and if you know that you have a lot of friends or family who want the convenience of shopping close to home, baby registry at Target. They also offer coupons when you register, as well as 15% off on remaining items in your registry 8 weeks before due date.

Create your Target Baby Registry here.

Right Start

Right Start has it all. From furniture to apparel to toys. If you go for Right Start, you probably don’t need another registry. You’ll find what you need here.

Create your Right Start Baby Registry here.


If BuyBuyBaby was my company, I’d change their name! I just don’t like it. But their offering is great. 🙂 Similar to other large stores, they are a huge selection of baby items from strollers to toys, clothing and pretty much anything else you might need.

Create your BuyBuyBaby Registry here.

Pure and Simple Baby

If you like organic, non-toxic things for your baby, Pure and Simple Baby is for you. They don’t have a huge selection, especially not of furniture, but the stuff they have is nice and non-toxic! Being all “green”, I would have thought that their stuff would be expensive, but I don’t think so at all.

Create your Pure and Simple Baby Registry here.

That was it! Remember – if you really can’t choose; sign up for Amazon and/or MyRegistry.com, since you can add items from ANY website to your registry with these two companies.

I’ll keep adding Baby Registries worth mentioning as I find them. What do you think? Is your favorite on your list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and of course tips on Baby registries that should be added to the list! 🙂

  • Candy Kage

    These are some great stores and ideas for finding baby gifts and registering

  • Great list! I want to check out Pure and Simple

  • This is a great list! I did my registries on Amazon, Target and Walmart. Walmart has some surprisingly really great things for awesome prices

    • Thanks! And yes, of course – Walmart should be added to the list! ☺

  • Dani Adams

    Awesome list! I really enjoy all of The Land of Nod products.

    • Thanks Dani! And I agree, I love The Land of Nod too – so much stylish stuff! 🙂

  • Sahvana Stapleton

    Target and Babies R Us were my two stores. Wish I would’ve thought about doing Amazon!

    • Target ad Babies R Us are good too. 🙂 But I think Amazon is beating most now since you can add items from any website. Drawback is of course that there’s only the online shopping… Thanks for reading!

  • Emily Bendler

    For my second, we used Amazon and Target. We didn’t have many big ticket items for the baby. We actually registered for things for my son who would be giving up his furniture for the baby.

  • I wish all these options were around for my kids! These look like great stores and so many great ideas!

  • Erin Nichols

    My registry is on Amazon and I can testify that it’s awesome! I didn’t know about all the others, but this is a wonderful list and I know some soon to be mommas it would definitely help out.

    • Thanks Erin! Good luck with your pregnancy and feel free to share this post with any mom-to-be who might find it useful! 🙂

  • Wow, I didn’t even know some of these had registries. I did Amazon and Babies R Us when I was pregnant