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pregnancy body changes

Not only your belly and breasts will change during pregnancy. Many women experience additional not-so-fun changes, such as stretch marks, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stuffy noses, to mention some.

How about you? What pregnancy body changes are you experiencing? Check all the pregnancy symptoms below. We create our own study of what happens to mom’s body while pregnant.

Some of these changes will disappear after giving birth, such as an outie naval, heartburn and stuffy noses. Others are harder to get rid of, such as stretch marks. You can read about the post pregnancy body here.

Poll on Pregnancy Body Changes

Now, what’s your guess? Which body changes are the most common? Some 1000 have voted before you, so that stats are pretty reliable. Vote in the poll below and have a look!

Any surprises? Feel free to share any thoughts by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

A good way to keep your pregnant body in some kind of shape is pregnancy yoga. It will not prevent stretch marks, of course, but it will keep your body stronger, in better balance, and more prepared for giving birth. You can read about pregnancy yoga in different trimesters here.

Something that can prevent stretch marks and varicose veins to some degree, is to keep weight gain under control. The article below provides statistics on average weight gain per week and tips on what to do if you feel that your weight is increasing too quickly.

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