Tips for finding the right gifts and gear for baby, mom, and dad

baby gift tips

Here you’ll find tips to help you pick the right toys, clothes, gemstones, and other gifts for a baby month by month and for special occasions. I also share tips on how to choose the best stroller, infant car seat and other baby gear that can be so difficult to choose. And very expensive too!

I can only laugh when I think about some of the gifts I gave to my sister’s kids before I had children of my own. How about a heavy metal rattle for her 4-month-old? Really stylish, but completely useless, even dangerous for her little one.

Or all the cool caps I gave to newborn babies… Many babies hate wearing a hat and it will trigger the poor infant’s suckling reflex too.

Below you’ll find my best tips for buying baby stuff. Use them for your own inspiration or share them with your friends and family to help them buy gifts that are both useful and fun (and stylish…)

You’ll also find gift ideas for new mom or dad – definitely something to share with your friends “by accident”… ;-)

Pleases also check out my Amazon recommendations here! I add product recommendations when I find awesome pregnancy, baby or mom stuff:-) (Link to Amazon)

Have fun!