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Gemstone jewelry is a great gift for a christening, to a new mom, for the baby’s first Christmas, birthday, for a baby shower etc…

But wouldn’t it be nice to pick the gift based on the needs of the receiver? As I am sure you know, gemstones are said to have a lot of different healing powers and effects on its owner.

Whether you believe it or not, it sure adds to the gift to be able to be able to tell the myth of what this gemstone jewelry will do for the receiver.

The myths are dated back all the way to the ancient Mayans and Hebrews, who expressed much interest in the powers of crystals and gemstones. They are associated with healing rituals and healing powers.

Many ordinary people today around the world claim tremendous results from using crystals and gems. It is believed that crystals and gemstones stimulate physical as well as non-physical healing. Personally, I am not convinced, but it doesn’t really matter. No harm in trying…

Tips on Gemstone Jewelry for Babies & Moms

Meanings Of The Gemstones

So, to learn the basic facts or myths regarding the meanings of different gemstones, a good starting point is the color family. It is believed that since the gemstones come in different color families they produce different energies and different results.

For example:

  • The Red Family – In red, yellow and orange. These particular color gems stones and crystals are believed to produce energy. What a great way to stay awake in school (or at night if a new mom)! Maybe not such a good idea for an infant ;-)
  • The Blue Family – In blue, violet, and lavender hues, tend to have a calming in effect. Perhaps you would like to place one of these gems under your child’s pillow at bedtime, or tuck one under the baby’s mattress. (Just make sure they are out of reach for curious hands and mouths.)

The red and blue families are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Those in the middle, such as clear and aquamarine, have healing properties. It has been said that if your child or baby is ill you want to tuck an aquamarine in their garment to aid in healing.

Many people will use several different colors of stones to gain different properties and energies, therefore, they receive multiple results, as well. The list below gives a brief description of different properties of different colored stones.

  • Amethyst – reduces anger and impatience. It is known as the up-lifting and spirituality stone. It has long been associated with Sundays and religious occasions. Some also call it the color of royalty. If your child is having a bad day, give them an amethyst.
  • Aquamarine – this beautiful greenish blue stone protects the immune system and the heart. It is thought to aid in communication especially on the spiritual and physical level.
  • Carnelian – a stimulant for the circulation system, kidneys, sexuality, and emotions. It bestows an unstoppable desire to succeed, brings confidence and assertiveness. This stone may benefit those who are college-bound.
  • Citrine – citrine aids in digestion, food disorders and allergies. It holds a cleansing power for the kidneys, spleen, liver, intestines and urinary systems. Citrine also holds special power for mental clarity, emotional clarity, self-discipline, will power, and optimism. More good energy for a college student – or maybe to a baby suffering from infant colic.
  • Coral – if you need to strengthen your spine and your muscles, use coral. It will also promote bone and tissue regeneration. Coral can enliven your sense of emotion as well.
  • Diamond – diamonds have long been an everlasting symbol of love. It increases personal clarity, confidence, and trust. Diamonds also amplify your strengths and positive attitude. Is there someone in your life who is falling in love?
  • Emerald – aids in breathing and promoting a healthier respiratory system. It is believed that emeralds help us get a good nights sleep and will ease the pain of childbirth. The emerald will be a great stone to give to a Mom to Be!
  • Jade – these have long been the gem of choice for harmony, generosity, emotional balance, humility, justice, compassion, age, knowledge and a long life. Who doesn’t want to live a long life? This is a good christening gift or first birthday gift.
  • Lapis – a beautiful mix of blue tones in one stone. Its powers relieve anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and shyness. It enhances speech, hearing, mind expansion, creativity, intuition and one’s spiritual connection. Lapis will benefit almost everyone, including young budding artists!
  • Malachite – use malachite to just let go. You can rid yourself of depression and anger. Also relieves pain. Malachite can help you and your child have a better day – why not try to a toddler in the terrible twos…
  • Ruby – Red, no wonder it is associated with relieving blood clots, menstrual pain and impotence. Ruby is valuable in cleansing the blood and can help vamp up the pituitary gland.
  • Sapphire – sapphires help us tap into our intuition and aid in the reduction of inflammation, lowers fevers and stops nosebleeds The sapphire will be a great gemstone jewelry to have around for many, many reasons.

Pick Stones For Maximum Benefit

When you take a look at the various properties of these gemstones, you can get a pretty good idea of what stones will enhance your child’s life, whether you are looking to improve physical health or emotional health.

Since you can see that some of these crystals promote emotional well-being, you can select one of these stones, carnelian for instance, if you notice that your child is suffering with, perhaps, self-esteem issues or if she is lacking self-confidence. (And no, you don’t have to believe in all this – it still enhances the gift by the story you can tell around it!)

Crystals and gemstones can be made into beautiful bead jewelry. Beaded gemstone jewelry is a beautiful gift! Imagine, every time someone wears the beaded gift from you, not only will they be thinking of you, but they will feel better, too, if you believe in it. And even if you don’t,the thought of possible healing powers is still very nice, don’t you think?

A Gift That Lasts

gemstone jewelry giftsPinTake a look at this list often. You may want to have a collection of crystals and stones on hand. Today, so many people are interested in the powers of crystals and gemstones. Keep this in mind when you want to give someone the perfect, unique gift.

There is nothing more powerful than energy, and crystals and gems are the perfect examples. Be sure to know the properties of gemstones before you decide to share them as a gift for Mom or Child. And then you can select the perfect one for a gift. And it sure adds to the gift to be able to tell about its potential powers and why you took care to pick this particular stone.

And remember, children love sparkling things. And it is interesting to note that crystals and gemstones have certain energies that maybe can be passed on to your child. Be sure to choose the right gem at the right time.

Or at least, it adds a story and some spice to your gift!

I hope this gemstone jewelry guide provided some inspiration for you!

Which stone is your favorite? :-)

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