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Is dad great? Helping out a lot? Understanding and loving when Mom explodes out of pure exhaustion? Buy a couple of gifts for dad now and then to show that his love and presence is appreciated.

The new dad is often forgotten – or at least feels somewhat ignored – when a new baby arrives in the family. The well-being of the newborn infant, siblings, and mom is often in complete focus.

Dad needs love and encouragement too! AND there is Christmas, birthday and Father’s Day, when he really should get some attention!

I asked my husband to help out and here is our list of possible gifts for dad. Please help to extend the list by leaving a comment below the post! :-)

Great Gifts For Dad

A cool diaper bag

If you want Dad to feel completely comfortable taking your baby out on his own, give him his own, “manly” diaper bag.

Most men don’t appreciate flowery satin bags… These days there is quite a big selection of backpacks as well as other diaper bags that are specially designed for men.

Have a look at the “manly” diaper bag. Nice design, don’t you think?

And if you need tips on how to choose a good diaper bag, click here.

A new smartphone

If your husband is at all like mine, he loves technical stuff. A new smartphone for stroller walks or jogging trips is a great gift for dad. It’s not very cheap, but you don’t have to buy the newest one.

You can find both brand new and safely refurbished iPhones at Amazon. An advice is to get a phone that has a really good camera, so dad can take all those great baby pictures he wants!

Baby picture in frame

For a dad who works away from home, a cute picture of his darling baby (and partner) in a (not too cute) frame is a nice gift.

Why not giving him a digital picture frame, like this one, loaded with pictures of his darling(s).


A techie dad is likely to appreciate getting a camera so that he can take a lot of picture of his new baby. Make sure you get one that loads pretty quickly. Baby moments come and go fast!

Here is a really good camera from Nikon. Not the cheapest but well worth the money.

A Dad book

If you want to give dad a parenting book, give one that you know he wants or one that is funny. If you are mother-in-law, give him something else! :-D For some people, parenting books can be sensitive, so use your judgment.

Below you’ll find books that are both helpful and/or fun about becoming a new dad:

Babysitting gift card

Since many men feel completely forgotten by their partners when a new baby arrives, a babysitting gift card, so that mom and dad can spend some time alone can be a great gift for dad (and for mom, although she might not realize it…)

Either make your own one (if you are NOT the mom) and volunteer as the babysitter or buy one from a professional sitter service provider.

A jogging stroller

Finding time to exercise when having a new baby can be quite tricky. A jogging stroller sure makes it easier if the parents (usually, dad in the beginning) are at all into running. Since this is not likely to be your only stroller, you can buy a used one, or at least not the most expensive available.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is worth checking out!.

You can also find more tips on how to choose the right stroller here.

And some other stuff

Other ideas on gifts for dad could be clothes, tools, something homemade from the kids (find toddler craft ideas here), sunglasses, a cap or jewelry. Find jewlery for men here.

Now over to you – What should Dad get as a gift?

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