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new dad feels left out

Sometimes New Dad feels left out since the baby and mom bond forms quicker through breastfeeding and time spent with the baby. How about you? Vote in this poll!

It is not only Mom that may find life with a new baby overwhelming.

Dad’s life changes a lot too!

Many dads feel a bit left out in the beginning, especially if the baby is breastfed (which, of course, is great for the baby, but it sure makes mom tied up and limits dad’s possibilities to help out a little bit.)

If the new dad feels left out, it is not very strange! How do you feel, dad? Or if you are a MOM reading this, why not as your partner and then vote here! It is an important discussion to have.

Poll on if New Dad Feels Left Out or Not

Vote in our dad’s poll! Are you a new dad? Let the moms and other dads know how your situation is. And new moms, vote after asking your partner! (Or, of course, if you already know how he feels!)

You can read about one new dad’s most unexpected life changes here. And for tips on how to bond with your baby, read these tips.

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Relationship With Mom

Being a New Dad

I’d love to hear your thought about this! If the new dad feels left out, why? Or you don’t share that too! As new parents, we can all help each other! :-)

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