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Your baby’s first Christmas is a very special occasion. And it is sooo much fun to make it special by preparing and shopping away just a little bit!

It is also a good idea to plan the day a bit so you don’t end up with both a crying baby and mom… :-)

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Even if your baby is a newborn and mainly sleeping, a new baby definitely changes the Christmas celebration for mom and dad. It is just different (and better) to sit by the tree together with your child…

And for babies, even just a few months old, the tree, the lights, the beautiful presents, the music, and much more can be very exciting!

Not to mention the adventure for babies that can crawl, walk, or even just grab things and try to chew on them. (Make sure all nuts are out of reach!)

If you like Christmas, like I do, grab the opportunity! Do some fun preparation and shopping for your new family member! His or her very first Christmas ornament, stocking, a cute Christmas bib, or a cozy pajama…

I’ve gathered some ideas on Christmas items for your baby below. Some pretty ornaments, clothes, bibs, and other cute stuff to prepare your baby for Christmas. And below that, you’ll find my thoughts on how to create a wonderful Christmas for you and your new baby.

If you’re looking for Christmas toy gifts for your baby, you’ll find a toy guide depending on your baby’s age here. And if you want to buy baby clothes, find what are practical clothing gifts and not per baby month here.


Have fun!

How to Prepare For Baby’s First Christmas

Ornaments For Baby’s First Christmas

Ornaments are great Christmas items for a new baby. As your child grows, he or she can decorate the tree with their very own ornament, and you get to connect back and tell your child about earlier Christmases. It can be a dear memory!

Here, you can find many different ornaments available from Amazon.

Christmas Pajamas & Bodysuits For Babies

You might not want to dress up your baby as Santa Claus, at least not more than for a few hours, since costumes, even for babies, are usually neither very comfortable nor very practical.

Instead (or in addition), go for a Christmas pajama or bodysuit! Your baby will be more comfortable and still super cute for the family pictures!

Christmas Bibs

If your baby is teething, generally just drooling or spitting up a lot, or maybe has started with solid baby food, a Christmas bib will be perfect for the family dinner, and it will add to the Christmas feeling around the house.

Christmas Stockings For Baby (Too)

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We ordered personalized Christmas stockings for all our children when our youngest was only a few months old. With three stockings hanging there waiting for our children, we felt so gifted and rich! And we bring them out every year.

Even during the years when we travel for Christmas, I definitely pack the stockings!

Christmas Pictures of Your Little One

You see, preparing for your baby for his or her first Christmas is not difficult at all! Just add a few Christmas items to their regular clothing and get a few ornaments for the tree. Now, another thing to do – and I am quite sure you already planned for this – is to take lots of pictures during Christmas!

If you find it difficult to get gorgeous pictures of your baby (I do!), here are two wonderful online classes to up your photography skills: (Perfect Christmas gifts for your partner or yourself too!)

You can also check out which free classes are on air since there are often photography classes scheduled totally free! (You only have to register.)

Focus on coziness, rest, and love instead of traditions and performance!

How to Have a Wonderful Christmas with Your New Baby

What should you think about in order to have the best possible Christmas with your baby?

I think that keeping it simple and good enough are two very good guiding words.

This is not the right Christmas to invite the whole family home to show how happy you are as a newly formed family. Depending on how old your child is and how flexible he or she is in terms of both routines and surroundings, this could be a Christmas where you simply stay at home or make a shorter visit to, for example, a relative.

Some babies work great to feed anywhere; they also fall asleep anywhere and are not affected so much by being in busy environments or meeting a lot of new people. If so, maybe it’s free to go to some big family party. Many babies are just the opposite. If your baby needs routines and peace and quiet, he also needs it during Christmas. And regardless of how the baby copes with a big Christmas party, you also have to cope! 

As a new parent, you are, as you already know, very tired and really tied up by taking care of the child. Participating in a big Christmas celebration might work with a calm, flexible baby, but arranging it yourself… Nope. Not a good idea!

So. Take it easy. Adapt the level of ambition to your honest capacity and your child’s well-being. Imagine creating a cozy Christmas in a new way! Reasonable levels of decorations, Christmas presents, foods, and people. Focus on coziness, rest, and love instead of traditions and performance!

Now, how are you preparing for your baby’s first Christmas? I’d love to know!