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20 Awesome Gifts Your Kids Can Make For Valentine’s Day (or Any Day!)

Know someone who needs a little help with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) gifts? These tips on gifts kids can make may be useful!
gifts kids can make

As I am sure you know, children usually love to make and give gifts to us parents. I lost track of all the drawings I’ve received a long time ago. When my youngest son was 2 years old, he gave me drawings of “nice sharks” every day. Very cute.

In this post, you’ll find plenty of ideas to put your kids to work on gifts for mom or dad. I’ll start with gifts that even really young kids, like toddlers, can make. Further down you’ll find additional ideas for older children.

Have fun!

(And by the way, even if I write about gifts for mom, most of these tips work equally well as gifts for dad. Well, maybe not buying nail polish, but you get what I mean… 🙂 )

Gifts All Kids Can Make (From Toddlers and Up)

Here are some other things that younger children might enjoy giving to mom (or dad, of course):

  • Dad can make breakfast for mom and the younger child can bring it to mom’s room and surprise her. Or even just be the one announcing breakfast, if the child is too young to carry anything. Decorating mom’s plate with flowers can also be fun.
  • Make Mother’s Day signs and hang them around the home – even if there will only be signs with “nice sharks”, that will be a fantastic memory too!
  • Write a letter, a Mother’s Day card, or paint something to Mom on colorful paper. Glitter glue is fun for most toddlers and young kids.
  • Print out a Mother’s Day template for kids to color and present to mom.
  • The kids may offer to do certain chores for a week. Even toddlers can do this and a 2-year-old may take this very seriously and with great enthusiasm if they get to choose what to do!
  • Use construction paper to make a hanging sign spelling out the word love.
  • Slightly older children can really enjoy creating necklaces and similar with beads.
  • Painting and decorating a photo frame and have dad put in a picture of the child. I did this together with my oldest son for Father’s day once. He painted the frame and then glued glass beads that looked like diamonds (according to him) onto the frame. He enjoyed it despite usually hating every kind of crafting when he was little.
  • Give mom her favorite flower or pick a pretty bouquet in the garden or the field and place it in her favorite vase
  • Dad and the children can bake her a cake and sing “Happy Mother’s Day To You”. Baking with the children can be great fun (and a great mess!)

Gifts that A bit Older Kids Can Fix

Older children can do a bit more. For some ideas, they might need some money (or they have their own):

  • Take mom out for lunch
  • Buy her favorite color nail polish, a t-shirt or some other small gift
  • Give her a box of her favorite chocolates
  • Take her to the park for a picnic lunch
  • Clean (part of) the house or help spring fix her bike
  • Bake her a cake or favorite cookies
  • Take her to a movie
  • Make a special card using the computer
  • Record a special Mother’s Day greeting and post on Instagram or Facebook with Dad’s help
  • Buy her a gift certificate to her favorite store

Hope this gave you some inspiration. Make sure you forward the tips to whoever needs them! And please share your own tips on gifts that kids can make, I’d love to hear them!!

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