Did you and your partner want to know your baby’s sex before giving birth? This poll shows if +1000 parents wanted to know the gender of their unborn baby.

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Were you (or are you) curious about the gender of your unborn baby?

With 4D ultrasound and other techniques, it is becoming easier to know for sure the sex of a baby while still in the womb. But the answer you get from an ultrasound scan is not going to be 100% certain.

In some countries, there is a strong tradition to not find out the gender; it is “supposed” to be a surprise, and some even claim that not knowing the gender is a great help for the mom’s motivation during labor.

I disagree with that thought (the motivation aspect). When giving birth, getting the baby out safe and sound, and getting rid of the pain, are good enough motivation factors for sure!

How about you – do you want to find out the gender of your unborn baby? And what about your partner’s wish? Vote below!

More than 1000 parents voted before you, so the results may show you some sort of average global view. :-) (Not that it matters; this is just for fun.)

Poll – Find out the Gender of Your Unborn Baby or Not?

Did the results surprise you? Feel free to share any thoughts by leaving a comment below.

In the video clip below, you can see a gender determination in week 18 of pregnancy. At 5 minutes exactly, gender is being revealed.

Boy or Girl? 4D Ultrasound 18 Weeks Gender Determination

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