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The Surprising Foods To Eat to Conceive a Boy or a Girl (Your Diet CAN Affect the Gender of Your Child According to Research!)

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Ever wish there was a scientifically proven way to influence the sex of your baby-to-be? There is, actually! According to fairly new research, what mom eats around the time of conception can influence the gender of her baby to be! Cool, huh!? So, here’s what to eat to conceive a boy or girl and how research explains what might be going on.

If you’re already pregnant and want to guess the gender of your baby, think back to what you ate while trying to conceive and right in the beginning of your pregnancy. It might just be a hint to if you will give birth to a girl or a boy. 🙂

Also, take a look at the reports by many other moms on whether research results matched their own diet and gender of their child.

The Study on Mom’s Diet and Baby’s Gender

A research group, led by Fiona Mathews at the University of Exeter followed a group of 740 first time pregnant British women (unaware of the gender of their fetus) and compared their eating habits, lifestyle etc. The moms were then divided into three groups depending on how many calories they ate around the time of conception.

The Link Beteen Mom’s Diet and the Sex of Her Baby

Here is what the research study found:

  • In the group of moms who ate the most calories, 56% got a boy, while in the low-calorie group only 45% conceived a boy.
  • Some particular ingredients in mom’s diet can also affect the gender outcome. Salty foods and bananas tend to generate boys. Funny, thinking back on my own pregnancies, I probably had more bananas the second time, basically because I had a 10-month-old baby girl who loved bananas. We did conceive a boy that time!
  • On the other hand, the old saying that eating a lot of dairy products will generate a girl was not supported by the research. Rather the opposite! A lot of dairy products in the pregnant mom’s diet seemed to increase the chances of conceiving a boy.
  • And the most clear-cut ingredient connection was found between the amount of breakfast cereal the mom had and the gender of her baby. More than one bowl of cereal and you’ll get a boy (59% chance), and one bowl or less and you’ll get a girl (68% chance).
  • In addition, the women who had sons were also more likely to have eaten a wider variety of nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, and vitamins C, E and B12.

Interpretation of the Results

how to conceive a boyFiona’s team cannot yet explain what’s going on here, but the theory is that biologically, the risk with conceiving a boy is higher, since boy fetuses are more vulnerable.

Hence, just as seen among animals, it might be that we are genetically coded to produce more boys in good times and more girls in times of less food being available. In fact, it is already known from IVF (in vitro fertilization) that higher levels of sugar tend to encourage the growth of male embryos.

Wouldn’t this mean – in these times of more and more obesity- that we produce more boys than we did earlier?

Well, actually we don’t!

But this is because the calorie intake is falling among young women in developed countries (generating more girls). At the same time, we exercise less, which is why we tend to gain weight. Also, people tend to skip breakfast more often, also generating more girls.

Now I always learned in school that only dad’s sperm determines the gender of the baby. Later on I learned that the timing of the intercourse and the position while making love can make a difference. But mom’s diet was certainly a new aspect for me.

What effects will this have at the breakfast table of parents-to-be in the future…?

“Honey, no more cereal now, we’ve talked about this and I really want a girl this time! And NO more salty cheese on your sandwich!” 🙂

So, to increase your chances of conceiving a boy or a girl…

  • If you want to conceive a boy: Eat salt, bananas and lots of breakfast cereal. Make sure to eat enough calories.
  • If you want to conceive a girl: Well, don’t eat… ;-D Or at least cut down on the salt, cereal and dairy products. Avoid too many bananas.

Now, good luck with whichever gender of your new baby you would like to push! And if you want to learn even more ways to influence the gender of your, check out this awesome book on the topic! (Link to Amazon.)

Curious on whether this worked for other moms? Read the testimonials below and also please share your own thoughts and experiences by commenting at the bottom of the article. (You can post as a guest if you want – no need to log in to comment!)

Reference: Fiona Mathews, Paul J. Johnson, Andrew Neil April 2008 You are what your mother eats: evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing fetal sex in humans. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences

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