Has pregnancy increased or decreased your libido? Some have a much higher sex drive when pregnant, while the libido is gone for others. How about you? Vote in this poll!

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Timing ovulation the 10th time can be quite a turn-off. For some women, being pregnant can actually increase their libido. No need to time anything, finally a possibility to kick back and relax.

For others, morning sickness, feeling exhausted, and other pregnancy symptoms will ruin the sex drive completely.

How about your sex drive when pregnant?

Vote below and join in to create our very own statistics on pregnant moms’ libido when pregnant.

Poll on Moms’ Libido When Pregnant

If your libido is up or unchanged – enjoy! Many women notice a sharp decline in their sex drive after giving birth. You can read more about libido while breastfeeding here. And here you’ll find a poll on how other moms’ libido has been affected by their breastfeeding.

A few reasons why the sex drive can increase during pregnancy are:

  • Larger and more sensitive breasts
  • Increased blood flow to the vulva, which also becomes more sensitive
  • Feeling relaxed and less worried about ovulation and conceiving

A few reasons why the sex drive can decrease during pregnancy are:

  • Nausea, exhaustion, heartburn, constipation and other not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms
  • Worrying about miscarriage or that intercourse could harm the baby
  • Feeling overall uncomfortable and uncomfortable

Did the results surprise you in any way? Feel free to share any thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Good luck with your pregnancy! :-)

You’ll find many more polls here if you enjoy them! :-)

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