Mom’s libido is often affected negatively by breastfeeding. But not for all women. Here is a poll on sex drive while breastfeeding. Vote and check how other breastfeeding moms are doing.

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Breastfeeding hormones are not exactly helping your libido. But moms are affected to various degrees. How about you? Is your sex drive higher or lower when you breastfeed than usual?

The poll below has been answered by over 1000 breastfeeding moms worldwide, so the results should be quite stable. Before you vote and view the results, what is your guess? What share of women is experiencing lower, higher, or unchanged libido while breastfeeding? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Your Libido While Breastfeeding

You can learn more about breastfeeding hormones here.

In addition, other factors may also affect your libido while breastfeeding.
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