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breastfeeding position videos
With my first baby, I simply couldn’t make it work to breastfeed lying on my side. So I sat up for 10 months while breastfeeding at night. Second time I asked. It wasn’t difficult, I had just kept my baby too high up, which caused my back to hurt. So with our second baby, I more or less slept while breastfeeding at night. And I was certainly a happier mom!

But it is not only while lying down that the position matters. The way you hold your baby can affect the latch on, how much air your baby will swallow, as well as your back, neck muscles and arms.

Here I have collected a number of breastfeeding position videos that I think may provide tips and help.

But if you are sitting there and breastfeeding simply isn’t working, get off your couch and call a lactation consultant immediately. (And then watch the video clips…)

Remember that with the right support, most new moms can breastfeed.

Good luck, I hope you find the videos helpful.

Breastfeeding Positions Video Gallery


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