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how to breastfeed in public

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of and are also wondering how to breastfeed in public? I know I did before I tried it the first time. It felt very strange to think that I would sit somewhere and expose my breasts to just about anyone.

Well that’s not how to do it. It is entirely possible to breastfeed in public without showing any skin at all. You just have to practice a bit and wear the right kind of top and bra.

If you dare to start breastfeeding in public, life will be much easier. Particularly during your baby’s first months, he is likely to be quite unpredictable when it comes to wanting to nurse.

When traveling, breastfeeding is so convenient! You know that your baby gets the nutrition he needs, you don’t have to worry about finding food that your baby likes and the water quality is not a problem either. So if you plan a trip, don’t quit breastfeeding jut before you go!

Below you’ll find tips on how to make breastfeeding in public as comfortable as possible for you.

Tips on How to Breastfeed in Public

Learn about the culture

In some countries (like my own), breastfeeding in public is highly accepted. In other countries and cultures it is much more controversial.

If you plan to go traveling with your breastfed baby, before you go anywhere, try to find out what reactions you can expect if breastfeeding in public. This will help you plan your breastfeeding and make it a good experience.

How to find out?

Well, ask the travel agency, call the embassy or search the Internet.

Wear good nursing bras

Make sure you have good nursing bras! And with good, I mean ones that you can unbutton and button easily with one hand. This is very important if you want to be able to breastfeed in public in a discrete way.
Make sure you try doing this before buying a new nursing bra. Ideally, you try the bra while holding your baby.
For tips on how to choose a nursing bra, click here.

Wear good nursing clothes

breastfeeding in publicThere are plenty of different nursing tops and dresses around. But not all of them are very practical. Shopping on the Internet is very convenient if you are a new mom, but before you shop away, it can be a good idea to try a top from the particular brand, to see if you can breastfeed comfortably and discreetly. And if you look good in it of course! Read about some more of my favorite nursing tank tops and brands here.

As nursing clothes can be quite expensive, it is good to be able to use some ordinary clothes as well. If you use two layers, it is possible to breastfeed in a discrete way with your usual tops. Wear a low-cut undershirt under a quite loose top. Then you can pull the undershirt down and the top up and breastfeed without exposing your breasts or stomach.

Bring a blanket or a nursing cover

If you throw a blanket over your shoulder and let it hang over your baby’s head while breastfeeding the “audience” can only guess what you’re doing. At least until your baby pulls the blanket down… It may be a good idea to make your baby used to nurse under a blanket when you are at home.

Another possibility is to get yourself a nursing cover, like this one, which can’t be pulled down as easily by your baby, the wind or a passing person. Nursing covers are actually very convenient!

Be discrete

Turn away, sit in a corner, use good nursing clothes and so on. If you are discrete, the risk is a lot lower that you will be uncomfortable or harassed.

Find a calm spot

The older your baby gets, the easier he or she will be distracted by sounds and things happening around him or her. Find a calm place to sit, and chances are your baby will eat instead of twisting the head to see what is going on each and every second.

Just do it!

The first time is the hardest. Once you get used to breastfeeding in public you will notice how much freedom you get.

Now you don’t have to plan as much where to be when your baby gets hungry. You also have an effective way to soothe your baby if nothing else works.

Just one word of caution – if you’re outside, make sure you don’t get cold. You don’t want to get mastitis!

For some videos showing how to breastfeeding in public, click here.

And here is a poll on whether to breastfeed in public or not. Cast your vote!

Now what is your view on breastfeeding in public? Do you love it? Hate it? Or have any additional nifty tips to share with moms on how to breastfeed in public. Share your thoughts below! :-)

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  1. Roberta Beckert

    Happy about this article that it states there is no problem anywhere in the world to breastfeed your baby in public. If anyone stares, just stare back. You have the law on your side and 300,000 years of history too!