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Mom’s Question:

Why does my baby want to throw up when she eats? I am worried that she is sick or that something is wrong with her.


Reccamae Marasigan
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Baby Helpline :

Baby Throwing up or Gagging?

I am not sure if your baby is wanting to throw up when actually sucking/drinking or when she is eating solids, so I’ll provide some tips for both situations.

Is she actually throwing up, or just gagging? The gag reflex is at the back of the throat, so if a big amount hits her throat suddenly she may just reflex gag.

I know when my daughter was about 8 months she used to love banana and would shove it into her mouth in huge quantities, all the while gagging! She eventually learned to have smaller mouthfuls.

If the gagging/vomiting happens when your baby is drinking; are you breastfeeding or feeding formula? Some teats on bottles have holes that are too big for a young baby, and the milk may be coming out too fast.

If you are breastfeeding, you may have heaps of milk and again it is squirting and maybe she can’t keep up. You can try expressing a little first to ease off the pressure.

If it is when you introduce solids, it could be she is gagging because it is unfamiliar and she is not yet used to thicker food or textures. Just introduce small tastes in tiny amounts slowly until she gets used to it.

Some babies also have various degrees of acid reflux, which is when the stomach fluid goes back up into the throat too easily. This is quite common among babies, and often nothing to worry about unless then baby seems to be in pain when eating or doesn’t gain weight. Most children grow out of reflux without any need for medical help.

In conclusion, babies spit up. Almost all do, especially in the beginning. Unless your baby fails to thrive or seems to be in pain, it isn’t really a problem. Make sure you have towels within reach and maybe put a bib on your baby, so you can easily change to a new one and thus keep your daughter dry easily.

Hope this helps,

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Aug 24, 2018Feeding Problem – Baby Throwing Up

by: Tig

I don’t know if this is of help or not. I am a UK mum and a friend gave me a book called Baby Whisperer, which had one paragraph that has changed everything for me. It depends on how old your baby is and if the throwing up is a new thing or not. My little girl is now 4 months old and started throwing up when she was about 8 weeks. Everyone told me it was normal positing until she drenched my sister!

In this paragraph, it listed a few symptoms:
-Does the vomiting look like cottage cheese?
-Does she struggle to get through her feed, spluttering and choking?
-Does the vomiting happen even sometime after feeding?
-Explosive poos?!
-Doesn’t like lying flat?

These are all symptoms of reflux and although not serious are more of a nightmare for the mum as you end up feeding twice as much and if by breast getting very sore! See your doctor for support:-)

There is light at the end of the tunnel (and medication for your baby if the reflux is severe).

Sep 07, 2018Swallowing air…
by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

In addition to the gagging reflex and acid reflux, another reason why young babies may throw up when drinking is if they swallow too much air. If they do, the air must come out somehow and with that often comes some milk as well.

There are several ways to minimize the amount of air your baby swallows while feeding that you can read about in this article on common breastfeeding problems.

Hope this helps,

Dec 11, 2018Starving sick newborn
by: Anonymous

I have a 3-week old girl, and she acts as if she is constantly hungry. She is always wanting to eat about every half hour and sometimes she wants to eat another bottle directly after she finishes one.

In each bottle, I give her 2-3oz so I really feel like she is eating too much, yet she acts like it isn’t enough. And I can tell that she’s getting too full because she makes all sorts of weird noises during feedings like she’s struggling or something.

Sometimes, as soon as she gets done eating, she pukes everywhere! And she throws up A LOT.

I try to satisfy her with a pacifier so that she can slow down a little on her feedings, but she spits it right out and starts crying again.

During the day, she sleeps a lot, and around 1 AM she’s wide awake and constantly wanting to feed and she’s so fussy!

Her pediatrician got her on Enfamil Gentlease Fussiness & Gas and that’s what she eats and has been eating for a while now. But she is still fussy. Please someone help me so my baby girl can get full and satisfied when she eats and so I can finally get some rest and not feel so worried.

There’s got to be SOME REASON she is like this…

Dec 13, 2018Reply to 11 Dec 2018

by: Anonymous

In reply to post of 11 Dec 2018.
Try giving your baby hungry baby milk, my baby sounded just like yours, he was drinking too much then crying after, probably because of bellyache by eating too much. I put him on Hungry Baby milk and he has been fine ever since he’s now 18 weeks old and thriving. It was one of the best things I did change his milk to HB.

Good Luck with everything.

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  1. Kristi

    My baby is one month old. Over the past week has been vomiting after feeding. When it began he threw up in a projectile manner. I called his pediatrician and he was diagnosed with GERD and prescribed Famotidine 40 mg. 1x daily. He has been taking it for 3 days. The vomiting has slowed as it is now not after every feeding but still occurs between 1-2x a day. It is also no longer projectile vomiting. I been giving pedialyte to keep hydrated. I also changed his formula to lactose free. Should I take him to the emergency room?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Kristi,
      Poor baby! If you think that he is ill or dehydrated, then yes definitely take him to the ER. He is too young to take any chances! And if not the ER, then definitely the doctor soon. Spitting up is normal at his age, and GERD is common. But projectile is not normal, and if he spits up enough to get dehydrated, that’s not healthy either.

      Has his Dr recommended Pedialyte? Otherwise, don’t substitute formula with Pedialyte. It is generally meant for humans older than 1 year.

      I understand that you are worried, so the more I think about it, just go to the ER immediately. It’s the best thing to do.

      Take care!

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