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by Mirae

I have a 10-month-old and I am worried I am not feeding her enough. She is 16 lbs 14 oz and 28 inches long and was 8 lbs 10.3 oz and 21 inches at birth. Here is her schedule. Any help would be appreciated, especially from breastfeeding moms:

7 am- breastfeeds for 10-15 minutes
sleeps from 7am – 9 am
10 am- medicine and nurses for 10-15 minutes
12 pm – 3 tablespoons rice cereal, 4 oz jar baby food, then nap
2 pm – breastfeeds for 10-15 minutes
4 pm – juice/water and snack (typically sweet potato puffs)
6 pm- breastfeeds for 10-15 minutes
8 pm – 4 tablespoons rice cereal, 4 oz jar of baby food
10 pm – medicine and breastfeeds for 10-15 minutes, then bed.

Baby Help Line:

Feeding Schedule For Skinny 10-Month-Old

Your daughter seems to be on a good feeding schedule and unless she appears hungry, lacks energy, or becomes cranky or tired, she likely to be just fine even if she is a bit skinny.

The general rule of thumb is for a baby to triple the birth weight by their 1st birthday, but that is just the average. How well your baby is thriving and growing in length is a better indication of if she is getting enough food.

That said, if you want to give her some more to eat, why not offer her a more filling breakfast. At 10 months, many babies have a portion of porridge for breakfast, maybe topped with some mashed fresh fruit. In your case, this would for example mean to breastfeed when waking up, then a bowl of rice cereal, oatmeal porridge, or similar 1 or 2 hours later, preferably at the same time as the rest of the family is having breakfast. (Or if your baby wakes up late; make the porridge the first meal (with the family) and breastfeeding 1 or 2 hours later)

Lunch seems fine. Just make sure she is offered food until she is satisfied, no matter how much it is. You can top her up with breast milk afterward if you think she ate too little to really be full.

In the afternoon, try a more filling snack, like some healthy finger foods. You can also add a bit of fat to her foods if you want, like organic olive oil or unsalted butter. (Read about adding fats to baby food here.

That was about it. But again, don’t worry too much about your daughter’s weight unless she lacks energy and loses weight and don’t compare her with other babies. Being skinny, if eating healthy foods, growing in length and hitting milestones as expected, is not dangerous in any way. Being obese is a much bigger problem. If people comment on her looks because they expect a baby to chubby, then too bad for them – she is fine just the way she is! Just have fun with her and offer her healthy foods frequently. Most babies will make sure they get the foods they need to be full if we just let them. (Learn about children’s eating habits here.)

You can check the feeding schedule that I used for my babies at 10 months here.

And here are some more feeding schedules for 10-month babies, shared by other moms.

Good luck,


Jan 18, 2012 FRUIT N’ VEG

by: Anonymous

you should also consider starting her on steamed vegies and soft fruit as finger food. eg carrots and cut into slices and steamed or banana slices. vegies are yummy for them served warmed or cold my daughter prefers cold because she is teething and wont take any food that has been warmed.

May 04, 2012 just my opinion

by: amy scott

i usually feed my 10 month old whenever i eat something. But i do find myself preparing a snack in between meals.
8:00 Morning, 6 oz baby cereal/sippy cup milk
10:00 nap – 5 oz milk helps calm him
snack 4 oz applesauce/sippy cup water or milk
12:00 lunch 6 oz of baby food and milk
2:30 snack – mashed potato/pudding snack or (whatever)
4:00 nap with milk just before or at beginning of nap
5:30 supper 6 oz baby food and milk plus a few bites of whatever i’m eating (mashed)

8:00 sometimes another snack
we rarly stick to a schedule but this is pretty close to our daily routine.

Aug 05, 2012 baby’s food

by: Anonymous

My daughter at 9 months was 17lbs 8oz.. dont know what she weighs now..

but her schedual is like this:
9am 8oz bottle (she was breastfed til 7 months is now on formula)
10:30am 1/2 bowl cereal
11:30am Nap
1:30pm 6oz bottle
2:30pm 4oz jar food / yogurt
3-4pm Nap
4:30pm snack/6oz bottle
7:00pm dinner 4oz jar food / fruit
8:00 bath (every other night)
8:30 bed

It concerns me a little to hear your baby is STILL staying up til 10pm, and is still getting up at 7am. Majority of babies at this age will sleep 12 hours.
Mine has since she was about 6 months old, and before that (from 7 weeks on) she was sleeping at least 8-9 hours per night.

Food wise sounds about right though…

Sep 25, 2012 Meals

by: Anonymous

My son is almost 10 months old and weighs about 19 pounds. He is a good eater; here is his schedule:

8:30 am – Earth’s Best organic oatmeal or multi-grain cereal (about 8 oz.) plus formula (6 oz.)

12:00 pm – whole organic fruit (apple, peach, pear, banana, etc.) grated and barley tea from a sippy cup

3:00 pm – veggie/grain mix of organic ground beef, organic brown rice, organic spinach, organic carrots, organic tofu simmered for a couple of hours and pureed (about 8 oz.) plus formula (6 oz.)

6:30 pm – organic baby yogurt (4 oz.), or organic avocado (half), or one small steamed organic yam and barley tea from a sippy cup

8:00 pm – 8 oz. bottle of formula

8:30 pm – bed

Oct 16, 2012 Feeding 10mo old

by: Ana’s Mamma

Nurses at 2am and 5am.
She wakes up at 6, and has a breakfast. (1/2 piece of toast, 2 oz of organic pears mixed with oatmeal)
Nurses at 8 and takes morning nap.
Snack at 10. (cheerios, diced up fruit, occasionally yogurt)
Nurses at 12 and takes afternoon nap.
Lunch at 2. (2 oz. organic veggie, 2 oz. organic fruit, 1/2 piece of toast)
Nurses at 3.
Nurses at 5.
Dinner at 6 (2oz. of organic baby food with protein & veggie, 2 oz fruit)
Nurses at 7:15 and goes to bed.
Nurses at 10:30

She only nurses about 7 minutes. And I always give her a few cheerios while I prepare her food. Some days she loves food, some days she doesn’t. It always is changing.

Oct 28, 2012 10 Month Old Eating

by: Teresa

My 10 Month old little boy is already 25 lbs (he has always been anywhere from 75th-80th percentile for his height and weight) and eats really well, and has always been a very good chewer. Here is an example of his feeding schedule:

8am – Morning Bottle

(Throughout the day, feeding bottles on demand. He is usually drinking 3-4 7oz Bottles a day)

(Will snack throughout the day too with little things like cheerios, fruit puffs etc)

8:30 – Breakfast
(ex: Cereal, Instant Oats with Fruit Puree, Blueberry Pancakes, Toast w/ little butter and Hard Boiled Egg Yolks)

Noon (approx) – Snack
(cut up cheese cubes, cucumber, mum mum cookie, cheerios, grapes, strawberries, potato)

2pm (approx) – Lunch
(Veggies, Hamburger, Potatoes, Jarred age appropriate baby food)

6pm (approx) – Supper
Whatever we’re eating put in the baby food mill(Shepards Pie, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Chicken and Veggies, Fish & Rice etc)

Nov 15, 2012 warning against feeding baby adult food

by: Mother of 10 mo. old

Hi there,

I just wanted to throw in some info I’ve recently learned about too mush salt in baby’s diet. There is a surprisingly large amount of salt in the average adult’s food, even seemingly harmless foods like Cheerios (one of the highest salt content cereals on the market!). Please, please do NOT give baby pureed versions of whatever you’re eating (as some have said), since this can be VERY dangerous. Babies have died or suffered brain damage/kidney failure from too much sodium.

Otherwise, I recommend more steamed veggies & fingerfoods. Good luck.

Dec 16, 2012 Feeding a 10 month old

by: Anonymous

My son is 10 months old on Dec 10 and he eats like a five year old

about 8am he wakes up and I cook him either eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, frenchtoast, or cream of wheat. I might throw in some wheat toast if he still seems hungry with a sippy cup of chocolate soy milk or juice.

Then he has a 7oz bottle before his first nap

when he wakes up from his nap we have lunch. I either cook mashed potatoes with a jar of vegie baby food. We will some times add some snacks. Gerber has a great variety. He loves the cheese poofs. Always with juice or water.

He has another 7oz bottle before his second nap

when he wakes up he gets some snacks with some juice or water

Then for dinner I take whatever I have cooked for the family and put it in the food processor and thats what he has for dinner. The food processor is the BEST thing I ever bought.

Then he will have a little desert like a fruit cup or a jar of fruit baby food.

Then he will eat another 7oz bottle with some rice.

he usually wakes up at 3am for another 7oz bottle with rice!

My biggest thing is try new things even if you dont like it. Let them expierence new foods. You will be surprised at what your baby loves to eat!!

Good luck to all the mommies and daddies out there!!

Dec 31, 2012 feeding a 10 month old

by: Nevaeh’s MOMMY

My baby girl is 23-24 lbs and has always been a great eater! She gets 4oz waters on demand after formula or juice. We don’t give her more than a 4oz of any drink at a time because it just goes to waste. Formula expesically, she doesnt drink it all!

8-9am Wake up-Breakfast scrambled eggs+ cranberry juice and water or formula 4oz

10:30-11am snack- goldfish with string cheese n water 4oz

12pm LUNCH- Beechstreet or Gerber bowls usually 1/2 with water or cranberry O.J. mix 4oz

1245-2:15pm Nap Time 4oz formula

2:45pm Snack- String Cheese with strawberry yogurt n 1/2 warmed flour tortilla 4oz juice or water

4:30-5:30 Nap Time 4oz formula

6pm Dinner- Depends on what I’m making…. if spicy or too salty then she will eat beechstreet or gerber bowl….if dinner is not spicy or too salty then she will eat whatever we eat! with 4oz juice or water

9-9:30pm Bed Time 4oz formula

Apr 19, 2013 a 10m old scheduel

by: Anonymous

this would be a normal 10month olds baby schedule

9:00am- breakfast: French Toast and a banana, Breast fed after… or if she eats baby food do a big jar of like baby oatmeal

11:00am- like 20 of them sweet potato puff snacks

2:00pm- Lunch: diced pears no sugar and applesauce also breastfed after…or 2 jars of babyfood
after lunch take a nap 2-3 hrs

6:00pm- Dinner: just plain cheese ravioli and diced carrotts also breast fed after.. or baby food 2 jars of ham and pineapple

9:00pm- Dessert: sugar free pudding and breast fed
give medicane for teethers, brush teeth,read a book (rock) put to bed for the night

Jun 18, 2013 My baby is healthy

by: Anonymous

My son is 10 months and he weighs 23 lbs. and he is 29 1/2 in. long. we feed him i bowl of baby cereal with juice in it, 2 jars of fruits and whatever we are eating and we always give him a sippie with juice in it. then at lunch we feed one jar of fruit and one jar of veggies with a cup of juice. most of the time we thicken the veggies with cereal. Then he eats the same for dinner. He also eats whatever were eating between his meals. The doctor says that hes very healthy and well fed. REMEMBER not to give your baby more than 32oz. of formula a day. stick more with foods. we only give our baby formula when hes taking a nap. I hope this helps. By the way one great thing that i have found is the baby can read program. Everyone should do it whit their kids. My son is only 10 months and hes already starting to recognize words.

Jul 12, 2013 Feeding baby juice is not good.

by: Anonymous

Juice can result on baby tooth decay. There is absolutely NO reason to feed a baby juice. If they get some organic fruit once a day that is enough. Juice has sugar, too much of it. This is not healthy. Water, formula or milk if the pediatrician give the ok.

If your child is underweight, feeding every 3 hours is ok. My daycare feeds my son every 4 hours and I am not happy because he is starving once he gets home. Each child’s needs are different – ask a doctor!!

Jul 13, 2013 simmer down

by: Anonymous

Each mommy has her own way of feeding her baby. Rather you agree or don’t agree with how that particular schedule is you should not give such harsh opinions. Being a mom is a tough enough job without having someone dump all over the way she chooses to do things. Every mommy makes some type of mistake. The best mommies are the ones that are loving and nurturing and that woman with her harsh comments did not sound like either.

Jul 15, 2013 Agree that juice is a bad idea

by: Anonymous

RE: the previous 2 comments – on the contrary, that mom didn’t sound too harsh at all, and is right. Many mothers think they are doing the right and healthy thing but simply are not, and need to be informed. The mother who feeds her baby juice, let alone several times per day, needs to know that it is definitely not healthy. It’s not a matter of opinion. No judgments – we all just want what’s best for all children, and anytime there’s an opportunity to spread good information, it should be taken to heart.

Aug 07, 2013 eating schedule

by: Anonymous

My breastfed ten month old’s schedule is something like this:

wakes at 6am and breastfeeds
7am eats breakfast about 2 tbsp oatmeal mixed with 4 oz fruit puree
10:30am breastfeeeds
12:00 6-8 tbsp pureed fruit or veg or 4 oz pureed fruit with natural plain yogurt (1/2 cup) and some grated cheese, cucumber, or puffs
3:00pm breastfeeds
5:00 supper 8oz protein & veg baby food from a jar and steamed veg
7:30 breastfeeds and bed

then wakes up to breast feed at 3am and sometimes at 5am

Aug 25, 2013 Picky Eater

by: Anonymous

My boy weighs 23lbs and is 10 mth old healthy boy that was eating everything until now, he’s getting picky…He loves his cereal, and will eat some jar stuff only if he’s super hungry, like at the 4 hr.point.
I agree with feedings happening every 3-4 hrs.
Anything after 4 I hear is not healthy.
So everyday is trial and error for food now.
Anybody notice the same? Could it be due to teething perhaps?!

Aug 29, 2013 WARNING

by: neni

To the mom…and future mom…that is giving her baby Barley tea.

Excerpt from: homemade-baby-food-recipes.com

The simple fact is that tea hinders the body?s absorption of iron.

That?s because tea contains ?polyphenols? ? compounds that bind with the iron in your little one?s intestines.

An adequate iron intake is crucial to your baby?s healthy growth and development. The body uses it to make hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to the body?s cells. It gives red blood cells their colour (which is why iron deficiency anemia is often characterized by paleness of the skin).

In addition, iron is required for the proper development and function of the brain – and iron deficiency in infancy can cause long term learning problems.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make sure you double check what you can give your kids.

This is my Schedule

My daughter in 22pds and has not yet developed in the chewing area. If your baby has…you can add bagels/ w cottage cheese for breakfast/ pancakes w/ fruit/Ravioli with cheese/tofu

I give my daughter little snacks in between meals, if she’s not satisfied…. She loves, and so do I, Happy Organic Banana Puffs….they make other flavors:) I also give her about 3-6oz of water a day.

8:00 7oz Formula

10:00 4oz cereal w/ fruit(mixed w/formula) + 4 oz Organic oatmeal jar or homemade

1:00 Organic veggies+meat 8oz jar + Juice (freshly squeezed organic…2oz) It’s ok to give your baby juice, however, not with every meal.

4:00 6oz Formula

6:00 Organic veggie (4oz) + yogurt(4oz) or veggie (4oz) + fruit (4oz)

7:30 7oz bottle + cereal (she has reflux, so I add cereal to her milk to prevent pain…It get bad at night)

8ish bed

Oct 07, 2013 10 month schedule (EBF)

by: Anonymous

You really really should not be giving your baby juice to drink. Fruit provides so much more nutrition and fibre. They should only be drinking breastmilk, formula or water.

Here is our schedule:

7am – wake and breastfeed

8am- oatmeal and fruit or toast and egg yolk, or a homemade sugar-free muffin made with oats and fruit.

9am – breastfeed and nap

Noon – avocado on toast or sweet potatoes and black beans

1pm – breastfeed and nap

3pm – cheerios or puffs or yogurt or fruit

5pm – homemade meatloaf muffin (oats, beef, shredded carrot, shredded zucchini, egg), steamed veggies or what we are eating for dinner

7pm – breastfeed and bed (he feeds 2-3 times a night as well)

Nov 04, 2013 simmer down …

by: Anonymous

after reading these various message postings I would have to agree with the ladies whose viewpoints state that what you feed and how you care for your baby are entirely individual.

Of course people make mistakes and sometimes a mother may or may not be feeding her child the right food choices. Most of this behaviour will stem largely from the way she was brought up by her mother and what she believes is correct for her baby now.

To the people on this message board who jump on the opportunity to rant, rave, complain in response to the genuine enquiries of others, why do you bother? Clearly you have too much time on your hands and feel that your feeding menus and schedules are far superior. Sure, what you are saying might be correct but there are better ways and means to influence and educate others than blow of your own hot air and steam to make yourself feel better. What better place than here to do it, given that you will remain without a face.

To those mothers who truly are looking for honest responses – ask your Doctor, nurse or consult a self-help baby book that contains professionally referenced information on the early years including nutrition, that way you won’t be shouted at and you can be sure you’re receiving quality advice.


by: Anonymous

i have a 10 month old baby. he only drinks my milk sometimes he drink formula milk only while sleeping. whenever i feed my milk more my body starts to pain. how much milk is to be given to 10 month old baby.

Nov 22, 2013 10 month old schedule

by: Anonymous

our schedule is pretty much the same everyday
7am 7 oz bottle (formula)
8am breakfast-toast, 1/2 a banana, applesauce, sometimes turkey sausage, pancake (no syrup) oatmeal
9:30-10am nap
11:30 5 oz bottle
12-12:30 lunch. sliced turkey, cheese, yogurt. cheerios, green beans, mixed grains with leftover formula. etc. we always try new things.
2:30-3pm nap
4-4:30 4 oz bottle
5-5:30 dinner. mashed up whatever we are having, sweet potatoes, carrots, veggies, turkey, chicken, pasta.
6-6:30 bath
7:30 bed
she doesn’t eat all of these things every meal,but she basically loves anything she can feed herself. i think all babies are different. she does sleep through the night usually unless cutting a tooth and every once in a while she will have a bottle (like once a month) and i think this is due to growth spurts.

Dec 16, 2013 sleep mommy!

by: Anonymous

watch the salt content if you are giving adult food mashed up! It concerns me that your baby is still up at 10pm! You need down time too & most babies if they are not under weight need 12 hours of sleep a night. You need time for yourself to refresh with out the baby! I always feed my twin boys (with 2 very different eating habits, body sizes, etc…) their biggest meal 1 hour before bed & they both sleep through the night! Make sure you take breaks for yourself while baby is sleeping.

Mar 05, 2014 good eater, what should i give her as snacks?

by: Anonymous

I have a 10 month old, who is in the 90th percentile for length -29.5ins and normal weight – 19.5lbs. I make all her food from what we’re eating and put it in ice cube trays and freeze it. The only jarred food she gets is organic pureed fruit mixed in with her cereal.
I am breastfeeding, but she is weaning herself.She drinks water from a cup at every meal and often asks for it!I’ve tried giving her cut up apple for snacks, but she plays with it! I’m not sure about giving her cheese yet, as i had a milk allergy as a child, which I outgrew.
Her day:
7am: Breast feed – maybe 2 mins, lately not interested, just wants to get on with the day!
8am:1 heaping tblsp of each – Barley, oatmeal, rice cereal, mixed with 1 tsp jarred fruit, and vit D drop.
snack: arrowroot cookie
Lunch, 12-1pm: 1 cube meat,(sometimes 2tblsps pureed mixed meal -like spaghetti, 3 cubes veg – usually still hungry, so I may offer 2 tblsp cereal and organic vanilla yogurt
snack: arrowroot cookie, more cereal
Dinner, 6pm: 1-2 cubes meat, 3 veg, then she samples what we’re eating
Bath 7:30, Bed 8-8:30pm, Sleeps ’til 6:30-7am, wakes up 3am when teething/growth spurt.

Mar 07, 2014 finger foods and your food

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)


Anything healthy that isn’t dangerous to swallow will be great snacks for your 10-month old. Here is a list to experiment from:

Finger foods for babies

Just skip anything dairy!

You can also try to give her pieces of you own food to try, as long as they don’t contain a lot of salt or any honey at all.

At 10 month old my kids enjoyed for example picking up green peas, rice, pieces of banana, small baby crackers to mention some. Just avoid anything hard that she can choke on, honey, salt, sugar and cow’s milk. Soft pieces of veggies and fruits are great. For a list of foods to avoid for babies younger than 1 year, click here.

Also play with her to make her understand that she can actually eat the foods. Let her feed mommy, feed the teddy bear, feed herself if she wants to… And make sure she participates in her high chair at every meal and let her try everything you eat (if she wants to) as long as it isn’t harmful.

Hope this helps,


Mar 09, 2014 thanks for info about feeding 10 month old1

by: Michelle

Thank you Paula,
Your advice for my 10 month old girl will help. I forgot to mention, she does breastfeed at bedtime. Today, that was the only time she was interested. She does interact with us a lot at meals and does try to feed mommy. we’ve just started giving her multi grain cherrios as a snack in addition to the arrowroot cookies. That’s going well. I’ll try crackers. For some reason she throws up bananas, and our peadiatrition said to try that again in a couple of months. She’s a really good eater and is a healthy weight, so I’m not worried in that way. I guess I was insecure and thought maybe I should be doing more!

May 13, 2014 Make your own guidelines

by: Anonymous

I think that blending up what my husband and i eat is okay,as long as it is a healthy meal.I as a parent have to do what i got to do to make sure my child is not picky.By eight months my child should be completely on healthy finger foods,that we can take off of our plates and place on the highchair.

Juices like orange,cranberry,prune is not loaded with sugar and can be diluted.Im more against against giving my baby pop cause its pure sugar.

Unsweet veggies like peas,beans,potatoes, spaghetti squash,and any unsweet fruits are good.

A snack after its morning nap and after its afternoon nap,and maybe a little cereal at bedtime.

Jul 15, 2014 Do what you feel is best

by: Anonymous

I have a 10month old and I feed him as much as he will eat of course If I feel he should be done I wont give him anymore.
His schedule:
Wakes up at 7:15am. Will drink 2oz of milk.
About 8:30 Is when He actually eats breakfast. I give him some rice cereal with a fruit mixed in in a small bowl. He eats it all and WANTS more. So I give him an extra jar of Fruit. And he will eat the whole jar. And he gets 4oz of milk with

10:30 I usually give him a snack.

Noon he eats lunch which usually consists of 3jars of baby food 1fruit 1veggie and a mix of say chicken and rice. With 4oz of water. And he eats ALL of it.

then he takes a nap at 1pm and gets up at 2:30
@ 3PM I give him a snack and watered down apple juice.

then he eats dinner at 6pm which consists as the same with lunch but I give him milk instead of water.

then he goes to bed about 8:30 and gets 4oz of milk before.
It’s always different with other babies. My son is 20pound and is about 30inches long. He was born 3weeks early and weighted 7pound and 19inches long. So he has always been a chunky baby. Just go on what you feel is right for your baby. She is your baby.

Sep 03, 2014 How’s my 10 mth old baby boys progress?? Any tips

by: Anonymous

My baby is 10 mths, weighs 19 PDs & 29.5 inch long. Born a preemie. At 34 wks & weigh 4pds 6 once at birth.

Usual schedule:

7am. 4 or 5 once btl formula

9am. 1/2 cup oatmeal with a cube size puree pear or peach.

10am sleeps 1 to 2 hrs

11am or 12pm. 5 to 6 once btl formula

1 or 2 pm. Tub of YoBaby yogurt

3pm . 1 to 2 HR sleep ( not every day )

4 or 5 pm. 5 to 6 once btl formula

6 or 7 pm. 1/2 cup of rice cereal with 2 veggies puree & 1 fruit puree.

7.30 pm bath or shower with one of us

8 to 9 pm 4 to 6 OZ btl formula and bed.

Note: last couple of weeks wakes at 11pm or 1am for another top up btl usually 4 OZ. And every other ngt again at 3 or 4am.

Note: has cut 2 bottom teeth and teething again, looks like top teeth.

Note: in general is happy healthy little man, crawling madly and standing up on all furniture.

Note: during the day drinks up to 5/7 OZ sippy cup of water & snacks on organic puffs.

We try to introduce new foods but have not had much luck…have tried banana…spits up. Cottage cheese & tiny bite size of ground turkey…spits up. I see him looking at our food all the time and I know he wants to try it but when I break off bite size he spits it up. ( we are very healthy eaters)

Welcome your comments. Rainy

Sep 04, 2014 10 month picky boy
by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Rainy,

Is your boy spitting up (i.e. throwing up) or spitting out (i.e. doesn’t like) the new foods you try? If he simply doesn’t like them, then no worries. Just continue to let him try new foods now and then, and just be cool about it. Let him sit with you at dinner, let him have small pieces to play with if he wants, maybe let him feed you or his teddy bear once in a while.

If he is a happy, active boy that follows his growth curve, then he is just fine. Don’t make the dinners into power struggles. It is easy done, and you can read some about how to avoid power struggles with children here.

If he is actually throwing up the foods, then he might either be allergic or simply still have problems with swallowing anything that isn’t very liquid. For some children, it takes quite a while before they can handle pieces of food, rather than purées and liquid. If you think the latter can be the case, then focus on offering him new tastes and foods in purées for a while more. If he seems to be allergic, write down after what foods he is spitting up and avoid them. Have a chat about it with his doctor and see if he should be tested.

Hope this helps,


Sep 22, 2014 10 mo old baby eating schedule

by: Anonymous

7:00am breakfast fruit with cereal 4oz milk

11:00 lunch 4 oz veggie with meat homemade blend and 4oz milk

3:00 snack teething cracker organic yogurt 4 oz milk

7:00 dinner 4 oz veggie with meat homemade blend 2oz fruit dessert water

8:00 4oz milk & bed

Nov 24, 2014 10 month old twins

by: Anonymous

7.30 6-7oz bottle formula
8.30 apple oatmeal yogurt 4,5 oz plus puffs
9.30 nap until 11
12 lunch: veggie meat 6oz plus fruit 2oz
1.30 nap until 3
3-3.30 7-8oz bottle
5-5.30 dinner: veggie meat 4oz plus fruit 4oz
7.30 7-8oz bottle
Sleep to next day

Nov 26, 2014 Hmm

by: AG

Wow, my 9.75-month-old (10 months next week) is still almost exclusively on breastmilk. He’ll do a bit of puree here and there and just recently learned to mush up and eat a Nilla wafer, but he’s still not really chewing enough to do solids. Plus he’s just not that interested. Schedule? Hah, he breastfeeds on demand, at least once an hour or so with a big gap in the mornings and at night. Makes it easy enough, I guess :)

Nov 29, 2014 10 months old schedule

by: Anonymous

my 10 months old schedule:

6.30-7am wake and breast

8am-bfast (porriage or weetbix with fruit and half a toast)

9.30am-sleep (1.5hrs)

11am- bottle of formula

12pm- lunch(veggies with meat/fish/chicken + dessert fruit or cookie)

1.30pm- sleep (1 hr)

3pm- bottle of formula

5pm- dinner (veggies with meat/fish/chicken + dessert fruit or cookie or yoghurt)

6pm -bath

7pm- bedtime

Our schedule is the same every day. Sometimes I give him snacks in between 3 pm and 5 pm, which is mostly fruit or cruskets.

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