At around 8 months old, your baby may have started with solid food and drink a bit less breast milk or formula. Here is a convenient baby feeding schedule for 8-12-month-old babies. It also works well for toddlers.

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Here you’ll find a practical baby feeding schedule for your 8-12-month-old baby.

At this age, many babies eat solid food on a regular basis. They are getting bigger and hungrier and will benefit from an established feeding routine. You will simply have a happier and more content baby if feeding them good food on a regular schedule!

The biggest change compared to the feeding schedule for younger babies is that you can now serve cooked food twice a day. This means that your baby will get more varied food than earlier.

I usually follow this schedule for my babies. Even as toddlers, they followed more or less the same schedule, so it worked for quite some time. The only part of the schedule that I skip sometimes is the snack before lunch. If your baby (or toddler) had a really big breakfast, a snack early in the day is sometimes unnecessary and tends to destroy his or her appetite at lunch. Experiment a bit to see what works best for your child.

Baby Feeding Schedule for the 8-12-Month-Old

During the whole day and night:
Breastfeeding or Formula according to your and your child’s rhythm.

Breast milk and/or Formula
A small sandwich
Some water

Fruit puree
A small sandwich

Cooked food, for example, vegetables and meat proper for this age group
Fruit puree for dessert
WaPureeo drink

Afternoon snack:
Infant cereal and/or fruit puree (can be served with the cereal for taste)
Water, Breastfeeding or Formula

Cooked food, but a smaller portion than at lunch
Fruit puree

At bedtime:
Breast milk and/or Formula

If you want more sample feeding schedules, check out these schedules for 10-month-old babies provided by other moms.

Always remember to introduce new foods slowly to observe any allergic reactions. For a list of foods to avoid, click here.

Do you want to cook some food for your baby? For some recipes that your 8-month-old baby (or older) will appreciate, click here.

If you need help with your baby’s eating habits, you’ll find a large number of baby feeding tips answered here.

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