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In this post, you’ll find many sample feeding schedules for 10-month-old babies provided by their parents.

It all started with one mom asking for a feeding schedule, and lots of parents reached out to help her. 

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Mom’s Question:

Can I have an example of a feeding schedule for 10-month-old baby? I am not quite sure if I am feeding my baby enough and enough times. She sometimes seems hungry despite just eaten.

A feeding schedule would be great!

Feeding Schedule For 10-Month-Old Baby

Sure thing! The below schedule still worked more or less even for our 3 years old.

Here’s the feeding schedule for an 8 to 10 month old baby provided by Easy Baby Life.

10-month-old babies usually eat a combination of breastmilk or formula and solid foods. It differs how much baby food and which types a 10-month-old baby eats. Some babies already enjoy a variety of foods, others are much more reluctant. Both are normal. Remember that tasting different foods should be fun and without stress at this age. Many babies prefer to feed themselves when possible. 

What should a 10-month-old’s feeding schedule include?

A feeding schedule for the 10-month-old will most often include three main meals, at least two snacks and breastfeeding/bottles in between a few times per day. 

At 10 months, babies can eat a lot of different foods, except for those that should be avoided for babies younger than 1-year old. Hence, a variety of vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, meats, etc are fine. 

Many babies love feeding themselves, so offering healthy, safe finger foods is often a good way to help them enjoy solid foods and develop their eating.

The number of teeth the baby has, may effect what you feed them too, and how much you mash the foods, since having fewer teeth makes it harder to chew. Many babies have four teeth by 10 months of age, but some have fewer or even no teeth.

Something to note is that according to new research, babies in general have a window of openness to different food textures between 4 and 9 months, so providing different types of food may expand your baby’s food preferences over time. 

On the other hand, a European study from 2019 concluded that the timing of introducing new foods – which varies between different European countries  – did not actually affect the baby’s food acceptance later on . So, remember that if your baby is a picky or reluctant eater, this is fine too! You don’t have to push for three “proper” meals with a variety of foods if your baby is not ready for it. Go slowly and focus on joy. Breast milk and formula are still a very important part of your baby’s nutrition. 

Conclusions from the sample feeding schedules provided from parents

When you scroll down this page, you will find a huge number of sample feeding schedules provided by parents. Thanks a lot to all of you! 

You’ll find schedules for breastfed and formula fed babies, twins, premature babies, parents that work late, etc. You’ll see when many of the babies wake up, what times of the day they eat, when they go to sleep, and in some cases whether they sleep through the night or not. So a wealth of inspiration! 

Here are a two other threads in the Forum, with feeding schedules shared:

But also make sure you scroll down this page. A huge number of parents have shared their feeding schedules by commenting below. Feel free to add your own too! :-)

Hope this helps,

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  1. Hungry baby

    My 9 1/2 months baby daughter’s feeding schedule is something like this:

    8:30am wake up
    8:45am breakfast: 3tbsp porridge, or 2 weetabix, with milk. Sippy cup.
    9:00am – 11:30am: play
    11:30am: lunch: 1 slice of bread with cheese / chicken / hummus / other topping. 1 piece of fruit (e.g. banana, pear, apple). Sippy cup
    12:00 – 13:30pm: nap
    13:30pm – 15:30pm: play
    15:30pm: snack: 3 rice cakes, or handful of cereal puffs, or a handful of soft fruit. Sippy cup
    15:45pm – 17:00pm: play
    17:00pm – 17:45pm: quiet time: cuddles, story, bath etc.
    17:45pm: dinner: about 2tbsp potato or other carb, 4 tbsp veg (2-3 types each meal time), 1 tbsp meat or lentils/spinach. fromage frais. sippy cup.
    18:15pm – 19:15pm: play
    19:15pm: 7oz milk
    20:00pm: bed.
    23:00pm: 5-6oz milk
    23:15pm: bed.

    She is beginning to show signs of hunger between meals though, so I am considering adding fruit to breakfast and a portion of veg to lunch. It seems like she eats loads!

  2. Felicia

    this is what my son is eating in the beginning of his 10th month:

    * 06:00 – wakes up

    * 9 oz cup of yoghurt mixed with a little bit of water, since i stopped brestfeeding him a month ago

    * may take a nap but trying to get him to nap once a day only at noon

    * plays

    * 10:30 – 2 x stage2 veggie purees + 1 fruit puree

    * plays

    * 12:00-12:30 – nap

    * 14:00 – 2 x baby yoghurt

    * plays

    * 17:30 – eats approximately 8 oz of cereal made with formula (because that’s the only way he takes the formula) + 1 fruit puree

    * plays

    * 20:00 – bath

    * 9 oz cup of yoghurt mixed with a little bit of water

    * 20:30-21:00 – bedtime

    and occasionally he eats a cookie or pretzel in between feedings

    This schedule works pretty good for him – he is a happy baby.

  3. Mama Mayhem

    i see so many of these comments including LOTS of cow dairy in the baby’s diet….have you researched the long term and short term effects of feeding babies cheese slices? cottage cheese? egg whites? these things contribute to many negative changes in the human body.
    <3 im sure you will be interested and i hope that you research!
    my daughter is 10 months old and drinks EVERY formula bottle with COCONUT WATER/MILK instead of regular water. My baby has juice that I juice fresh from our fruit trees. Or organic apple juice by Martinellis
    7:30am- wake up, play, 6oz bottle, fresh fruit
    8:30am- pear, apple, strawberry, mango slices
    10:00am – 4-6oz coconut water no formula
    11:00am- 6oz formula, nap
    1:00pm- RAW diced veggie, squash, broc, mushrooms along with fresh berries, apple or pear
    3:00pm-4 oz formula
    6:00pm- dinner is always yummy and shareable, we DO NOT give our baby pork or red meat. We know she loves Sweet potatos, grilled onions, kale, spinach, salmon.
    8:00pm- bath, 8 oz formula

  4. Brea’s mommy

    Wakes at 8-8:30 a.m. and starts off with an 8 oz. bottle

    Breakfast at 9:30 (1/4 cup rice cereal with 3 oz. formula. Scrambled eggs (yolks and whites) OR buttered toast OR pancakes). Cup with 1-2 oz. of whole milk. (My doctor said I can start weaning her from formula).

    YoBaby Yogurt (with iron fortied cereal mixed in) at 10:45 a.m. Also likes to eat a whole single piece of cheese.

    Lunch at 12:30 (Cut up sandwich for finger feeding (grilled cheese, turkey and cheese, etc.) plus a fruit (one whole banana cut up for finger feeding or cut up berries, etc.) 2 oz. whole milk in cup.

    Nap 1 – 3:30/4 p.m.

    Dinner at 5:00 (Basically whatever we eat but in appropriate portions for her). Usually a meat and two veggies or a veggie and pasta.

    Bath at 7:30 followed by 8 oz. bottle followed by bedtime around 8:15 or 8:30 p.m.

    Hope this helps…

  5. Alea

    ok so i am also struggling with a feeding schedule for my 10 month old twins…

    i feel like i struggled to spread their nursing sessions out to four hours, and now that they are eating solids, i seem to be feeding babies every two hours or so

    i see that is what you all are doing too

    how do you get anything done/go anywhere with babies eating so often

    1. Becky

      My twins are 10 months old now. They wake between 6-7. They get an 8 oz bottle at about 7:30. The usually nap from 9-11. They split 1 full cup (dry) of rice cereal and/or oatmeal. Sometimes I will give them a stage 2 fruit. They also take 5 oz. They play until nap time at 1 which lasts until 3. At 3 they get 5oz bottle and I full stage 2 jar of a meal (chicken/beef or something) and a full stage 2 veggie. THey stay awake until their final 8 oz bottle which happens between 6-7. Sometimes they will take a stage 2 cereal fruit jar. They go to sleep at 7-7:30. Hope this helps.

  6. Mom1

    10-month-old feeding schedule for my daughter:

    5:45am-~ 4oz bottle
    6:00-7:00~ plays
    7:00-9:00~ Nap
    9:00-9:30~ Plays
    9:30-10:00~Eats 3rd stage fruit with cereal
    10:00-11:00 Play time
    11:00-11:15 Snack time (kix,puffs,cheerios)
    11:15-12:00 Naptime
    12:00-12:30 Lunch (3 stage vegetables).
    12:30-12:45 4 oz bottle.
    12:45-1:00 Play time
    1:00-3:30 Nap time
    3:30-4:30 Play time
    4:30-5:00 Snack w/4 oz bottle.
    5:00-6:00 Play time
    6:00-7:00 Play time @ home
    7:00-7:30 Dinner time (ex:mac & cheese with gerber snack bar for desert.)
    7:30-8:00 Bathtime
    8:00-9:00 playtime/relaxing time.
    9:00-9:15 4oz bottle
    9:15-9:30 cuddle time with momma

    Yes i have a very very busy schedule & little girl.

  7. Annette

    I have been worried that I’m not feeding my 10 month old son enough. He is doing well according to the doctor, but I still worry. Here is our schedule:

    7:30am wake up
    8:00am 6oz bottle formula
    9:30am nap time
    11:00am 5 oz formula and 3 tablespoons Gerber cereal
    2:00pm 6oz bottle formula
    3:00pm nap time
    5:00pm 1 stage 2 veggie or fruit and 4oz bottle formula
    8:00pm 6 oz bottle formula
    8:30pm bedtime

  8. Apples

    6am ish wake
    6.30 (within 30 if waking) cereal half weetbix half rice cereal 4tbsp total & whole milk + 1/3 banana or 2tbsp yoghurt
    bf within an hour
    Poop & play
    Maybe a rice cracker or dry toast crust to nibble
    between 9.30 – 10.30 bf 90min napAim to have lunch midday
    Protein and 2-3 steamed vege, piece fruit
    Bf 40min laterSnack 1/2kiwi or Avacado and crust or rice cracker again
    Bf &Sleep 3.30/4. For 40min

    Dinner 5pm 2tbl jar food protein & vege. Mixed with avacido
    5.30 bath
    6ish bf
    6.30 eat rest of dinner and nibble crust or top up with fruit or yoghurt

    7ish bf and bed

    Sometimes wakes @ 4am for feed then cereal is @ 8am & lunch 12.3pm

  9. Leah

    Here’s my baby’s feeding and nap schedule:
    8am wake up
    9am cereal with gerber fruit mixed/watered down juice
    12pm-1pm Nap
    2pm 8oz bottle/cereal snack
    330pm fruits (cut up oranges, pears, or plums)
    5pm-7pm Nap
    730pm 8oz bottle
    9pm cereal with gerber veggies mixed/ watered down juice
    930pm Bedtime

  10. Boy mom

    My boy’s schedule:

    8:35 a.m- formula in bottle

    11:00 a.m baby yogurt example banana I add small pieces of strawberries or others to fill him up.& water

    12:30 a.m snack & water to reduce the sugar.. Bath time since its summer to cool him off during the day

    12:45 – 3:00 nap time

    3:00 p.m bottle

    6:00 p.m food put Its homemade I make it a little chunky to teach him to chew.. Play time outside

    9:00 p.m bedtime + reading time = bottle

    He still wakes up about 2-3 times to eat at night he is a great eater:)

  11. Sarah

    I can’t believe how some moms can be!!!

    So I’m a mom myself, I put my baby to sleep by nine & guess what, he is such a smart baby pretty advance for his age & I’m amazed of what a great eater he is!!! And I don’t breastfeed him simply because he left breastfeeding at 4 months Does that make me a bad mom – NO!!! There’s isn’t a perfect mom such as there’s no perfect human alive in this world!! Moms that are seeking for help is because they care for they’re little one… They don’t seek for help to be judge!!!

  12. Erin

    I would really like some feedback in regards to my son’s feeding schedule.

    My son’s 10 months old and weighs 22lbs. He is not the best eater… but he is slowly getting the hang of things!

    Breakfast: Around 9am
    6oz Bottle of Formula
    And 2tbsp of Rice Cereal or Oat Cereal or Wheat Cereal

    Naps about 2hrs

    Lunch: Around 12:30pm
    4oz Bottle of Formula
    And 1 Jar (128ml) of Meat and Mixed Veggies.

    Naps about 1hr

    Snack: Around 4pm
    1 Jar of Fruit (128ml)
    And 1 Yogourt

    Naps about 2hr

    Dinner: Around 7pm
    4oz Bottle of Formula
    And 1 Jar (128ml) of Veggies

    Naps about 1hr

    Snack: Around 10:30pm
    5oz Bottle of Formula
    And 3tbsp of Rice Cereal

    He sleeps through the night!

  13. Confused

    Why no formula when baby wakes up?

    I know the first thing I need when I get up is something to drink.

    Why don’t some of you give your baby a small amount of formula in a bottle or cup with breakfast? That seems very strange to go all night and wake eat to oatmeal and never have anything to drink. Do you not drink anything when you eat breakfast?
    Seems really strange that mothers would forget that a baby is probably thirsty after sleeping 10 hours.

  14. Emma

    My 10 month old typical days food:

    5.5oz formula at 7am, nap , 8.30am Porridge with fruit, play then nap
    Home made soup with bread, fruit + rice for lunch
    5.5oz formula
    Play then nap
    Dinner consisting of either fish or meat with potatoes or rice, veg, formula
    Bath then formula

    Baby still wakes up 2 – 3 times in the night for milk, sometimes just taking 2 – 3 oz

  15. Mariah

    6:30 -7:00 Wake up and has 6oz. formula mixed with fruit cereal.
    8:30 Fruits( banana, apples,)
    9:45 6oz. formula with fruit cereal
    10:00 nap
    11:45 wakes up and has 6oz of formula mixed with fruit cereal
    12:30 soup(chicken, tomato, potato) with noodles and carrot
    2:00 bread with butter and a little bit of sandwich meat (turkey) (I cut it up into small squares and give it to him)or home made pudding
    3:00 6oz formula with fruit cereal
    3:15 nap
    5:00 wakes up and has dinner( meat with vegetables, mashed potatoes and 2% milk)
    6:45 bath (every day)
    7:00 formula with fruit cereal
    7:15 or 7:30 night night

    I give him juice throughout the day or I make decaff tea with a little bit of lemon in it and just a tiny bit of sugar. Babies one day eat more than the other so I give him what he wants as soon as he is happy.

  16. Familia Heart

    Here’s the 10-Month feeding schedule for my daughter. I’m glad someone mentioned not letting them stay up late. Mine wakes super early!

    5:30am wake up, diaper change, 6 to 7oz. formula

    6:30-7:30am nap time

    9:30am diaper change, 4-5oz formula, stage 2 fruit with oatmeal, barley, or rice cereal mixed for thicker texture

    1:30pm diaper change, 4-5oz formula, stage 2 food (fruit with veggies, straight veggies, yogurt, so on).

    3:00pm nap time

    5:30pm diaper change, 4-5oz formula, stage 2 veggies or veggies with meat (sweet potato & chicken or turkey, so on).

    7:00pm bed time

    10:30pm usually starts to fuss in her sleep wanting a “midnight snack”…
    diaper change, 7-8oz. formula

    (she will sleep straight through the 7/8 hours after I feed her at 10:30pm, until 5:30am)


    In betweem meals I will give my daughter cereal puffs like Gerber banana, sweet potato, peach, apple, or so on puffs, that melt easily if she forgets to chew, which she does (all babies forget to chew sometimes).

    The puffs containers say 75 or 90 pieces are a serving, but I usually only give her between 10 and 20.

    I will give my daughter a sippy cup with 1/4 gerber juice (apple or pear), and the rest water, and she will sip on it between lunch and dinner, and after dinner until bed time.

  17. Worried sister

    My family was here for a few days and their 10-month-old is given a 8oz bottle of formula mixed with rice cerial at 3am when he wakes up. He would then sleep till 8 or 9. Then about 12 or 1 he was giving 8oz of baby food. Then nothing else til around 5. Then 8oz of baby food. That’s it. He is 25lbs . A very happy baby. I felt he was still hungry. No water or bottles of formula in between. I felt he was still hungry. It that enough food and does he need more bottles?

  18. Mrs J

    These are all approximate times, but my little guy kind of put himself on a schedule from day one! He is now 10 months. It’s nice most of the time… until you have to run to the store and it overlaps when he thinks he should be eating.. lol!

    6:30 am – 6 ounce bottle

    8:30 am – fruit & oatmeal (daycare only does purees until 12 months but I do finger foods at home)

    9:30 am – nap time (scheduled at daycare)

    10:30 – 4 ounce bottle (which he never finishes)

    12:00 – fruit & veggies & rice (again, all puree at daycare)

    1:00 – nap time

    2:00 – 4 ounce bottle

    3:00 – snack time (cheerios, crackers, or puffs)

    5:00 – 4 ounce bottle

    6:30 – 3-4 ounces of pureed meat & veggies, and then an assortment of finger foods like fruit, hot dogs, crackers, veggies, rice puffs, etc. I use this as a skill building time to feed himself as well so we try lots of things.
    3 oct 2020
    7:00 – bath time

    8:30 – 6 ounce bottle and bed time

  19. Tina

    Here is my 9 1/2 month old’s feeding schedule:

    5am breastfeed then back to sleep.

    7am wake and play

    7:45am breakfast= cereal, fruit yogurt, water in sippy

    8-10am play

    10am breastfeed

    10:30-12 nap

    12pm lunch= protein, veggies, pasta,water in sippy

    12:30-2pm play

    2pm breastfeed

    2:15-3:30pm nap

    3:30pm snack= fruit, yogurt, veggies, cheerios, water in sippy

    5pm dinner= cereal, fruit, veggies, protein, water in sippy

    5:45pm bath

    6:25pm breastfeed

    7pm (latest) asleep in bed

    He will sleep all night as long as he isn’t teething. Sometimes I give him mum mum crackers or gerber puffs instead of cheerios to nibble on. For lunch I alternate between whole grain pasta, couscous and whole grain bread. For cereal I usually get PC organics wheat or oat cereal.

  20. Mommy

    My son is 10 1/2 month old and I’m worried about the feeding…

    Wakes between 8:30 and 9:30 (usually) and plays for awhile before breakfast
    9:30am-10:00 am (Breakfast) – I give him about 3-4 tbsp of whole grain cereal mixed with fruit, plus 3tbsp of 3% plain yogurt.
    10:00-11:00 – Usually plays again or we read a book
    11:00-12:00 – A 7oz bottle of iron fortified formula and usually 1st Nap.
    2:00-2:30 – Usually wakes and plays for 30-45min.
    2:30-3:00 – 1/2 jar of gerber baby fruit and 7oz of formula
    3:30 to 4:00 – Usually goes down for Nap #2
    Wakes anytime between 5:30 and 7:00pm.
    Dinner between 8:00-9:00pm- Usually 3/4 or whole jar of gerber vegetables (peas,carrots, squash,etc)AND 1/2 jar gerber fruit.
    9:00pm – Bathtime
    9:30-11:00pm – 7oz bottle of Formula and Bedtime

    ** Wakes up EVERY night between 2:00am and 4:00am for 7 oz bottle. Usually drinks most of it and goes back to sleep.**

    I am a little worried that he has not embraced any meats or poultry’s yet. Loves his fruits and veggies. And, also Mommy, I am (almost) terrified to give him finger foods or any solids. He just got his 1st tooth a few days ago and I am so worried he is going to choke. Someone pls tell me what I can give him to start the process. I feel like I am holding him back. Other babies his age seem to be eating alot of foods that their parents are just in smaller portions and sizes.

    HELP!! :)

    1. Mommy-tips

      Don’t be nervous! I feel like no matter how careful u are, they’re gonna choke at some point.. but to start try the gerber puffs. Hell get to chew a little bit, but they basically melt in ur mouth. Then you can start playing around w the different snacks , just stay away from the “wheels”-theyre the worst for choking. You can also try giving him pieces of bread to start w some finger foods. But u definitely want to get him started since he should be eating solids and pretty much dropping the baby foods at 1 year.

      As for the meat… if he just doesn’t like the jarred ones I wouldn’t be too concerned. I tried for months to get my twins to eat the stage 3 meals, and they refused. By 11 months I started giving them pieces of actual chicken and whatnot and they’re fine. I mean honestly, can u blame them for not wanting to eat that stuff?! Lol.

      A good book to help: the baby and toddler meal planner by anabel karmel (I’m pretty sure that’s the last name, but its GREAT!!)

      Hope this helps!!

  21. My

    My baby schedule is like this5-5.30 am 5oz formula she goes back to sleep.7-7.30 am wakes up play8.30-9 am 5oz of formula and breakfast (toast,/ puff, /oatmeal and fruit)10-11 am morning nap11-12 am play and another drink 7 oz of formula12.30. Lunch oatmeal/ rice cereal with fruit veggies or stage 3 veggies with meat2-3 pm play
    3-5 pm nap

    5 pm 7 oz of formula

    5.30 pm dinner rice cereal with fruits veggies/ veggies meat and chunk of fruits like watermelon/banana etc

    7 pm yobaby yogurt

    8 pm try to put her to bed but she goes to sleep at 10 pm.

  22. karthika

    My son is almost 10 month old and here is the schedule (that keeps changing every few weeks :))


    7.45 am -Wake up

    8 am – BM

    9 am – 5 oz formula with 5 Tbsp infant


    (Should have included FRUITS/VEG)

    9.30-10.30 – nap

    11 – BM

    12.30 – Lunch cooked brown rice/cooked and grinded

    pearl barley,dal(lentils),veg.

    1.30- 3.30 – nap

    4- BM

    6- egg yolk/avocado/banana/snack

    7 – Dinner(fruits/cheese/Tofu/pasta/wheatgerm)

    9 – BM

    9.30 Sleep

    Wakes up once in the night and asks to be fed, but mostly refused :-(.

  23. Cecilia

    i just want to make a reference to all the mothers who say schedules are not that important, referring to late bedtimes and late mornings. U say what is best for u…NO NO NO It’s what is best for the baby.

    What time is everyone elses breakfast and what time does school start??? 11am??? I don’t think so. Starting them on a good schedule is an excellent pre-crusor to when they HAVE to b on a schedule. My life is now my daughter’s, she is my world and if i have to change My schedule to accomadate her then that’s what i will do. I also work and my husband is a (cop) shift worker so it’s not always easy but that’s parenthood, people.

    730- 6oz bottle (mandarin oragnes, cheese, bluberries ect)

    1030- 4oz bottle then nap

    1230- turnip, rutabaga, blueberries, toast

    130-6oz bottle

    snack (mum mum, cereal cookie ect

    430- turkey, squash, potato (all home made food)

    730-6oz bottle then bed

  24. Suzanne

    My 10months schedule (3rd child):

    6-7am: 6oz bottle
    8:30-9am: oatmeal w/ fruit or yogurt
    10am: 6oz bottle
    11:30am-12noon: fruit, veggie, puffs
    2pm: 6oz bottle
    3:30-4pm: Mixed grain cereal,veggie/meat
    6pm: 6oz bottle
    Bed Time (anywhere from 6:30pm-7:30pm)

    At daycare if she doesn’t take two naps she will sleep through the night, if not she sometimes will wake up at 1:30-2am for a 6oz bottle. By far my best sleeper, ans most easy going child!

  25. twin mom

    I need help w twins schedule..

    This is currently my (almost) 10 month old twins schedule:
    Wake up by 7am-6oz bottle w stage two fruit.
    9am 2 oz formula w oatmeal (thick) then Nap
    Noon 8 oz bottle
    2pm stage 2 veggie
    4pm 8oz bottle
    730pm 6 oz bottle and 2 oz formula w oatmeal (thick)
    We give them snacks like puffs, etc thruout the day.
    And things like pancakes when I make a big breakfast..

    My doctor said today they should be having 3 meals a day and to start giving them stage 3 meals, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to adjust their schedule! Any suggestions?

  26. happy mom

    this is my feeding schedule for my 10-month-old baby boy:

    8.30 8oz of formula similac advance
    10.30 1/4cup of cereal rice or oatameal with fruit
    1:30 at lunch veggies, shredded chicken and small pieces of potato
    3pm fruit juice plus water total liquid 5 oz
    5pm cereal plus formula 6 onz
    7.30pm gerber veggies stage 2 with cereal 1/4 cup
    9pm 8 onz of formula

    I love preparing my little boy food at home although i hate cleaning the kitchen every two hours

  27. Annica

    Here is my 9.5 month old baby’s feeding schedule

    6am – nurse

    goes back to bed until 8am

    9am – cereals and fruit

    10am-11am – nap

    12pm – 8oz formula (trying to wean for when I start work again)

    12:30pm – cereals and veggies

    3pm to 4:30pm – nap

    4pm – nurse

    6pm – cereals with meat (and sometimes veggies)

    7pm – bath time (every second day)

    8pm – nurse

    8:15pm – bedtime

  28. Verena

    10 month old daughter’s schedule:

    8am wakes up

    815am 8 oz bottle

    1030 eats cereal and a fruit

    11am naps until 1230 1pm

    1pm eats veggies

    130pm plays

    330 takes a nap

    530 plays

    630pm eats dinner

    7pm takes a bath

    730 eats 8 oz bottle and reads a book

    8pm nite nite time

    she is such a happy baby and is always smiling and she knows when her nite nite time is so im guessing im doing a good job. she has been on this schedule since 2 weeks old sleepin through the night and what not. try this method it works i promise. and swaddle your little bundle of joys they have better sleep when their little

  29. Nina

    10 month old daughter’s schedule goes something like this :

    Awake at 7-7:30am

    Breast feed at 8 am

    Iron fortified cereal and a bit of fruit at 9am

    Nap 10-11ish

    Breast feed at 11:30

    Lunch at 12 to 12:30 (Two or three of the following: 1/2 cup of mashed vegetables, small amt of cereal, cup of yogurt, pasta pieces, toast, chunks of fruit, cheese, banana pieces, applesauce cup)

    Nap 2-3:30

    Breastfeed at 4 sometimes a few Cheerios as a snack

    Supper at 5:30 or 6 (Two or three of the following: same items as above for lunch, vegetable/chicken combo jar, pieces of shredded chicken/turkey/beef))

    Breastfeed at 7:45 and in bed and asleep by 8ish.

    Sleeps through the night until at least 7am

    She also gets water in a sippy cup throughout the day, as she wants it.

  30. me

    7-7:30am – 7oz formula

    8:30am – baby cereal (usually oatmeal)

    9:00am – 11:00am – nap

    11:30am – 7oz formula

    12:00pm – 2 jars baby food

    2:00pm – 4:00pm – nap

    4:30pm – 7 oz formula

    5:00 – bath

    7:00pm – 7oz formula & baby cereal

    7:30 – 8:00pm – bedtime

  31. Just a mom

    5:30-6:00am- breastfeed then back to sleep

    7:00-7:30am- awake for the day

    8:00-8:30am- breakfast- organic cereal, yogurt + fruit

    9:30-10:00am- breastfeed then back for a nap

    12:30-1:00- lunch- meat,veggies and fruit. (all made fresh frozen at home)

    (sometimes we sneak in a nap after lunch)

    3:00-3:30- breastfeed then back for a nap

    5:30-6:00- supper- meat, veggie and fruit (fresh, no jars here)

    Tub usually after supper time

    7:00- little cereal followed by breastfeed then bed time!

  32. Altheas mom

    wakes up
    6-15-6 45
    play/tv time

    breakfast at 8 am,
    5 oz bottle of formula
    then at 8:30-9am, baby yogurt with puffs

    play time

    nap time
    9:30- 11 or 11:30

    lunch at 12
    5 oz bottle of formula
    followed at 1 pm, 6-8 oz of baby food
    (ex: fruit purees with cereal, or meats)

    occasional snack time,
    whatever im snacking on.

    afternoon nap
    3-4 pm

    5 oz bottle when she wakes up

    6 oz baby foods. (ex: meats & veggies)

    7 oz bottle of formula
    7 30 pm, lights out

    (bathtime is usually in the morning whenever she has playtime)

    This schedule works very well. Her growth is in 90% range. shes growing very fast and healthy. :)
    I’m trying to work on more vegetable “finger snacks”

  33. late sleeper

    My baby sleeps late wakes up late. iItried to change her schedule but I fail. Here is her schedule, not mine.

    9:00-9:30 wakes up 6oz bottle goes back to sleep

    11:30-12:30 wakes up
    she dont like to eat as soon as she wake up

    12:30-1:30 eats half to a third of a cup of oats with 4oz formula mix with pureed veges
    or 1 and half to 2 jars of gerber veges

    2:00-4:00 play time eats snack 1 jar of gerber fruit and gerber cookies or finger foods

    4:00- takes 6oz of formula and naps 1hr to 1hrs if im lucky

    5:00 or 6:00 wakes up and eats snack a jar of gerber fruit and or finger foods

    7:00 takes 6oz of formula

    8:00 dinner half to a third of cup oatmeal with 4 oz of formula

    8:30 bath

    9:00 plays i her crib until she gets sleepy
    if untill 110 she dont seem tired i give her some snack 1 jar of gerber fruit

    11:00 sometimes 12 she takes 6oz of forrmula and goes to sleep.

    5:00am wakes up for a 6oz of formula

    goes back t0 sleep till

    9:00 or 9:30 for 6 more oz of formula. and goes back to sleep.

    right now she is teething so i just go with the flow of her schedule. I’m a full time mom and i guess time is only time. I dont have to be slaved by time. I just go with the flow as long as my baby is happy.

  34. Diane

    My son will be 10 months old next week, he weighs right at 20 lbs. his feeding schedule is as follows:

    6:00 AM he has a 8 oz bottle
    8:00 AM he has a bowl of cereal and juice
    10:00 AM he has another 8 oz bottle
    10:30-12:00 nap
    12:00-12:30 he has his lunch, usually 1 jar meat/ 1/2 jar veggies, 1/2 jar fruit
    he usually will take another nap around 2:00 until about 3:00 or 3:30
    3:30 another 8 oz bottle
    6:00 whole jar of baby meat,whole jar of fruit and whole jar of a veggie if not already included in the meat
    and at 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm he has 1 couple table spoons of cereal i feed him by spoon and a 8 oz bottle. he sleeps all night :)
    he also has “little puffs” snack puffs in between meal through the day or a fruit.

  35. Elle

    7am breastfeed
    9am 3tbsp oatmeal+2-3 ounces fruit+hard boiled egg yolk
    12pm 2tbsp whole plain yogurt+2 ounces fruit
    1pm breastfeed
    3pm 3tbsp millet cereal+2 ounces veggie+1 ounce meat
    3:30pm breastfeed
    6pm 2tbsp pureed cottage cheese+2 ounces fruit
    8:30pm 3 tbsp rice cereal+2 ounces veggies+1 ounce meat
    9pm breastfeed

    *he’ll also have cheerios, rice crackers, baby cookies etc a couple times a day too *

  36. keli

    my son wakes at 6 has a 6oz bottle and goes back to sleep until 9, then we get up and have a bath get dressed,

    9.30 we have a piece of brown toast, orange juice, banana, yogurt.

    then we play and watch tv until about 11 then he sometimes naps until 12 or we go and walk the dog until 12 depending on his mood.

    12.00 we have a cooked meal.. eg fish shapes, mash, broad beans or peas. then a pudding eg yogurt or some fruit or ice cream.
    and a glass of water

    then we play again for a while and have a snack about 3-4pm ish just some crisps or biscuit
    then about 5.30pm he has a sandwich eg tuna, cheese or ham with some carrot sticks

    6pm bath time, cuddle story

    6.30 bed time

  37. Adrian’s Mom

    6:30am –> 7 to 8 oz formula
    9:30am –> 3 tbsp cereal + 2 oz fresh fruit + water (!)
    11:30am –> 5 oz formula
    1:30pm –> 1.5 oz protein (homemade meat puree) + 2 oz veggie (homemade veggie puree) + water/juice
    4:00pm –> 2 oz fresh fruit + 2 oz juice + rice puffs
    6:30pm –> 1.5 oz protein (homemade meat puree) + 2 oz veggie (homemade veggie puree) + 5 oz formula

  38. Ana

    This is a rough estimate of the feeding schedule for my almost 9 month old since some days she will eat way more than this list and other days she won’t eat more than half of whats on this list. Since she’s doing great on her weight, her Dr has said just to leave when / how much she eats up to her.

    8:00 AM Wake up
    8:15 AM 8 oz bottle of formula
    9:30 AM Oatmeal (regular, not baby oatmeal), OR scrambled eggs, OR waffles OR pancakes (really depends on what I’m eating
    10:00 AM – noon – 1st nap
    12:30 PM – 3rd stage jar of a meat / veggie dinner OR pasta (table food), OR a 2nd stage veggie with a 2nd stage meat.
    2:00 PM 8 oz bottle of formula and cheerios or a bitter biscuit
    2:30 – 4:30 PM 2nd nap
    4:30 PM a bitter biscuit
    6:00 PM – food from my plate that is soft enough for her to “chew” (has no teeth) with a sippy with half apple juice half water. If what I’m eating is not appropriate for her, she gets a 3rd stage “dinner” and a 2nd stage fruit.
    8:00 PM bath and story
    8:30 PM bedtime bottle (8 oz of formula)
    9:00 PM bed

  39. twin girls

    Here is the feeding schedule that I use with my twin girls and have been using for about the past month.

    6:30- wake
    7:00- 7oz bottle each
    8-8:20- nap
    9:15- snack (bagels, English muffins, oatmeal, etc.)
    10:45 5oz bottle each
    11:15 lunch (shepherds pie, soup, spaghetti, etc.) and fruit, water or whole milk
    12:00-2:00- nap
    2:30- snack (yogurt, cheese and crackers, mum mums, etc.)
    3:45- 5oz bottle each
    4:20-440- nap
    5:1ish- dinner (anything we are eating, cut up bite size for them) yogurt, apple sauce, or fruit, water or juice
    7:30ish- cereal and water
    between 8:00-8:30 bed

    They are in daycare and are eating all daycare food, will eat finger snacks in between sometimes, they are happy, healthy and doing great.

  40. Ellas daddy

    Firstly, we live in Switzerland, and the paediatrics seem to have a different philosphy for feeding routines, but it works…

    Wake up 7am – 8am 8ozs formula milk

    8am – 10am Play

    10am – 10.30am Nap

    11.45 Lunch 2 potatoes, 1 carrot, plus meat or fish ( I sometimes used meats for sandwiches here…) All steamed and mashed together, usually makes two days worth of dinner )1 or 2 small cereal biscuits, Orange blossom tea in sippy.

    1200 – 1330 Play

    1330 – 1415 Nap, either in bed, or in car.

    1415 – 1515 Shopping or play

    1530 50-60 grammes cereal mix (with water to mix) plus half a jar fruit purée for added taste.

    1600 – 1830 play

    1830 – 1845 8ozs Formula milk

    By 1900hrs, give or take some minutes, Ella is in bed, having her back stroked gently until she falls asleep. Roughly ten minutes. Then she generally sleeps all night, if she wakes it’s usually just to give her dummy back to her.

    Ps, It’s Ellas daddy who stays at home with her, while Mummy goes to work. Fantastic life. :-D

  41. Glenda

    feeding schedule for my 10 month old:

    Wake 8:OO am 8oz formula bottle
    Nap till 10:00 am
    10:30-11 am. either 6 tbs cereal with 4oz of formula or 6oz of stage 2 fruit,mixed cereal or yogurt and 4 oz formula
    12 pm – 1:45 pm Nap
    3 pm- 8oz formula
    nap 4pm to 5pm- no later
    5:30 pm dinner 8 oz of stage 2 veggies and meats and some water in a sippy cup
    7:30 pm 8oz formula bottle
    8 pm Bedtime

    I am feeding him Enfamil Next Step formula.
    He is a very healthy and happy baby and it is exactly where he is supposed to be weight wise.

  42. Olivia

    My 9 and half old month boy schedule:
    7:00 wakes up
    7:30 or 8:00 7oz formula botttle
    9:30 sleep
    10:30 breakfast bread with orange juice
    12:00 sleep
    2:00 lunch veggie with meat and rice or chicken with orange juice
    4:00 sometimes sleep
    4:30 or 5:00 fruits
    7:00 dinner bread
    8:00 7 or 8 oz formula bottle and sleeps

  43. Mia

    Here’s my feeding schedule:

    8am: 2tbs.oatmeal cereal,1 ounce prunes,4 ounce bottle
    10am: nap
    11am: slice of whole wheat bread and ounce of cheese with some water
    1pm: nap
    2pm: stage 2 fruit plus 4 ounce bottle
    415Pm: 1/2 baby yogurt and puffs
    after down for nap
    630pm: stage 2 veg mixed with some meat or with an egg yolk . plus 4 ounce bottle
    9pm: 6 ounce bottle and bedtime

    does this seems like a reasonable schedule? it’s so hard to know what to do

  44. AJ’s Mommy

    I breastfed my son exclusively until he was a bit over 6 months and then introduced gerber foods and formulas. While breastfeeding he wasnt a fan of anything else.

    My son is 10 months now and this is his schedule:

    7AM – 8oz formula bottle
    9AM or 10AM – Gerber Oatmeal w/ bananas or another fruit style puree
    11:00AM – gerber snack puffs or doodles with juice
    11:30AM 1:00PM – nap time
    3:00PM – Gerber 2nd Stage Food (For ex: Apples & Chicken) 8oz. formula bottle
    5:00PM – snack puffs OR fruit puree with juice
    6:30 or 7:00PM – Gerber 2nd Stage Food OR Mashed dinner (potatoes or rice)
    8:30PM – 8oz Formaula Bottle
    9:30PM – Bed time

  45. Joan

    Doesn’t anyone breast feed their babies anymore? I’m surprised at the sheer volume of the word “bottle” in all of these schedules.

    1. Eve

      You must realize that not everyone has the ability to do this. For some it is lack of milk, or nutritious milk, for others it is inability to latch or medical problems.

      I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old that was NOT breastfed because we adopted. He is absolutely perfect and is completely healthy. I also have a 10 month old daughter that struggled to breastfeed but had difficulties getting her to latch correctly. Add this to a demanding 21 month old who had a horrible throat/ear infection at the time who had a very difficult time letting his sister latch on to me, plus home by myself 5 days a week (husband only home weekends), made the decision for me to put her on formula to ensure that she was getting what she needed and my son was also getting what he needed.

      She is now 25lbs and around 28 inches tall. Beautiful and healthy, and developing right on schedule. So to those who would criticize us mothers who cannot breastfeed for whatever reason, show a little understanding and respect before making judgments.

  46. Hannah

    also having baby feeding issues..

    she is 10 months and wont eat stage 3 (texture), won’t pick up food with her own fingers and wont let me put puffs in her mouth – let alone any other finger foods – forget it. i have a tray full of stuff for her.. wont even try sippy to know if she wants it. pushes it away.. she is small – 16lbs – maybe she just needs more time on stage 2 jars? please help = i am ready to cry and obsessed with reading online all websites and blogs of others and searching for any help/advise.. will eat stage 2 and yogerts but looks like she is miserable being fed.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife


      Relax! Your baby isn’t at all the only one hesitant to new foods. Try to let her just take her time. Stage 2 food is fine as long as she grows according to her scale. Solid foods are not meant to be their main source of nutrition yet anyway; breast milk or formula is. Check with her health nurse to make sure.

      The more you put pressure on her to eat, the the more she is likely to protest. Really. A 10 month old is smart and knows very well what she wants. She is also at an age where basically anything new might seem scary and suspicious.

      So take a deep breath and let go of all your worries. Make an effort to make the feeding a fun and enjoyable moment. Talk and sing together. Let her feed you. Play peek-a-boo with the food. Give her mainly foods that she already likes and try to introduce new foods very slowly. Do not try to put anything in her mouth that she doesn’t want to. That will just make her resist it more.

      Eventually she will get used to trying different foods, but with some children it really takes time. Our youngest refused anything but breast milk, porridge and bananas until he was almost 1 year old :-)

      You can try to mix in a small share of stage 3 foods into her favorite foods to slowly help her adapt to the new taste and texture. I did a lot of that, and it seemed to work.

      For some more ideas how to help picky eaters, read our tips here. And here are tips specifically for picky 10-months-old babies.

      Good luck!


  47. Matt

    my son is 10 mo. he doesnt sleeep all night and wen he does wake up he eats about 6 to 8 oz of formula. for breakfast he eats a lil soft food.. but still has NO TEETTH. so as the the day goes on i find my self giving him almost 4 or 5 bottles he drinks about 6 to 8 oz at a time.. he really dont touch the hard food i put in front of him.. so just looking for some examples to things to feed him and mayb a good schedule to start putting him on. in dire need of some help… soooo confused.. lol.

    p.s started a lil juice nd doctor said to stop and give him water.. is that why he only wants the bottle?

  48. Soni

    i have a 10mnth old 4 teeth, his schedule is as follows

    wake b/w 5-6am breast feed plays for 1/2 hr goes back to sleep till about 7.30

    7.45 -8 breakfast multigrain cereal with mashed banana sometimes a piece of toast

    9-10 breastfeed

    10.30 sleep sometimes till about 1.30

    1-2pm lunch baby yoghurt, finger food (cheese,fruit(pear/banana) half a sandwich with advocado or cream cheese or vegemite

    2pm breast feed

    4.30-5 breastfeed

    6pm dinner 4/5 assorted home cooked vegies sometimes with pear or cheese and chicken

    8-8.30 breast feed then bed

    12-2am breast feed

    and quite often he has little snacks like a plain savoury bikkie or an arnotts biscuit in between.

    He bites me whilst breast feeding and i am trying to put him on formula but having no luck as he refuses to drink any type, or use any type of teets bottle or cups… is he too young for the 1-3yrs toddler formula? he did drink that today…..

  49. Melissa

    My 10 mo old girl’s schedule:

    6:00 Wake up
    6:30 5oz sippy cup w/Formula and baby oatmeal
    8:00 Takes 2 hour nap
    10:00 Lunch stage 3 fruit w/juice
    12:00 Takes 2 hour nap
    2:00 6oz Formula from sippy cup
    5:30 Dinner stage 3 meat/veggie w/juice
    (may take another nap after dinner)
    8:00 Bath and
    8:30 Bedtime 6oz formula

  50. Allison

    My little 10 months routine

    7-8am breakfast: Weetabixs, fruit, or crumpets.
    cup of milk

    9-11am nap time

    11:15am bread sticks or rice cakes. Cup of milk or water

    12:00pm lunch: bread/toast with dairylea or jam, any finger foods, friut, veg and a cup of milk

    2:00 pm cup of milk

    2:30-4:00 nap

    5:00pm dinner anything that I eat just mashed with a fork

    6:30 Bath time

    6:45 cuddles, cup of milk and read a story

    7:00pm bed

  51. Elizabeth

    7 am- wake up.
    8 am- oatmeal mixed with stage 2 fruit.
    930- bottle.
    10 am- nap.
    12 pm- we do a combination of stuff. either 1 fruit and 1 veggie, or 1 pasta pick me up w/ veggie, or fruit with whole peas.
    1 pm- snack. (puffs, mum mum, cheerios, baby cheetos, and occasionally she gets a treat from grandma… sugar free jello or sherbert!)
    2 pm- nap.
    5 pm- stage 2 meat w/ mixed veggies or she eats whatever we are eating as long as it’s safe.
    7 pm- bottle.
    8 pm- bedtime.

  52. Bfalcon

    I have a preemie 15 weeks early… Everyones schedule is about the same, some more than others. But it really depends on the baby. Not all babies are the same!

    Just started this schedule, i cut out his 5 am bottle. Took him 3 days to get use to it. It varies if we’re on the go and on the weekends:

    7-8am: bottle w/ oatmeal cereal ( may nap, if wakes up early)

    9:00am: oatmeal cereal w/ 4oz. stage 2 fruit and 20 pieces of gerber cinnamon/maple puffs, sippee with juice or water

    10:00-11: playtime (sometimes morning nap for half hour)

    11:30-: bottle w/ oatmeal cereal

    12:00-2/3pm: nap( if he wakes up early at 2pm, fresh fruit feeder and puffs, sippee juice or water)

    3:30-4pm: bottle w/ oatmeal cereal, veggie and meat stage 2, sippee with juice or water

    4-6pm: playtime

    6:30pm: bath time, pjs,

    7:00pm: read or sing, by 7:30 he’s asleep until 8am the next day.

    in a month or two the schedule will adjust in the afternoon so he can eat with us during dinner at 5 and take less bottles.
    Dr. says that he is healthy and keep doing what i’m doing.
    he started at 1lb. 7oz., at 11 inches long
    now he’s 16lbs and 25 1/2 inches long
    gains almost 1lb a month

  53. Fiona

    My 9.5 mo old goes to bed around 6:00-6:30 each night b/c she literally refuses to sleep during the day. I will try for an hour some times to get her to sleep for naps. Once asleep, she only stays that way for about half an hour. I’d love to have her nap longer during the day, but can’t complain that she sleeps 6:30pm-6:00am. Anyone else have a child with this type of sleep pattern?? Should I try to put her to bed later?

  54. Rae

    As for the putting your kids to be past 8pm… Wow… I mean some people can’t do that at all! My little girl is 10 months and still colic! She will not go to bed until she is ready and I don’t make her because if she is hurting I’m not going to just put her down and make her cry so she stays up until she is ready for bed! Get over yourself!!!

    As for feeding… I see all the schedules!!! My little girl eats every 4 hours but that’s about the only “shedule” SHE follows! She hardly ever sleep through the whole night!!! :(

  55. Ruth

    This schedule has worked pretty well for us, with some occasional variations to adapt to things that may come up in the day.

    6-6:30 Wakes up and has a 7-8oz. bottle of formula (we are trying to transition him to a sippy cup, it’s going well.)

    7:15-7:30 Breakfast, he has 3 Tbsp. rice cereal with a jar of fruit.(sometimes a second jar of fruit) He plays until nap time.

    9ish-10:15ish Morning Nap

    10:30 Snack(juice in a cup)puffs or rice crackers

    12-12:15 Lunch, 2-3oz of formula and either some fruit or veggies and meat or a slice of cheese, sliced lunch meat and a fruit.

    1ish-2:30ish Afternoon Nap

    3 Snack (juice in a cup)puffs or rice crackers

    5-5:15 7-9 oz bottle of formula

    6:15 Dinner, what we are having if he’ll eat it or 3 Tbsp. rice cereal with a jar of veggies and fruit.

    6:45 Bath, Book and Bed by 7ish

  56. Amber

    feeding for a 10 month old:

    7am-8am – wake in morning
    8:30-9am -1 4oz jar baby food, 6oz bottle
    10- 11:30 – nap
    12:30-1pm 2 4oz jars baby food
    1:30 4 to 6oz formula
    2:30 nap
    4-4:30 1 4oz jar baby food, 6oz bottle
    6:00pm nap
    8:00-8:30 1 4oz jar baby food, graduate puffs (10-15), 4oz water/juice mix
    9:30-10:00 7oz formula
    10:00-11:00 Bedtime

  57. fay10

    here is my baby girls feeding routine although she doesnt always stick to it, it works well most of the time. Shes 10 months old

    6-7am wakes up and has 3tb of cereal with milk and fruit pot

    10am 8oz bottle at nursery

    12-1pm jar of baby food and finger food with yoghurt.

    2-4pm nap

    4pm snack either fruit or biscuit with juice

    6pm tea time jar of baby food or table food with mum with fruit pot

    7pm bath

    7-8pm 8oz bedtime bottle

    my daughter sleeps through almost every night, and if she does wake she can get herself back to sleep.

  58. preemiemom

    My daughter is 10months old she was born 9weeks premature………….

    Wake up @ 7:30am
    Ready brek @ 8:00am + 2oz of water/juice
    Nap @ 9:30am
    9oz Milk @ 10:30am
    Nap @ 12:00pm
    Lunch @ 1:00pm + 2oz of water/juice
    Nap @ 3:00pm
    Dinner @ 5:30pm + 2oz of water/juice
    Bath @ 7:30pm
    9oz Milk @ 8:00pm
    Bed @ 8:30pm
    She lays in her cot @ 8:30 and she is asleep by 9:00pm but i dont sit in the room with her i leave her and just have her monitor on. sometimes she will cry a little or just lay and talk to herself but i dont keep going in all the time.

  59. Australian mother

    I trying to do the same as you all but I having trouble fitting it all with with snacks and sleeps.

    We wake about 7.30-8am by 8.30 we are having breakfast (cereal and bottle of 150mls).

    He plays till 10 by which time he wants to sleep, may sleep for 40-70 mins depending. The he doesnot wnat to eat he wants to play again.

    At 12.30 he has his lunch (protein and veggies with bottle 150mls), He will play a bit more then at 2- 2.30 he will go down for another nap 40-60 mins.

    Wake then play and eat a biscut. At 5.30 we give dinner (veggies and what ever we are eating with bottle 150mls) By 7.15 he is having a bath and at 8- 815 bottle of 150mls the patted to light sleep then in bed.

    He then wakes at around midnight for 100mls of bottle then again at 4am. HOW DO I GET RID OF THESE FEEDS AT NIGHT?

  60. Ness

    My baby’s almost 10 months and his daily schedule goes something like this (of course with a little flexibility):

    7:00am – Wake. 7.5oz bottle

    7:30am – Breakfast. Cereal, Fruit & Yogurt

    8:15am – Playtime

    9:30am – Nap (sleeps for 1 1/2)

    11:30am – 6oz Bottle

    12:00pm – Lunch. Meat, Veggie & Fruit

    12:45pm – Playtime

    2:00pm – Nap (sleeps for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2hrs)

    3:30pm – Possible Snack if up early. Cheerios w/water or Fruit

    4:30pm – 6oz Bottle

    5:00pm – Dinner. Pasta or some type of Grain, Veggie & Fruit

    7:00pm – Bath

    7:30pm – 7.5oz bottle followed by a story

    8:00pm – Bed. Falls asleep on his own & sleeps thru the night

  61. twins

    I have 10 month old fraternal twins, a girl and a boy. I have kept them on a schedule from day one. I have been very fortunate that they have always sleep through the night.

    7:00 – wake up and watch PBS Network

    8:00 – breakfast: 1 jar of stage 3 cereal and

    fruit (each) and a 3 oz. bottle of

    formula (each)

    8:30 – playtime

    10:30 – water in a sippy cup and snacks

    11:00 – playtime

    12:00 – lunch: 1 jar of stage 3 meat, vegetable

    and fruit (they split all 3 jars) and

    3 oz. bottle of formula (each)

    1:00-3:45 – nap

    4:00 – 6 oz. bottle of formula with a snack

    4:30 – playtime

    6:30 – dinner: 1 jar of stage 3 meat, vegetable

    and fruit (they split all 3 jars) and

    3 oz. bottle of formula (each)

    7:00 – bath time

    7:30 – bedtime (place in crib awake and will fall

    asleep by 8:00 / no night light or music)

  62. Maria

    Here is my feeding schedule for my 10 month old:

    8am-7 oz formula in bottle

    9:30am-oatmeal+stage 2 fruit


    1pm-3-5oz formula in bottle

    3pm-1/2 banana + rice puffs


    5:30pm-5-6 oz formula in bottle

    6:30pm-mixed grain cereal + stage 2 veggeie/meat


    9:00-7oz formula in bottle


  63. Cornelia

    My 10 month old feeding schedule:

    6-7am wake up

    7:30am breakfast: waffle w/fruit puree spread on it and cut up & berries

    8:30am 6 oz formula

    9:30-11am nap

    11am 3-6 oz formula

    12-1pm lunch: cut up turkey, cheese, and cheerios and yobaby yogurt (sometimes add cut up green beans or cooked carrots)

    3pm snack or yogurt melts and puffs or cheerios

    5pm 6 oz formula

    6-6:30 dinner: Stage 3 dinner w/cut up veggies and whatever else we are eating

    7:30 6-8 oz formula

    7:30-8:30 bedtime

  64. Jloie

    9.5 month olds schdule:

    6:30am(ish: Wake

    7-7:30am: 8oz bottle

    7:30-8am: Baby cereal or Toast and Fruit etc

    8:30/9am – 10:30/11am: Nap

    12-12:30pm: Lunch anything from veg and meat,sandwich cut small to cous cous or pasta. followed by yoghurt or fruit

    1:30/2:30-2/3pm: Nap (dependent on how long a morning nap she has had)

    5pm(ish): Dinner, similar foods to lunch but a smaller meal followed by fruits, baby biscuit or yoghurt

    6:30-6:45pm: Bath, 8oz bottle and Bed

    (Water offered and taken throughout day, occasional snacks of baby crisp type things or fruit)

  65. Katie

    Well, this is the feeding Schedule for my 9 month old:

    Wake up 8am- 6 OZ bottle 4 tablespoons mixed grains with fruit (baby cereal)

    Burp , wait a 30 mins from when finished eating (less spit up)

    9am – playtime

    11am 6 OZ bottle

    1130-1pm Nap

    1-130 lunch 4 table spoons fruit puree with a 3 oz bottle

    play and go for walk after lunch

    3pm 4 oz bottle

    5- 530 pm dinner 3 table spoons meat 3 table spoons veggie 2 table spoons fruit finish with a 6 oz bottle

    nap 6-730pm

    730pm 3 oz bottle

    9pm bath

    930pm sing, bath 6 oz bottle & bed

    When he was born- 8 pounds 10 ounces 21.5 inches long.

    now 9 months- 22 pounds 30 inches long

  66. Tracy

    Here is my 10-month-old twins’ schedule. My girls were on-schedule and in-sync the first month. From months 2-6 they had varied feeding schedules. After all, one got hungrier quicker. Now that they are in daycare and are older, I am trying to schedule their feedings closer together. In time, I hope that they will be in sync with our feeding schedules. But I agree that all babies are (as all adults are) different.

    5am-6am wakes: 5oz bottle

    8am-9am breakfast: 1/2 cup rice cereal or oatmeal with one stage 1 fruit/cereal blend; sips of water

    10am-11am snack: 5oz bottle

    12pm-1pm lunch: homemade pureed meats, pasta/rice, veggies and fruit; sips of water

    2pm-3pm treat: puffs and 3oz juice

    4pm-6pm snack: 5oz bottle

    6pm-7pm dinner: homemade pureed veggies and fruit and little bits of what we eat; sips of water

    8pm-9pm snack: 5oz bottle

  67. Jess

    I also try to keep it simple…

    My 10 month olds eating schedule

    7a.m. wakes up for bottle formula with cereal then goes right back to sleep.

    10 a.m. wakes up

    11 a.m. full stage 2 veggie and fruit

    1 to 2 Usually naps

    3 yogurt or bottle with cereal (depends on our day) and puffs.

    6 to 7 Usually naps

    7:00 Full stage 2 meat, 1/2 veggie and full fruit

    8:30 bath

    9:00 bedtime

    11:00 bottle with cereal

    In between feedings he eats puffs and I also give him little bits of whatever we eat; rice, fruits, bread, meats, veggies etc.

    He also drinks plenty of water throughout the day.

    All this has been approved by his Dr.

    He is 22 lbs and 28″

    Very happy baby with lots of energy, rarely fussy.

  68. ferg

    I have worried about whether my boy eats too muct but it looks like everyone is different. Here is his schedule.

    6-7: wakes up
    7:30- 7 oz formula bottle
    9:00- breakfast snack (varies: french toast, fruit bar, muffin, yogurt)
    11:00- lunch (varies: pizza, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, fruits and vegetalbes (normally want eat those)) introducing juice each meal
    11: 6-7 oz formula bottle
    11:30- nap
    2:00- snack (varies:cheezits, vanilla waffers, graham crackers)
    3:00 7 oz formula bottle
    5:30 dinner (typically chicken nuggets, with mac and cheese or yogurt) He want typically eat fruits or vegetables.
    7:45 7 oz bottle with cereal in it
    8:15 bed

  69. melody

    Hi, good to see we are all the same about what and when we feed our lo’s mine is simple and the same everyday…

    7am 5-60z milk (follow on)
    9.30 breakfast
    10-11 (20-30mins nap)
    11.30am 5-6oz milk (follow on)
    1.30pm dinner and dessert + cup of water to drink
    2-3 (20-30mins nap)
    3.30pm 5-6oz milk (follow on)
    4.30 snack (grated cheese, toast etc)
    5.45pm bath
    6.15pm 7-9oz milk + rusk
    6.30pm bed!

  70. famillymommy

    Our daughter does extremely well with the following schedule and it works great for our family. We go out several times a week, and sometimes her schedule is altered. Because we do this often, she is pretty flexible.

    9:30 wakes up content. plays or talks in crib for a few minutes. 7-8 oz bottle of formula.

    9:30 – 11:30 play time

    11:30 – naptime. sleeps an hour to an hour and a half

    12:30 or 1:00 – 6 oz formula in sippy cup (Nuby)

    organic puffs as a snack. She also gets 1/2 to 1 jar of stage 2 organic veg or oatmeal fruit blend before 2nd nap. I prefer Earth’s Best because they offer a lot of variety. Sometimes she gets a real sweet potato or some of my lunch instead of puree.

    3:30 or 4 – naptime. sleeps about an hour

    4:30 or 5:00 – 7 oz. formula and later a fruit or veggie, or some organic yogurt blended with fruit and veg puree

    5:00 – 7:30 – playime with Daddy. Mommy goes to work. Sometime during this period she usually gets a jar of food – we are now trying meat blends. We are also transitioning to giving her more table food. She gets a little apple/prune juice cut with water every few days to help keep her regular but she needs that less now that she gets veggies and fruits.

    7:30 – 6 to 8 oz bottle and then bathtime and bed. She goes down like a dream almost every night and sleeps until around 9am or so.

    I work evenings so her day starts a bit later than most. When I was working at 8am for several months, she would get up at 7:15 or 7:30 but her schedule was exactly the same with the times adjusted accordingly and a slightly earlier bedtime. She adjusted to a later schedule without a problem when I started working nights. For now, this is perfect for all of us. I am confident she will adjust again to the earlier schedule when the time comes for go to school.

  71. Carromom

    5:15-5:45 wakes up in crib, I give her 6 oz. bottle of formula

    Goes back to sleep (with us in our bed) until about 7:00-7:15

    8:30ish – Breakfast of 2-3 tbsp. baby oatmeal, 1/2 jar fruit (pear) puree, 1/3 container yo-baby yogurt, 1 oz. formula (all mixed together), 1/4 piece toast w/ cream cheese spread on top (or a variation would be a small handful of cheerios)

    9:30/10:00ish – Nap (give bottle of about 4 oz. formula before nap) *naps about 1 hour to 1.5 hours

    Around 11:30-12:00 I offer her 4 oz. bottle, she usually only takes about 1-2 oz. Sometimes she drinks a little more of it after lunch.

    12:30ish – lunch of pureed veggies and 1/3 container of yo-baby yogurt, 1 baby mum-mum rice cracker or handful of puffs, and a few little cubes of cheese. Water in a sippy (doesn’t drink much, just sips)

    Nap around 1:45-2:00, usually only naps for about 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes less if we are in the car or “on the go”.

    Offer 5 oz. bottle after 2nd nap, sometimes she drinks the whole thing, sometimes she “snacks” taking an ounce or so at a time. (struggle!) – she usually doesn’t finish it entirely.

    Dinner around 4:45-5:00 pm — pureed veggies w/ meat and recently rice or pasta pieces mixed in for texture (and to practice chewing) – stage 3 if using jarred food. Plus the last 1/3 container of the yogurt mixed w/ a tsp. of oatmeal, then some finger snacks such as puffs or rice cracker, water in sippy cup.

    6:15 bath

    6:40 bottle – but only about 2-3 oz. (again, a struggle)

    6:45/7:00ish – book, then asleep

    *on average, sophie gets about 18-20 oz. of formula a day. My pediatrician recommends 24-26 oz. minimum. I cannot get her to drink more than 20 oz. daily. Frustrating! But I know eventually I’ll be weaning her of the formula and on to regular cow’s milk. She’s doing well and fluctuates between the 25th and 50th percentile for weight.

  72. leanne

    Hope this helps..

    6am – 5 oz cup of formula and 1/2 cup of oatmeal mixed with formula

    9:30 6 oz cup of formula

    10am- nap usually between 1-2 hours

    12pm – lunch usually cut up fruit and veggie, sometimes have of a gerber graduates little entree (they are great to send to the sitters)

    1:30 6 oz cup of formula

    2:00 nap usually 1-1:30 hours

    4:00 5 oz cup

    5:30 dinner usually fruit, veggie and sometimes some of what we are eating

    6:30 7 oz bottle and then bed at 7pm

    I am a feeding therapist and this schedule has also worked for alot of my patients. At this age if your child has teeth and you are sitting with them they really should be on all finger foods or small cut eating pretty much what you are eating minus the formula instead of whole milk. In regards to a bottle you can typically start weaning, developmentally a child should be off a bottle completely by one year of age.

  73. chris

    7:00-wakes up, 5oz baby formula,5 tablespoons rice cereal and 2-3 tablespoons baby fruit.

    10:00- 6oz bottle

    10:30- nap

    12:00-2-3 tablespoon of baby food meat and veggies,half of a banana of other fruit


    2:00- unsalted crackers, apple juice

    5:00-6oz bottle, rice crackers

    7:00-last feeding 8oz bottle


  74. Alie89

    my baby girl is 10months old today :-) she has reflux and is not allowed any milk products.

    wakes around 6.30am

    7.00am 1 1/2 weetabix, 40g fruit puree

    8.45am 4oz bottle

    9.00am – 11.00am nap

    11.00am bath

    12.00pm meat, veg/pasta (stage 2)

    recently needing a nap, normally stays up till 2pm

    1.45pm 4oz bottle

    2.00pm – 4.00pm nap

    5.00pm 3 rusks, 40g fruit (crushed, mixed with water to paste)

    7.00pm 4oz bottle or meat, veg/ pasta (stage 2)

    (solids if shes had a sicky day)

    7.30pm bed

    11.00pm 6oz bottle (we have always woke her for night bottle because we have to give her meds)

  75. Elle

    My baby will not bottle or cup feed. She hardly will nurse. Here is her Schedule.

    8 a.m Breakfast

    1 oz of formula with 1 Silmilac Milk Fortifier

    1 pat of butter

    1 Jar of Earth’s Best breakfast

    3 tbsp oatmeal

    All Mixed together

    Nurse for about 5 minutes

    Nap from 10 a.m. to 12

    1 p.m. Lunch

    Same as above but with a Jar of Gerber Mac and Cheese with Veggies instead of the jar of breakfast.

    3 pm Nurse 5 minutes then Nap from 3 to 5

    6 Pm Dinner Same as above but Use a Jar of Turkey and Sweet potatoes with one jar of Turkey and turkey gravy added.

    We feed her these huge meals 3 times a day for weight gain.

    As of late her schedule is changing and we are going to start Just nursing her in the morning and putting her back to sleep, She isn’t sleeping enough.

  76. eleanor

    My 9 months old baby wakes at 0800 has 7oz bottle and readybrek or weetabix for breakfast and toast

    snack at 1100 liga,baby biscuit or petits filous

    4oz bottle and a nap for about 1 hour

    Lunch 1400 cow and gate jar and desert 3 oz bottle

    play time for about 2 hours

    Dinner at 1800 jar of cow and gate and fresh fruit small drop of bottle

    bath at 1930 and then 5oz bottle

    bed at 2100

  77. Tiffanie

    Wakes between 630am and 7am

    oatmeal with jar of fruit or fresh fruit 8am

    8oz bottle and nap 10am (trying to eliminate am nap)

    lunch 1230

    8oz bottle and nap 230pm

    dinner 6pm or 630pm

    8oz bottle and bed 8pm

  78. Good enough mommy

    I am completely amazed at how pathetic some of the moms on here sound. Just because you dont raise your child one way doesnt mean it is the right way! & it doesnt mean that if someone is doing something different than you that its the wrong way. My little boy is just over ten months old & by no means is he on a perfect schedule. He never wakes up at the same time nor does he eat at the same time. But the doctor always says he knows when hes tired & he knows when he hungry & he will make you well aware of either one.

    He usually wakes up anywhere from 8-11 am… If it gets to be past 11 I usually wake him up unless he had a rough day the day before then I just let him sleep.

    As soon as he wakes up he get a jar of stage 2 fruit & gerber pear juice in his sippy. (more fruit if it doesnt fill him up)

    He plays untill about noon- 1 depending on when he wakes up & then he gets real people food. He has already switched over too whole foods so usually for lunch I will make him a turkey sandwhich or some other kind & chop it up into bit size pieces. He also gets a cut up piece of fruit, or the gerber apple slcies you can buy & another cup of juice. & little puffs or yogurt bites if he is still hungry.

    After he eats he plays for awhile then has a nap any where from 2-5pm. Before hand he drinks an 8oz bottle of formula to get him to sleep

    After he wakes up whcih is any where from 4-7pm he plays then whenever supper is done he eats with us. Same of everything just smaller bites & usually he wants formula with diner but soetimes he has juice. I usually let him decide. & if he is still hungry then he gets a jar of stage 2 veggies/meat.

    Anywhere from 8-10pm he goes to sleep & doesnt wake up untill the listed time above the next morning.

    My little one is very advanced for his age & has been walking for almost two months now. He can say as many words as the average one year old & amazes the doctor every time we go…. so for you “perfect” parents out there, your hurtful opinions are not appreciated!

    1. sunshine123

      Thanks for speaking up!!!! I really do agree with you !!! My daughter happens to be on a schedule but only because this seems to work best for her and us! But i strongly believe that each child and each family is different…We have to listen to our own instincts and sit back and watch the children of those “perfect” moms turn into unblemished adults!!! hahahaha…

      Criticism seems to come flying from everywhere once you become a mom! Incredible!! Ignore and trust your instinct…You know your baby best!

      To all the moms giving examples of their schedules, Thanks! As it is a great reference for a first time mom who feels lost. But to the new moms reading this, look over all the suggestions and just go with what’s best for you! There is no right or wrong way … Just love your babies!

      Fathers be good to your daughters.
      Daughters will love like you do.
      Girls become mothers, who turn into lovers
      So mothers be good to your daughters too.

      John Mayer.

  79. KirstyF

    Here is my schedule for my 10month old.(ps i Live in the uk)

    7am-8am wake up and have 4-7oz formula milk

    8.30am Breakfast (baby cereal with 2-3oz of formula milk)

    11.45am-12noon Lunch 1/2 stage 3 jar (about 110g) and 1/2 dessert (about 70g) then fruit (strawberry, banana, tangerine etc)water in a sippy cup.

    2.30pm snack (baby yoghurt,organix wheat puffs and water in a sippy cup)

    4.30pm Dinner 1/1 stage 3 jar and dessert and biscuit with water in a sippy cup .

    6.30pm 7oz formula for bedtime.

    6.45pm brush teeth and bath time

    7pm bed

    my little one sleeps really well all through the night and has done since she was 5 days old.I had her weighed at 44 weeks and she was a healthy 22lb 4oz and 80 cm tall (very tall for her age) hope this helps

  80. Mom of three under three (no multiples)

    8:00am- Wake up and breastfeed

    9:30am- Big bowl of Milupa cereal (made with formula)

    10:00am- Nap

    11:00am- Breasfeed

    12:30pm- Veggies/Meat (homemade if I have time)

    1:00pm- Nap

    2:30pm- Breastfeed

    4:00pm- Fruits and then some puffs

    5:30pm- Breastfeed

    7:30pm- Big bowl of Milupa Cereal (made with formula)

    8:00pm- “BBB”- ‘BATH’, ‘BOOB’ AND ‘BED’

    Works like a charm!!!!

  81. babymom29

    On 8 pm being to late…

    I say do what is right for you! If putting your baby to bed at 7 is right for you…do so…
    If putting your baby to bet at 11 is right for you…do so…Just love them and care for them the best you can!
    Do not listen to judgemental moms and just wait and see how PERFECT their kids turn out to be ;-)
    Come on moms…
    lets get real!!! everyone’s situation is different or have we not evolved enough yet to realize that?
    As long as no one is mistreating or beating their children who are we to judge???

  82. Kimberly

    Who are you people that put your children to bed after 8 pm? You are setting them up for bad behavior and terrible habits in the future! Bedtimes for infants need to be pre-8 pm; ask any nurse or pediatrician!

  83. Heather

    HELP!!! I cannot seem to get my daughter back on a schedule since the holidays!!!!!!!!
    I try feeding her breakfast first because she never wanted her fomula in the morning before and now she shreeks for her milk after her first spoonful of cereal…she then wants milk again 2 hours later when it is usually time for her nap, She’s all mixed up and so am I…How can i get her back on a regular schedule? she will be starting daycare soon and she needs to start getting used to a schedule!!! Ahhhh…I can’t get anything done! I am starting to teach her signing so i can understand what she wants because i can’t tell anymore if she is crying for milk, nap, water or food! She is my first baby and i feel so lost! Any suggestions???

    PS to all the judgemental, know it all mothers i have been reading comments from about homemade baby food etc…, you should be more understanding, NOBODY is perfect and what you think is right may be right for your child and your situation may not be right for others for many different reasons, unless you are perfect (which nobody is), do not judge what someone else is doing!
    I make homemade purees for my daughter because i have the time to do so, but will never question why someone else doesnt!
    Moms need to stick together.


    1. Nicole

      So my suggestion is this that in daycare kids start their schedule by themselves. You just give then 4 bottles of 6oz-8oz and give whatever your likes in between whether cereal or fruit or yobaby yogurt. Daycare persons will make the schedule by themselve. You need not to worry about. It is almost same for all the kids but since you are at home right now thats why you are not getting it being a mom.

  84. Proud Mommy

    I have a 9 1/2 month baby girl…

    Daily eating schedule:

    5:00-6:00am Wakes up for a bottle 4oz formula then goes back to sleep.

    9:00-10:00am wakes up/ Oatmeal or rice cereal &
    4 oz bottle

    12:00 puffs and water or juice snack or fruits

    1:00 5oz bottle then takes a nap till 2 or 3pm

    4:00 Stage2 veggies & stage 2 fruit & 4oz bottle

    7:00 bath
    7:30 6 oz bottle
    7:45 bed

    Sleeps all night. and is a happy baby.
    9 1/2 months old weights 15lbs 26.5 inches tall

  85. Samantha

    My daughter is 10 m and 3 wks old. I make most of her food and she is very happy,healthy, and energetic! This is her daily schedule.
    8:00 am wake up and have 5oz of formula, 3tbsp of stage 3 cereal, 2 tbsp of steamed/mashed fruit
    10:00 bath time, massage, dress
    10:30-11:30 Nap
    12:00 LUNCH 3-4 oz of formula, 2 tbsp of veggies, 2 tbsp of fruit (usually one is finger food like steamed green beans, peas, ripe pear, cantaloupe chunks, etc), 2 tbsp of either yogurt or cottage cheese
    3:00 SNACK 6-7 oz of formula, 1-2 oz finger foods: fruit and baby stars (Gerber’s)
    3:30-5 Nap
    6:00 DINNER 4-6 oz of formula, 3 tbsp of stage 3 cereal, 2 oz of vegetable (most times it’s freshly steamed and cut up for finger food), and 2 oz of meat and alt: out of 7 days–> 2 days fish, 2 days beans, 3 days beef, pork, poultry
    8:00 6 oz of formula and then bed time!

    She is only now beginning to eat what we eat, as long as it’s softer in texture. Haven’t started milk yet but I hope to once she hits 11 and a half months.

  86. Grace

    Here is my 10 month old preemie twins schedule..

    7:30-8:00 wake up and eat 7 1/2 oz bottle
    9:30 share 1/2 cup oatmeal cereal, 1/2 jar fruit and 1/2 jar veggie
    10:00-11:30/12 nap
    12:30 7 1/2 bottle
    2:30/3 snack of some fruit/veggies, trying out finger foods like puffs, cheerios, bananas, toast
    4:30 7 1/2 bottle
    6:30 share cereal, fruit, veggies
    8:30 7 1/2 bottle and then bed

    **once they are able to eat more finger foods I plan to have them eat breakfast when they wake and push back that morning bottle so that they will then be eating 3 bottles and then phase out the others as well as they eat more table food and we focus on more of a 3 meals a day schedule.

  87. Karmin

    This is my 10 month old boy’s feeding schedule.

    * 5am- 7oz of breastmilk in bottle (I pump full time). He goes back to sleep.

    * 8am- wakes fully

    * 830am- 1 jar fruit/oatmeal bfood stage 2

    * 1030am- 7oz breastmilk in bottle

    * 12pm- nap

    * 130pm- 1 jar of veggies stage 2 bfood, 1/2 cup of Gerber yougart

    * 4pm- 7oz breastmilk in bottle

    * 6pm- 1 jar of meat dinner bfood stage 2, 1/2 Gerber yougart

    * 8pm- 7oz of breastmilk

    * 830- bed

  88. Mom to 2

    I have a 10-month old baby boy with a milk/soy allergy and Reflux
    *He wakes at 5:30am most days and has his AM Prilosec dose
    *1/2 hour later he has his first 7 oz bottle (of Alimentum formula) and usually spits up quite a bit of it…
    *Plays until naptime (8-8:30)
    *Wakes around 10:30
    *Has a good size bowl of Oatmeal cereal + one jar of stage 2 fruit + a handful of Cheerios
    *Plays again until 1:00-ish when he’ll have his 2nd 7 oz bottle. Again, he will spit up quite a bit…
    *Back to playing (or we go out to do errands, etc)
    *Naps a second time from 3-4:30
    *Eats a meat stage 2 jar of food + a veggie stage 2 + some Cheerios
    *Plays until tub time
    *Has his 2nd dose of Prilosec around 6:00
    *1/2 hour later he drinks another 7 oz bottle and falls asleep
    *Is awake again around 10 for bottle #4 of the day, then sleeps until 5:30am.
    Then we do it all over again the next day. Yay!

  89. brisbane mum

    hi there,
    im from brisbane australia, and i think my boys schedual is different to others:

    5am – wakes and plays in cot for 1/2 hr

    530 – 200ml (7oz) of formula (hes a biter so no more booby)

    530-6 – we gor for 40-60min walk

    7am – breakfast 1/2 – 1 cup of Rafferty’s Garden Organic Porridge various flavors with kiwi fruit/banana or mango every now and again

    730-900/10 – plays like crazy monkey boy

    9/10-11/12 – 150ml (50z) formula & sleeps

    1130 – lunch finger food wat ever is in the fridge, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, pear, apple, nashi pear and/or avocado (all cut up fresh)
    150-200ml (5-7oz) formula

    1230-3ish – runs mummy raggered pulling everything out and apart, fun & games

    3ish-430ish – 150-200ml (5-7oz) formula & sleeps

    430-530 – plays by himself with mummy watching over him

    530-600 – dinner sometimes baby pasta with a chees mix, spagetti bolenaise, chicken & veg or beef & apple suace mix
    or finger food whatever we are having – steamed carrot, brocolli, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin &/or cooked mushrroms

    600-630 – shower, pjs & cuddles

    630-800 – play

    800 – 200ml (7oz) formula & bed till the next day

    we have a 350ml (12-13oz) sippi bottle he drinks from all day filled with water, he doesnt like juices

    hope this helps i know its late but maybe other mums will use it

  90. Diane

    Here is my DD schedule..

    9 – 9:30 Wake up 7 oz formula

    10:30 2-3 oz formula mixed with cereal

    11:30 – 12 Nap 1-2 hours

    2:00 7 oz formula

    4:30 – 5 Yobaby yogurt Or juice and rice rusk

    7:30 – 8 home made veggie puree + cheese

    9 – 9:30 Bed time 7 oz formula

    Sometimes she wakes up at 6 am! I give her 7 oz formula and she goes back to sleep.

  91. Becca

    my 10 month olds feeding:
    7.30 wakes up

    8.00 breakfust plus 1 round of toast cut up

    9.00 5-6 onz milk

    11-12 nap

    12.30-1 beans/spaghetti on toast or 3stage jars of food and a pudding with juice in juice cup

    2-4 plays and snacks on fruit or any other finger foods

    5-6 food and 6-7 onz bottle of milk

    8.00 bath

    8.30 bottle of milk then bed

    my son seems to sleep well and i dont feed him half as much as some of the comments iv read and he is also healthy. if he looks a bit peckish or im eating ill give him a rusk with juice..

  92. Gisela

    8am: wakes up

    9am: 6 oz. formula *she wants to play when she wakes, then lets me know when she wants her sippy cup*

    10-10:30am: a few tbls. oatmeal, whole wheat, barley, or mixed grain cereal mixed with a bit of formula and 1 jar stage 2 fruit. Small piece of fruit (1 lg. strawberry, etc.)

    11:30am-12:30pm: 6 oz. formula in sippy cup. She naps for approximately 30 mins. during this time frame.

    1-1:30pm: Either 1 jar stage 3 veggie and meat, or veggie, or the Gerber meals for toddlers. Also, 1 small pc. fruit.

    4pm: 6 oz. formula in cup. She naps around this time.

    5:30pm: 1 jar stage 3 “dinner”

    6pm: Various table foods: green beans, peas, squash, small pcs. of meat, etc.

    8:30pm: Bath, followed by rub down with lavender lotion

    9pm: 6 oz. formula and she’s down for the night.

    For the duration of her play periods I have a bowl with a suction cup base on the coffee table. I keep the bowl filled with the yogurt bites, lil’ crunchies, or even small pieces of fruit, like either a whole strawberry, or, if she is especially active, I will break the strawberry into pieces for her.

    When her teeth are bothering her, I give her frozen fruit, like peach slices, etc. When she didn’t have as many teeth (around 5-6 mos.), I would give her the frozen fruit in this “thing” that had a mesh bag for the fruit and a hard plastic base with a ring to make it easy to hold. That was when she found out that she loved strawberries.

  93. sleepy

    My feeding schedule mimics alot of yours but does anyone else still have a problem nursing throught the night? I don’t know if it because she’s getting her molars but she doesnt eat as much in the day and wants to nurse more through the night. Needless to say shes up every 3-4 hrs again. Was sleeping no problem until a month ago.

  94. Hellie5

    I notice from the previous comments how everyone feeds their babies from jars.
    We tried this between 4 and 6 months, but really now we are happier to prepare fresh ingredients and not use convenience foods.

  95. Lilly

    Our 10 month old girl has the following schedule:

    7:00- wakes up and has 8oz bottle of formula

    9:00- has iron fortified cereal

    11:00- 1-2 oz juice diluted with water or just water.

    12:00- Jar of stage 2 baby food and some small pieces of whole wheat bread and if she is still hungry then 1/2 jar of fruit.

    1:00- 8oz formula plus 2 hour nap

    3:30- 1- 2oz water in sippy cup plus some cheerios

    5:30- Dinner: jar of baby food and some finger foods, pasta, rice, bread, cheese etc.

    7:00- 8 oz bottle of formula
    bathtime, quiet play and then to bed

    She will sometimes wake up at 11:00pm for another 6oz feed but this has been decreasing since her solid food is increasing.
    Hope this helps!

  96. Cadens mommy

    10 month old feeding schedule =]

    7:30-wakes up.

    8am- yobaby yogurt or 1/2 jar of stage 3 fruit mixed with gerber oatmeal.

    8:30- 8oz bottle of formula

    10am-snack (gerber puffs, baby crackers, finger foods) & sippy cup with water.

    12(noon)-lunch, stage 2 or 3 veggie.


    2pm-8oz bottle of formula

    4pm-snack & sippy with water.

    6pm-stage 2 or 3 jarred babyfood (meat)

    8pm-8oz bottle of formula.

    9:30pm-bed time

  97. Toni

    Feeding Schedule for my almost 10 month old baby:

    7:30 wakes up 5oz milk
    8:00 cereal mixed with fruit or cheerios and cup of water
    9:00 – 10 sometimes 11am Nap
    12:00 Meat/veg for lunch with cup of water;finish up with a cup of fruit
    2:00 7oz milk
    2:30-4 nap
    4:00 snack (yogurt melts, crackers, with cup of water
    5:00 7oz milk
    6:30 Dinner (meat and veg, cup of fruit with a cup of water)
    7:30 Bath time
    8:00 Bedtime 7oz milk

  98. Amber

    my baby (9 1/2 month old) wakes up at 8 and gets an 7oz bottle, at 10 she had an egg and 1 slice of toast.
    She has an nap at 12, at 2:30 she has a jar of food stage 2 (lumpy one) and a drink of juice.
    At 3 she has a yogurt.
    At 6 she has a chicken burger, cut up (not the bun).
    She has a bath at 7:30 and a 7 oz bottle after it and fast asleep at8.
    My health nurse told me that at this time babies should be only drinkin 2 bottles and by one she should be off bottles completely and only be drinkin from sippy cups.

  99. Bea

    My 11-month-old’s meal schedule:

    5:00 am wakes up – Breastfeed
    5:30- 7:30 goes back to sleep
    8:00 Breakfast- oatmeal/fruit puree/banana chunks
    9:30 4oz bottle of formula
    10:00- 11:00 nap
    12:00 Lunch- 3rd food veggie/meat and cheese peices/sippy of juice or water
    2:00 bottle of formula
    2:30- 3:30 nap
    3:30 snack of puffs or yogurt and juice/water
    5:30 dinner- whatever we have and a veggie or fruit puree, sippy of water
    8:00 breastfeed/ bed

    I am slowly weaning from breast to bottle so I plan to transition to bottle and sippy completly in next couple of weeks. At a year I will transition to sippy completly.

  100. Michelle R

    My baby is 9 month old and here’s her eating habit:

    6.30am breastfed then back to sleep
    8.30am weetabix or banana porrige
    11am pureed fruit + breastfed
    11.30 nap
    12.00-1.30 play/walk
    1.30 chicken, noodles and veg blended or
    pork, rice and veg blended or any stage 2 jar
    4.30 breastfed + nap
    6.00 a blended dish of meat, carb and veg (big fan of sweet potato and pasta based dishes)
    7.00 3 rice cakes
    8.00 pureed fruit organix pot
    followed by bath, book and cuddle
    9.00 breastfed and bed.

  101. alice89

    Here is my son’s schedule.

    7:30am wake up

    8:00am 2oz formula mixed with 1/4 oatmeal, with 1/2 of a stage 2 fruit mixed in; if he eats all of it I’ll offer the rest of the fruit package; offer water

    9:00am nap (1 – 2 hours)

    12:00pm 4-6oz formula and stage 2 veggie; sometimes 1/2 of stage 2 fruit also; offer water

    1:30pm nap (1 – 3 hours)

    4:00pm 4-6oz formula and stage 2 fruit; sometimes 1-2 oz oatmeal also; offer water

    5:30pm nap (until 7:00pm)

    8:15pm 4-6oz formula, stage 2 dinner (meat and veggie mixed), a little of what ever we’re eating for dinner, and sometimes 1-2 oz of oatmeal; offer water

    8:45pm – 9:30pm bedtime – whenever he’s ready

    We give him finger foods and water between meals to munch on such as puffs, yogurt melts, cracker wheels, steamed carrots, sliced bananas. He prefers water and doesn’t have any interest in juice. He thinks any cup with handles is meant for play and doesn’t like the sippy cups. He’s been able to drink from a straw since about 5-6 months so he prefers the straw cups instead.

    He is 10 months and 2 weeks; 23 lbs 5 oz; 33.5 inches

  102. Kim

    We have been trying to fatten her up and I think we over succeeded so I was glad to see the comments here so we can adjust what she is eating etc because 2 1/2 lbs in two weeks is a ridiculous amount of weight to have just gained. So I think we are going to back off a bit and work towards coming up with a good pattern, seems like most you guys are doing what I would expect to be normal. Glad I found this information.

  103. Amzy

    i feel like my daughters schedule works great for me because i work late so for all you servers who work late in the evening this may help out:

    10:30 am – wake up
    10:45 am – breakfast (oatmeal or rice cereal with fruit mixed in and a 6oz bottle of formula)
    2 pm – an entree (stage 2 or 3) of babyfood and a 7oz bottle
    7 pm – stage 2 jar veggie and fruit and some juice in sippy cup
    10 pm – 7-8oz bottle then bed
    i lay her down, turn on her lullaby cd and leave the room and shes out within minutes!
    thats the main layout of the schedule. of course we have a snack or 2 during the day like the gerber graduates puffs or biter biscuits or dan nino yogurt and she naps when shes ready to nap but its normally no more than once a day and sometimes its only for a few minutes but when she goes to bed she SLEEPS! i don’t hear a peep till around 10:30 or 11am its great!

  104. anah

    To the lady that posted a comment about her infant not drinking from a sippy cup. I have the same problem and presently have sitting in my kitchen cupboard 8 differant styles none of which my son will drink out of. I now give him water from a normal cup (with a tea towel held under his chin) and he prefers that to any of the cups. The worst part of that is he won’t be able to give himself a drink for a while yet but at least it works. Had no success with the sippy cups at all this time.

    Also, to the lady that asked how to bring her daughters bedtime back so she wasn;t going to bed so late. I had the same problem and I bought off a Lights & Sounds Mobile. Has worked a treat. He knows now that when it is on it means sleep time. It has 3min ,5min or 10 min run time and self activates with movement through the night so if he wakes it starts up and sends him back to sleep. Wish I had of had it from his birth. Hope this helps.

  105. Iris

    Prepare your kids some real homemade foods, it doesn’t even take that long to make it and it’s 100% better & healthier. They need to be chewing by now. Give them some REAL FOOD because that is what they need!

  106. Alice

    7-7:30 wakes up

    8 6 oz formula

    9-9:30 2 spoons of oatmeal with 1/2-1 stage 2 fruit

    10 nap, usually for about an hour

    12 6 oz formula

    1 yobaby yogurt with some cherrios, or slice of cheese with fruit or veggies, if i’m out she’ll have pizza

    1-3 plays

    3-4 nap

    4 6 oz formula

    6 dinner, usually chicken and vegtables

    8 6 oz formula and sleep

  107. pam

    Trying to transition to less bottles and more table food…

    Wakes at 7am has 8oz formula
    sometimes goes back to sleep for 1hour (not always)
    9am 5tbls cereal 6 tbls fruit water in sippy
    11am 5oz formula with 1/2 banana or some kind of fruit
    naps 11:30-12:30/1:00
    1:00 3tbls meat/veggie/fruit (each) water in sippy
    3pm 5oz formula with cheese & crackers or some kind of snack and 3 tbsp fruit
    5pm dinner usually same as lunch with some of what we are having
    7pm snack of yogurt with fruit and puffs or cheerios
    7:30-8pm bath, 8oz bottle and sometimes book depends if he can stay awake…

  108. Naomi

    9 1/3 month feeding schedule:

    6:30-Wakes Up
    6:30-8 oz formula
    8:30-? takes a nap
    9:30-jar of baby food-Stage 2 and some snacks
    12:30-8 oz formula
    3:30 jar of baby food-Stage 2 and some snacks
    4:00-? takes a nap
    5:30-Oatmel with about 2tablespoons of formula and some snacks
    7:30-8 oz formula
    Bedtime: after she finishes her bottle

  109. Sanna

    I agree with the lady saying to feed your babies real food. Habits start from now. It’s easy to make fresh food (freeze it) or if you cook wholesome meals for yourselves, just don’t add the salt until your remove some for your baby.
    As for schedules, babies should not be going to bed at 10pm. One day when they need to go to daycare or school, it’ll be hard to transition.
    We got to think, what we teach them today they will be tomorrow.

    Good luck.

  110. Marlene

    I worked at a daycare for 12 years and this is the schedule a lot of children are on at this age along with my litte one:
    6:15 wake her(have to to go to work)
    7:00 4oz formula
    7;30 breakfast(waffle,pancakes,toast,oatmael,french toast)
    8:30ish Nap
    9:30 Snack(cookies,fruit,hulless popcorn,goldfish,etc.
    11:00 4oz bottle
    11:30 Lunch she is on all table food Usually leftovers or i prepare things at night for her for lunch
    1:30ish Nap
    2:45 usually up then 4oz bottle and snack
    5;30/6:00 Dinner eats whatever we are eating always has all the food groups
    6:45 Bath
    7:00 Story/4oz bottle/bed
    Sleeps all night!!!
    I started mixing her formula with whole milk… She gets her sippy cup of water at every meal, She loves water!!!

  111. Natalie

    I know the babies thrive on schedules, and I guess we “sort of” have one, here’s a rough estimate of how our day goes:

    10:30am- wake up
    11:00am- breakfast of cheerios, sippy of water, and fruit (papaya, banana, melon, apple) chopped into small bites or yo-baby yogurt
    12:00- nap time
    2:00- 6 ounces formula, green peas, small cheese bites, puffs or a piece of bread
    4:30pm another bottle of 6 oz and sometimes a nap
    6:30pm another “meal” in the high chair consisting of a little of whatever we are eating, usually basmati rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies or fruit cut up, sometimes I spoon feed applesauce

    She goes back down to sleep (and sleeps well through the night) around 9:30-10:00pm. I am wondering if anyone has tips for transitioning the schedule so she starts going to sleep earlier? Also, we’re not doing SO great with the sippy cup thing, she can’t figure out she needs to tip it. Any tips for weaning off bottle? I’ve bought several different types of cups, the latest being a soft spout one, which has worked better than the others.

    1. erica

      Sippy cup problems..!!
      my daughter wouldn’t drink from a sippy cup and I was doing the same her water from a regular cup, but I wanted her to learn to use the sippy cup. I noticed that the main problem was that she was getting frustrated because she couldn’t get the liquid out of the sippy, so I decided to remove the valve from the lid. She drank like that for a week and then I put the valve back and she didn’t even noticed…so now she loves her sippy cup.

  112. Amy

    My baby is almost 10 month old

    7:00 Wake up; 5 oz. bottle formula
    7:15-8:15 Play
    8:15-9:15 Nap
    9:15 Cherrios & One Stage 2 jar of a cereal/fruit mix (Beechnut has Good Morning mixes, which are awesome)
    9:40-11:00 Play
    11:00 4 oz. bottle formula
    11:15-11:45 Play
    11:45-1:00 Nap
    1:00 Applesauce/Yo Baby Yogurt, whole grain bread, and fruit puffs or Gold Fish
    1:30-2:30 Play
    2:30 4 oz. bottle formula
    2:45-4:00 Play
    4:00-5:00 Nap
    5:00 Veggie (usually carrots or peas), cheese or grilled cheese piece, turkey or ham pieces
    5:30-7:00 Play
    7:00 5 oz. bottle formula
    7:15 Bed

  113. Grandma Noni

    Wake 7am – 8 oz formula
    7.30 – baby cereal with fresh fruit puree
    9.00 – sleep
    10.30 – awake – fun,play,sterile water drink from bottle 11.30
    12.00 – prepared veg with either fish.chicken,cheese (pureed,)Yoghurt/fruit plus water drink from bottle
    1.00 – sleep
    2.30 – awake/8oz formula
    5.00 – veg/fruit/carbohydrate very finely chopped
    6.00 – bath
    6.30 – 8 oz formula
    7.00 – bed

    It works for my grandchildren, both whom I have had a significant input to. Now 11 months using family food (blending some plus chopping much – at this age they need the chewing action to develop healthy gums and chewing is all part of language development) they thrive. Both girls have been/are being challenged with chewing – it is essential for the structural development of muscles in the mouth.

  114. Crystal

    My daughter is 10 months today! She wakes up around 8:30
    8:30- eats 4-5 tbsp rice cereal mixed with 3 oz formula and then has 2 oz left in bottle
    10:00- nap
    12:30- eats 1/2 jar of 3rd foods veggie & 1 full jar of 2nd foods fruit & juice
    3:30- 6oz bottle
    6:30-eats 1/2 jar of 3rd foods veggie & 1 full jar of 2nd foods fruit & juice
    9-9:30- eats 4-5 tbsp rice cereal mixed with 3 oz formula and then has 2 oz left in bottle
    9:30- bed

    She also eats gerber puffs for snacks

  115. Tine

    10 month old schedule:

    7:00 Wakes up

    8:00 6 oz. formula+oatmeal cereal + fruit

    9:30 nap (if I’m lucky)

    12:00 6 oz. formula + vegetables

    2:00 nap

    3:30 2-3 oz. juice and snack

    5:30 6 oz. formula + rice cereal+fruit +veggie

    7:00 bath

    7:30 6 oz formula, book, then bed

  116. May

    10 month old girl
    by: Anonymous

    7am – wakes, plays and reads books in crib
    7:30 – breast feeds
    7:45 – eats oatmeal, prunes, bananas and pears, sippy cup with water offered after meal with puff cookie
    9:00 – nap
    10:30 – wakes
    11:30 – breast feeds
    12:00 – eats 2 stage chicken, veggies and fruit, sippy cup with water offered after meal with puff cookie
    1:00 – nap
    3:00 – wakes
    3:30 – breast feeds
    5:00 – nap
    7:00 – wakes and eats veggie and rice
    9:00 – breast feeds and goes to sleep

  117. Brandy

    Feeding for my 10 months old:

    8am Wake up Eat Rice Cereal with stage 3 fruits and 6 oz formula in sippy

    830-1030 plays

    11am 6oz formula in sippy + rice puffs

    1130- 130 naps

    2pm half banana stage 3 veg only half jar and 4oz of juice

    230-430 naps

    5pm 6 oz of formul;a in sippy with cut up pieces of cheese

    530-730 plays bath what ever

    8pm stage 3 dinner half jar with 6 oz formula in sippy

    9 pm Bed time

  118. gail

    7:00 – Wakes up, takes water from a sippy cup

    8:00 – Breakfast: cereal and pureed fruit
    8:30 – Formula 7-8oz

    9:30 – Nap

    11:00 – Wakes

    12:30 – Lunch: meat with veggies, fruit
    1:00 – Formula 7-8oz

    3:00 – Nap

    4:30 – Wakes

    5:00 – Super: meat with veggies, vegetables
    5:30 – Formula 7-8oz

    7:00 – Bath or wash up for bed

    7:30 – Formula 7-8oz
    8:00 – night-night

  119. Linda

    wow i really find my 9 1/2 month old’s schedule differs from a lot of these! but it seems to work well for him and has been for the last 3 months… it also works out good for me… i dont understand how it’s possible to get errands done in the after noon with a lunch time at 1pm… neways here’s my 9 1/2 month old’s schedule……….

    6:30-7:00 – wake up/breakfest (cereal)
    9:00 – Formula (7-8 oz)
    9:30-11:00- Nap
    11:30 – Lunch (veggie, fingerfood) and Formula (4 oz)
    1:30 – Formula (7-8 oz)
    2:00-3:30 – Nap
    3:30 – Snack (fingerfood) and Juice
    5:30 – Dinner (Meat & Veggie mixed with cereal and Fruit for dessert)
    6:00 – Bath
    6:50 – Formula (7-8 oz)
    7:00 – Bedtime

    i know he has a bottle before his naps and nitetime but i also have no prob putting him down with out one when i have to

  120. Teagan’s mom

    Feeding schedule for my 10 month old:

    5:00-5:30am – Wakes up
    5:30-6:00am – Breastfeeds (as much as he wants)
    7:00-9:30am – Plays and/or Naps
    9:30-10:00am – Breakfast : 1 container of
    Fruit/Ceral w/DHA (2nd Foods) & 6oz
    of Formula
    10:30-1:30pm – Plays and/or Naps
    ***Snack offered~ puffs and sippy
    cup of juice***
    1:30-2:00pm – Lunch: 1 container of Veggies
    (2nd Foods) and Fruit (2nd Foods)
    6 oz of Formula
    2:00-6:00pm – Plays and/or Naps
    ***Snack offered~ puffs and sippy
    cup of juice***
    6:00-7:00pm – Dinner: 1 container of Veggie/Meat
    (2nd Foods) and 1 Fruit (2nd Foods)
    Sippy cup of juice (offered)
    Bath Time (3 days/week)
    7:00-7:30pm – Breastfeeds, book, cuddle time and
    off to bed!

  121. Piper

    Wakes up 6-7am
    Eats at 7ish
    4tbl.sp cereal mixed w/2oz formula
    about 1 jar of fruit
    2 oz formula to drink

    9am Snack finger foods water

    10am naps until almost Noon
    12am Lunch 2 jars Veggies/baby food
    4 oz formula to drink

    2pm 5 oz formula to drink
    Naps around 3 until 4ish

    Dinner at 6pm
    Jar of Meat type babyfood
    4 oz to drink

    8pm 4 oz to drink and then bed

  122. Petra

    Wakes at 6am, has 6 oz formula bottle. Goes back to sleep until about 7:15am.
    8:30 am has 1/2 jar of stage 3 fruit and 3TBS oatmeal cereal and handful of cheerios
    10:15am 6 oz bottle, goes down for a nap for about 1 hr
    1pm 1/2 jar of veggies/meat stage 3, 1/2 cup of yogurt or 1/2 cheese stick, handful of cheerios
    3:30pm 6 oz bottle, goes down for an 1hr to 1.5hr nap
    6pm, dinner 1/2 jar of stage 3 veggie/meat, 1/4 cup chopped up fruit (pears, cantalope, banana), handful of cheerios
    7pm bath
    7:30pm, 6 oz bottle, goes to bed

  123. Bettina

    I recommend the following schedule for all babies with the amounts varying depending on your child’s weight, size, and appetite (every babies needs are different, but this schedule should work til they are 18mo old)

    7am Wake up

    7:15-7:30am Breakfast:
    No bottle or pre-nursing; start off with 4-5 ounces of formula or breastmilk mixed with oatmeal/rice cereal to your satisfied texture
    with 2oz fruit for flavor (try to use water in sippy to rinse down)

    9:30-11:15 MORNING NAPTIME

    11:15-11:30 SNACK TIME
    however many oz formula/breastmilk your baby desires (they will know when they are full and you’ll be feeding solids soon so they won’t
    be starving if it’s not as much as you think they should want)

    1pm Lunch:
    start with an entree (4-5oz of meat/veggies; finger foods) and rinse with water in a sippee, then finish with fruit (maybe 2oz) but
    baby should start to slow down or stop when full (they know better than us)


    however many oz formula/breastmilk your baby desires (they will know when they are full and you’ll be feeding solids soon so they won’t
    be starving if it’s not as much as you think they should want)

    6pm Dinner:
    start with an entree (4-5oz of meat/veggies; finger foods) and rinse with water in a sippee, then finish with fruit (maybe 2oz) but
    baby should start to slow down or stop when full (they know better than us)

    6:30-7 Bathe, pj’s, breastmilk/formula, book, bedtime (I recommend their bottle and then book because it will condition the baby to go to bed after the book is read and not the bottle making it easier to cut the bottle feed out completely at 1 year when they can drink milk with their dinner)

    I have twins now that are 2 and 2 mo old and another set due in 2 1/2 weeks; I swear by this schedule and used it from 6mo to 18mo and it worked like a charm — at 18mo we slowly weaned them to 1 afternoon nap a day and then recently they quit taking naps altogether this past week on their own)

  124. Andrea

    6-7 – wakes up
    7.30 – wheatabix/porrige with 5oz formula and cup of 6 oz formula
    12 – lunch of meat and veg then a yogurt or fruit pot with water
    5pm – dinner of meat, fish or pasta and veg then youhurt or fruit pot with water
    7pm- bath
    7.30pm – bed

    My baby doesn’t really like to drink milk so I offer her water throughout the day and before bed

  125. Tami

    6:30-7:00am Wake up

    8:00am 3tbs. oatmeal and stage 2 fruit
    6oz. bottle 1/2 mixed with oatmeal

    10:30-12:30 Nap

    1:00pm stage 2 fruit and stage 2 veggie
    6oz. bottle

    2:30-3:30pm Nap

    4:00pm handful of puffs and 4oz. juice

    6:30pm baby food meat and stage 2 veggie
    6oz. bottle

    7:30pm Bath

    8:00pm 4oz. bottle

    8:30pm Bedtime

  126. Casey

    Matilda wakes up 7:30/8:00 she has a bowl of porridge and a drink of juice, 12:00 she has dinner with a fruit pudding and a drink of juice, then a snack of diced fruit or rice cakes. 5:00 tea with a milky pudding and a drink, Bath at 7:00 bottle at 7:30 then bed.

  127. LD

    My nephew is 10 months old and his mother just told me that she still breastfeeds him ever few hours at night! Is this normal??? Should a 10 month old be eating every 3 1/2 – 4 hours around the clock?

  128. Stephanie

    Here’s our 10 month old “schedule”. Days can vary but pretty much goes like this:

    730am – Wake up/play

    745-8am- 8 oz bottle

    9-930am- usually one piece toast and bananna cut up or cereal with blueberries

    10am-12pm – Nap

    1230pm- lunch is usually cheese cubes with either eggs or cut up chicken/turkey/tuna and either orange or apple cut up

    1-130pm – 6 oz bottle

    230-430pm – Nap, yogurt when wakes up

    5-6pm- veggies cut up and either pasta or chicken

    7pm bath

    730pm 8 oz bottle and bedtime! :)

  129. Amy

    My 10 mo. old’s schedule:

    7:30 Wakes up, breakfast of baby oatmeal and 1 jar of fruit

    10:00 – 11ish Nap, then 8oz. formula in bottle when she gets up

    12:30 Lunch – meats/veggies table food and baby food

    2:30 8 oz. formula (try this one in a cup, but she doesn’t take it very well from a cup yet)

    3 – 4ish Nap

    5:00 Dinner – meats/veggies/fruit table food and baby food

    7:30/8:00 8 oz. formula in bottle, goes to bed

    I would like to transition to MORE table food and no bottles, but it isn’t going well so far. I think I need to just trust that she will still get enough to eat even if she cuts back and won’t eat as much if I quit bottles and baby food.

  130. Stacie

    Our baby is 10 months old (today!); her ‘schedule’ (which does vary slightly):
    – wakes up at 5am for 7-8 oz bottle and goes back to sleep (90% of the time)
    – wakes up again at 6:30-7 am for 6 oz bottle
    – plays a bit and then has breakfast 7:30 am (oatmeal, other mixed cereals, pureed fruit mixed with yoghurt, sometimes cheese, toast and cream cheese)
    – has another bottle (6-8 oz) and sometimes takes a nap around 9:30 am for 30 min.
    – has lunch at 11:30- noon (mostly finger foods (cheese, meats, some pureed veg, rice crisps))
    – sometimes has a bottle (6-8 oz) at 1pm and goes for a nap (1 hour, if I’m lucky)
    – has a snack around 3 pm (finger foods – bread, veg/fruits, cottage cheese, cheerios)
    – has supper between 4:30pm-5:30 pm (finger foods – pasta, cheese, meat – we give her some of our supper, if she likes it!)
    – 6:30 pm – bath, stories and another bottle (6-8 oz) before going to bed between 7-7:30pm
    (She doesn’t really like many vegs or fruits as ‘finger’ foods yet…)

  131. Shena

    My daughter is actually 9 1/2 months but here is her schedule:

    8am-7 oz bottle
    10am-1 jar baby food mixed with cereal
    12pm-7 oz bottle
    4pm-7 oz bottle
    5:30pm-1 jar baby food
    7:30/8pm-8 oz bottle
    by 8:30pm-bedtime

    She just really started taking baby food though so that’s why she’s not on whole lot.

  132. Gina

    8:00 Wake-up
    (she does not like to eat as soon as she gets up)
    8:30/8:45 Breckfast–Cereal 3Tbls W/7Tbls formula
    11:00 4oz.formula
    11:00 Nap–till 12:00
    1:30 Lunch–Stage2 Mac&Cheese(Gerber)& baby fruit
    2:30 Nap–till 5:00
    5:30 Dinner– any type of meat(full jar,gerber stage2),vegi(full jar,stage2),fruit(full jar,stage2)
    8:00 7oz.formula
    9:00 Bedtime

    ****In between I give her puffs****
    I just started table food Pizza,Cheese,breadsticks,patato,carrots,pasta,
    small pices of meat(chicken,trukey)

    My doctor says I am doing great she is healthy
    and growing great.
    27in long