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baby has no teeth
Mom’s Question:
My baby has no teeth! He is 11 months old I see no signs at all of teeth yet. Not a sign of teething at all! Is this normal or something I should worry about?

Easy Baby Life:

Late Baby Teeth Eruption – Worrying if Baby Has No Teeth?

I can understand that you are a bit worried that your 11-month-old baby has no teeth yet.  Most babies do get their first tooth before 11 months old of age, but not all.

The most common age to get the first tooth is 6-10 months of age. You could probably say that it is somewhat late, but that really doesn’t mean much at all. Bring it up with your son’s health care provider at the next regular visit.

I know at least in some places, one usually get an appointment just to check that nothing is wrong with the teeth buds if the baby has not got his first tooth by his first birthday.

On the other hand, the recommendation by American Academy of Pediatrics is to see a dentist if none of your baby’s teeth have erupted at the age of 18 months. The dentist can then check to see that your child does have teeth and if there is something unusual preventing them from erupting.

Reasons for Late Teeth Eruption

There are some known reasons for delayed teeth eruption:

  • Gender (boys tend to be teething a bit later than girls),
  • Heredity (Teething late can run in families, so if any of you parents were late teethers, the same is likely for your children.)
  • Health issues, including cerebral palsy or anemia, prematurity, and low birth weight,
  • certain congenital syndromes, such as Down syndrome, can also cause delayed teething.

BUT at 11 months of age, there are still no reasons for concern at all even if your baby has no teeth!

In reality, the majority of the cases where babies being “late” with something, there is nothing wrong at all, they are just following their individual development path and it is we as parents that do way too much comparing with the neighbors’ kids, older siblings, or averages.

Hope this helps,

More About Teething

Hey all parents, anyone else who is or has been worried because your baby has no teeth? What did you do?

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Mar 29, 2017no tooth

by: Kylie

My son is also 11 months and he doesn’t have any tooth either but I still give him stuff to eat and my doctor say i must not worry about it will come in due time

Apr 28, 2017No Teeth
by: Tina
My daughter will be 11 months in a couple of days and has no teeth. Her doctor told me that they would come just to be patient. I guess just being a new mom i tend to worry about things anyway.

Apr 30, 2017What a relief!

by: Tiffiany

It a relief to know that I am not alone on this matter. My son is 11mths soon to be 1 years old in weeks, and NO TEETH. His doctor told me not to worry. After all my son walks, runs, talks, and reads. Not to mention eats EVERTHING… the cutest gummy bear ever.

Sep 05, 201711 months…no teeth

by: Anonymous

Wow! so pleased I saw these comments as my daughter is almost 11 months and has no teeth and not really sure if any close signs of any! my eldest daughter got her 1st tooth at 7 months so was a bit anxious that my youngest was ok! will give it a while longer then take her 2 docs of nothing happened as yet! but you guys have totally put my mind at ease! thank you!

Nov 23, 2017What a relief

by: Anonymous

Wow, its a great relief to learn that it is not only my son who is 11 months soon to be 1 year and with no teeth. I was real worried though his doctor said not to worry but reading all this is actually comforting

Jan 09, 2018Just Popped

by: Melissa N Skyla-Rose

Your child’s not the only one out there. My daughter turn’s 1 on January 22, 2013 and her first tooth only just popped through on Christmas morning of 2017

Jan 25, 201811 month old daughter…no teeth at all

by: Anonymous

My daughter will be 1 on feb 6 and she has no teeth at all, but she’s my third and I have nothing to worry about. She is a great eater. Like all the comments i’ve read they will come when their ready, good luck to all those first time mamas!!!!

Oct 09, 2018MY 11 month 3 weeks sond no teeth and he dosent Walk
by: Anonymous
My son will be 1 in 6 days and he doesn’t have teeth and he doesn’t walk, he only standsup and holding. I am worried as he is not developing anything

Oct 10, 2018Normal with no teeth and not walking at 1 year
by: Paula (EasyBabyLife)
Not having any teeth at 1 year is a bit late, but certainly within the normal range. Your baby’s doctor can look at his gums at his next health care visit, but most likely there are no reasons at1-year-oldrry. Often, one or both parents got their teeth late when a baby does. Check with your own parents if they can remember.

Regarding his walking; it is not late to not walk a 1 year old. Most babies start walking at around 13-15 months, but later than that is also normal. Check out our baby walking poll here. Among the parents answering, 40% of the babies started walking at 1 year old or later.

So please don’t worry, your baby is completely normal. Spend as much time as you can playing with your baby, that is a great way to help his development. You can read more about 12 month milestones an games to play here.

Warm wishes,


Jan 20, 2019teeth

by: Anonymous

My oldest son was walking and had no teeth. I wish that was the only concern I had about my grandson. When his teeth start to come they will pop out one right after the other. He will end up with a beautiful set of teeth , trust me you are blessed.

Mar 28, 2019Teeth

by: Anonymous

I was 1 before I got any teeth and I have normal teeth now and this didn’t affect my eating in any way. Both my children so far were later tethers being 10 months before any appeared an my husband was 6 months!!

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  1. Kimi

    My daughter is 11 months today and no teeth yet! Seems pretty normal. Glad to see she’s not the only one. Thanks for easing my worries Mamas!