Most babies start walking when between 8 and 20 months old. Participate in our baby walking poll and learn when other babies learned to walk!

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Do you remember when your baby took his very first steps? It is a magical moment for sure!

The baby walking polls below are about both the very first steps and when your baby actually learned to walk. It is, of course, subjective what walking is, but let’s say it is when your baby starts to choose to walk rather than to crawl to actually get somewhere further away than just a few steps.

A lot of babies take their first steps at around 9 to 12 months old, but actual walking begins at around 14 or 15 months for the average baby. But there are great variations. Some really walk already at 10 months old; others wait until they are 17 or 18 months old or even more.

How do Babies Learn to Walk?

Babies and toddlers don’t just start to walk one day. There are several steps and milestones that babies tend to go through before they take their actual first steps.

1. Tummy time!

The very first walking milestones are achieved through tummy time! During the tummy time, babies’ necks and backs are strengthened, and their head control increases. In addition, tummy time is important for learning to roll over and eventually sit up. If your baby hates tummy time, check out the tips in this post.

2. Crawling.

At some point, your baby starts to move around, usually by some variation of crawling. (Check out our crawling poll here!) When crawling is mastered, the baby will start pulling themselves up to standing, followed by cruising.

3. Cruising

When your baby starts cruising while holding on to furniture, walking is usually near! First, of course, your baby will pull themselves up to standing and start talking a step or two while holding onto something. But when the cruising is done with more confidence, the first independent steps are near!

4. First steps.

Once your baby has taken their first steps, it is only a matter of time before they start walking. Time can, however, vary. Some babies start walking very quickly, while others prefer to cruise or crawl for quite some time. My oldest son took his first steps quite early but continued to crawl when he needed speed until he was 20 months old!

5. Walking!

Eventually, your baby will really start to walk. The run! Many 18-month-old toddlers seem to be unable to walk – they just run! :-) Your baby or toddler will also start climbing stairs and chairs. This is an intense period when you really have to baby-proof your home and never leave your little one alone.

Exhaustive but fun!

Baby Walking Milestones on Video

Here is a great video that shows a baby’s milestones for learning to walk. And below it, you’ll find the baby walking polls!

10 Stages of Walking | Series of Milestones baby needs to achieve to take FIRST BIG STEP!

Baby Walking Polls

Now, let’s check out the baby walking polls! As I wrote earlier, we have two of them; one for your baby’s first steps and one for when your baby learned to walk.

When did your baby learn to walk? Vote below! Share your experience and learn about others’ situations. One vote for each child or yours! :-)

When Did Your Baby Take His or Her First Step?

When Did Your Baby Learn To Walk?

Any surprises from the baby walking polls? When did your toddler or baby learn to walk? Comment with your thoughts below! :-)

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