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baby walking pollDo you remember when your baby took his very first steps? It is a magical moment for sure!
The polls beloware about both the very first steps and about actually starting to when your baby actually started walking. It is of course subjective what walking is, but let’s say it is when your baby starts to chose to walk rather than to crawl to actually get somewhere further away than just a few steps.

A lot of babies take their first steps at around 9 to 12 months old, but actual walking begins at around 14 or 15 months for the average baby. But there are great variations. Some really walk already at 10 months old; other wait intil they are 17 or 18 months old or even more.

When did your baby start to walk? Vote below! Share your experience and learn about others’ situation.

Cast a for each of your children.

When Did Your Baby Take His or Her First Step

When Did Your Baby Actually Start To Walk

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