Crawling babies are so cute. From the very first uncertain, unbalanced “steps” to lightning-fast crawling. Some babies love crawling so much that they seem never to want to learn how to walk.

Here are two baby crawling polls where parents report when their babies started to crawl and by which style. Hands and knees are definitely not for all babies!

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Many babies start crawling at some point between 6 months and 10 months old. But there are variations, of course! And since we all started to put our babies to sleep on their backs, the tendency is for crawling to start somewhat later. It simply takes longer for their neck and back muscles to get strong enough for crawling.

Some babies never crawl, or they first learn how to walk and then start crawling when they want to. Many babies also use other innovative methods of scooting around, such as on the tummy like a little soldier, on their feet and hands, backward by pushing with their hands, with one foot and the other knee touching the floor, or simply rolling around.

Many babies, however, do start with the traditional knees and hands crawling style at some point.

You’ll find two baby crawling polls below. The first one is about when your baby started to crawl. And if your baby has chosen another way of moving around, such as bottom shuffling (scooting around on his bottom, using a hand behind and a foot in front to propel himself) or slithering on his stomach like a little soldier, that counts too! The second is about which crawling style your baby uses.

You can also watch a super cute video with different crawling styles below the polls!

Have fun voting and learning about other babies’ methods to move forward (or backward…) This is purely just for fun and curiosity. Remember that each baby has the right to his or her development pace – there are no winners or losers here!

Cast one vote for each of your children!

When Did Your Baby Start To Crawl?

Which Crawling Style Does Your Baby Use?

Isn’t it wonderful with all the different crawling styles? Anything that surprised you?

Check the video here for a glimpse of many different crawling styles. Super cute!

Stages of Crawling (Newbie to Pro in 1 Min)

You’ll find more polls here if you want!

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