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My 8 month old is teething, and he seems to eat less. He just got his first tooth. I have noticed lately his eating habits have deteriorated very much. He will always take a bottle but at breakfast, lunch and dinner he will only take a couple spoonfuls of baby food. Should I be worried or is his mouth just sore from teething??

Baby Help Line:

Babies’ Eating Habits While Teething

I don’t think you have to worry. Your son’s poor appetite may very well have to do with the teething or it is just a variation that no one will ever find the reason for. If he is on his way to get ill, you’ll know within a couple of days.

Children’s appetite varies a lot between days, weeks, and months and it is very easy to start worrying. When my kids get into periods like that I usually wait a couple of weeks, then I take them to their health care provider for an extra weighing. Usually, they have continued to gain weight and my worries were completely unnecessary. If not, you get a chance to discuss it with an experienced person who has met your baby.

So, unless your baby seems to be ill, don’t worry. You can always add an extra teaspoon of fat (butter or oil) to his meals. (Read about making your own baby food here.)

And do visit a doctor if your baby seems to lose weight or is in poor condition some other way.

If you want to learn more about childrens’ eating habits, read about what research says here.

Hope this helps!


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Dec 07, 2013 you’re not alone
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say that my baby girl does this every time she is getting a new tooth. She tends to start eating more by about a week after the tooth breaks the surface. I figure it just makes her feel crumby and she doesnt want to eat. I tend to nurse her a bit more during this time and she gains fine.

Dec 10, 2013 Thank You
by: Kristen
Paula, I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your great advice. I have written in a couple times with questions and you are always so prompt with your response. As a new/first-time mom it’s so nice to have someone to ask all those little questions that come up. So again thank you!!

Dec 11, 2013 You’re most welcome!
by: Paula
Thank you, Kristen!

Being able to help new moms is really something I love! And I’m so glad you do feel that you are getting help. It really makes my work worthwhile.

As you may have noticed more and more other moms are also coming here to share their tips and experiences, making this Baby Help Line even better.

If you’d ever feel like paying it forward (maybe you already do…), consider contributing with a baby tip, a or your birth story. Much appreciated by the other moms here at Easy Baby Life.


Jan 18, 2014 Another baby on strike

by: 8 month old that refuses to eat or drink

I have an 8-month old that suddenly refuses to eat or drink. He took only 7 ounces of formula all day yesterday and refused his solids. Today, it has gotten worse – he will cry if we even get close to his high chair or hold a spoon in front of him…..

He was a great eater (@35oz per day of formula) up until he was hospitalized for croup in May. But he was still doing ok when he came home (@20-25oz per day of formula) and loved his solids. But over this past week, he has drastically and steadily went down from 25 oz to 16oz then to 7 yesterday….and today he started this crying whenever he sees his high chair and spoon. I have resorted to feeding him his formula when he is sleeping. Even then he will cry.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know….I’m desperate!!!


Jan 18, 2014 wont eat
by: Anonymous
My 8 month old baby girl won’t eat either. She takes about 4 onces of formula in a whole day, and a few sips of water, could someone please tell me what could be wrong, she is well below weight, its worrying me, would like your advice im a new mum, thanks

Jan 20, 2014 Eating Habits While Teething
by: candice
my baby girl is the same… She will have bottles no worrys but will not eat solids. She is nearly 8mnths and is teething….. Is there anything I can do??

Feb 11, 2014 Feeding is erratic
by: Anonymous
I really don’t think its too much to stress about.
My 6mo is teething with her first tooth – and she has dropped feeding too – sometimes only milk- sometimes only solids. But generally she is happy, smiling, her usual self.
I think their gums get extremely sensitive – and the could play a roll in their wanting to eat or feed.
Hope this helps!

Sep 28, 2014 mine too wouldnt eat
by: Anonymous
My 8-month-old is teething real bad. His gums are swollen, he used to take 26 Oz of milk one heavy solid breakfast and 2 snack one veggie and one fruit. Now it has dropped to 15 Oz, Half the breakfast and snack with lot of struggles and tears.

These are the things I am trying to get even this food in. Little bit cold food to sooth his gum. Even milk is room temp. Add a little sugar so he would eat his solid.

He is having a runny nose too because of teething, hence making him sleep with warm mist humidifier on, so his nose is open for him to drink couple of oz of milk while asleep.

Hopefully when he cuts his first tooth he will be back to his usual self.

Oct 08, 2014 solid foods refusal
by: Anonymous
My 8-month-old is refusing her solids too. She will drink her bottles with no problems buy when you try to feed her solids, she locks her lips. There are some days she will go thru a jar of food with no problems. Other its not at all. She is still chunky from formula and cereal mixed in. But it still worries me.

Nov 01, 2014 More tips on teething babies
by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)
Babies can really be in pain while teething – heartbreaking!

Here are tips and questions answered on baby teething:

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