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OK, so CDs may not be one of the best baby teething remedies in the world! But unless you provide your baby with alternatives, he/she will chew on just about anything. (Well, they probably will anyway because that’s how babies are.)

In this post, you’ll find some suggestions on how to help your teething baby ease the pain.

If you are uncertain whether your infant is actually teething, click here to learn about the most common teething symptoms.

Now check the teething relief tips. In my experience, a combination of real pain relief and distraction works the best.

Effective Teething Remedies for Babies

Something to bite on

If you don’t give your baby something to bite on, you can be sure that he’ll find something anyway. Babies tend to gnaw on everything when teething.

Some kind of teething toy can be very helpful. A rubber toy with a nice texture to chew on seems to be popular among babies.

Make sure that it has some parts that stick out, so your baby can easily put them in the mouth. Some teething toys are more round. My daughter had one of those, and she got furious when she couldn’t get it into her mouth properly.

When you buy one, make sure that it is safe to gnaw on and BPA-free. (Read more about BPA in baby bottles and toys here.)

Here are some examples of great teething toys: (Links to Amazon, where you can read their reviews too.)

Something cold

If you put the teething toy in the freezer for a while to make it really cold, it may improve even better relief for your baby.

You can also try putting an ice cube in a thin, clean towel and rub it against your baby’s gum, where the tooth is about to erupt. But don’t use just an ice cube since this could be a choking hazard. For the same reason don’t let your baby hold the towel and ice cube.

One mom I talked to, soaked part of a cloth and then put it in the freezer. Her baby, who woke up at night inconsolable, suck on the towel for a little while and then went back to sleep. Definitely worth trying!

Don’t soak a too big part of the towel, though, or your baby will become soaking wet when the water melts.

Older babies may also enjoy gnawing a frozen banana.

Something with flavor

Something really yummy (from your baby’s perspective), may also serve as a relief and comfort for a while. In addition to frozen bananas; teething biscuits or frozen waffles are some examples of teething remedies used by parents. (Just make sure they are sugar-free, preferably organic, and for young babies, gluten-free!)

Another healthy and most likely baby-yummy natural teething remedy is a breast milk or formula popsicle!

Get a pack of baby-adapted popsicle molds, and fill with breast milk or formula. You can even season the formula, like this mom did when she created formula shakes.

Frozen water melon is another option.

Pain relief medication

If nothing else helps, especially at night, it might be worth considering pain relief medication for your baby. Ibuprofen, for example, is harmless if used in the correct dose. Read the instructions carefully and ask your doctor or at the pharmacy.

You can also try a teething gel, like this one at Amazon. Personally, I don’t have a good experience with those – just a screaming baby and no true relief. I guess it tasted really bad, according to my baby. But, of course, it might work for your baby!

A home remedy I recently learned about is vanilla extract. Rubbing it against your baby’s gum is supposed to ease the pain a bit. Most types of vanilla extract contain alcohol, though, so be careful not to use it too much. Try dipping a Q-tip into the extract and rub your baby’s gums. There are also non-alcoholic vanilla extracts available, so you can try those too.

Another natural alternative to teething gel is peppermint teething oil.


Especially during daytime, your baby might need a bit more distraction than usual while teething. Playing alone might not work at all. Consider doing things that your baby really loves, such as going the playground, bathing or just playing together. Having fun definitely helps!

If you need inspiration on games to play with your baby, browse the these posts on baby development. The monthly development articles include ideas on games to play each month.

I hope these remedies will help your baby! :-)

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  1. Catherine

    Yes, the distraction piece is the best tool – but so often overlooked. When my older daughter cut her first tooth, I took her on a nighttime walk to see the Christmas lights and she was as happy as could be!

    1. Paula @easybabylife

      Hi Catherine! I can totally see you walking around with your teething little daughter… :-) Thanks for your comment! :-)