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Mom’s Question:

My baby is six months old and has no hair!. At this age, shouldn’t her hair have grown by now? I am worried that she has a disease or deficiency. Please guide me with this problem.


Baby Help Line:

Possible Reasons For Hairloss In Babies

Normal Hair Loss and Hair Growth in Babies

You are worried that your baby’s hair is not growing as it should. Being only six months old, this is likely to be completely normal! Many babies, even if they had a lot of hair at birth, lose some or all of it during their first six months.

Then at some point, often between 6 and 12 months old, the baby’s hair starts growing back again. At this point, many parents discover that their baby’s new hair is completely different in color or texture than what she had as a newborn.

The reason why babies lose their first hair is hormones – the same reason why new moms often lose a lot of hair too.

Even babies that don’t lose all their hair, often have at least one bald spot at the back of their head during their first six months of living. This has to do with all the time they spend sleeping or just lying on their backs. It can look quite funny, but of course, is not anything to worry about either. (Having very little hair, at least that funny hairstyle is something you won’t have to worry about for your baby.)

Medical conditions that cause hair loss in babies

While very unlikely for such a young girl, you should be aware of that there do exist medical conditions that can cause hair loss even in very young children. Most conditions are, however, very rare for babies younger than 12 months old).

Here are some of the medical conditions that can cause hair loss in babies:

  • If your baby has patchy bald spots with red, flaky scaling, it could mean that your baby has a fungal infection called ringworm. Ringworm is not a worm, is not dangerous at all and can be treated with an over-the-counter antifungal cream.
  • If a baby has smooth, round, completely bald areas, she may have alopecia areata, a condition in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles, slowing hair growth. This type of hair loss usually appears in isolated patches, not over the whole head. It almost never occurs before the age of 6 months. This is an autoimmune disease and what causes it is not known, although genes appear to play a part. There are treatments that help at least to some extent.
  • Some other medical conditions — such as hormone diseases, e.g. hypothyroidism (a thyroid disorder) can also result in hair loss – typically over the whole head.
  • Severe nutrition problems, causing zinc or iron deficiency can also result in hair loss, as well as bad cradle cap ( really bad cradle cap…).

These conditions can be treated, but your baby would need to see a doctor.

I hope this doesn’t make you worried! Chances are, really, that your daughter does not have a hair problem at all; she is just a normal little infant with a normal not-yet-so-pretty hairdo!

But if you do believe that she may suffer from one of the problems described above or if you simply think that her scalp doesn’t look normal, let her see a pediatrician or mention your worries during your baby’s next well-child exam.

Hope this helps,


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Comments for “Baby Has No Hair – Illness Or Normal?”

Mar 09, 2018Help
by: Anonymous

My niece has the same problem. She was born with a lot of hair. She is now 16 months and somehow in-between time her hair has come out. She has got one pack of long hair in the middle of her hair and the rest is just about an inch long. The doctors said that it is nothing wrong with her hair. Is there something that I can do to it or buy to put in her hair that will make it grow? I put do grow in my son’s hair at 6 months when the back of his head started falling out and that helped his hair grow back fast but it hasn’t worked for my niece.

Apr 01, 2018African american hair

by: Anonymous

My daughter 5yr.old it is really hard for her hair to grow on the sides, what are some products that will help her hair?

Aug 07, 2018hair growth
by: arun

I am the father of 1.5 yr old infant boy. Till now his hair growth is abnormal. The hair is very small and is not growing as it should be..

Is it normal or what should I do? I am an Indian.

please help me


Aug 17, 2018Maybe normal

by: Baby Help Line – Paula

Hi Arun, I suggest you pay a visit to a pediatrician with your son to mitigate your worries. However, the fact that a child doesn’t have much hair at 18 months old can be totally normal. So don’t be too worried. But it may still be a good idea to have it checked up.

I wish you good luck,


Feb 11, 2019Baby hair loss

by: Anonymous

Use raw shea butter with funbact a cream or acneway tube cream

May 07, 2019baby hair loss

by: Anonymous

HI moms,
My baby was born with so much hair and now she 12 months and her hair is falling out is that normal?

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  1. Ninsiima Diane

    Am sorry mine is also a question my baby boy is now 1and 8months but has no hair what could b the problem thank you

    1. Hi,
      Is your son completely bald or does he just have very little hair? Any bald patches? He is 20 months old?

  2. Worried

    My baby is 16months old, she was having a lot of hair when I gave birth to her, but now all the hair is falling off. I’m very worried because I don’t see it growing at all.

    please advise me, what should i do?

    1. Mary

      Shouldn’t you take your baby to the doctor? I think I would.

  3. my daughter too

    My daughter is 10 months and she doesn’t have much hair. The hair she has is very fine and soft. My son was the same. After 1 year of age his hair started to grow well and to thicken. We also shaved my son and daughters hair to help it grow evenly and thick. It worked. My children are part Indian.