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Dad’s Question:

My 7-month-old baby has bald spots on part of her head, and I am worried!

My baby is in and was born in China. My wife shaves her hair approx every 6 weeks, which is traditional in some parts to make it grow faster and thicker?

baby has bald spotsChloe has had little hair on her head but a mass of black hair around the back of her head. It is similar to when a man goes bald the last hairs are around the back of the head, see picture.

My wife has asked at the hospital but they have no solution, only once to stop the fish oil tablets.

I am concerned because it will be another 12 months before I can sponsor them to live with me here in Australia and I believe this needs more specific attention.

I have attached a photo showing the hair, you can see where the patch is, it goes from one side to the other, it has been shaved because obviously it grows faster than the rest of her hair.

Many thanks,

Tony Finch

Baby Helpline:

Baby Has Bald Spots – Normal Or Not?

It’s hard to suggest what might be causing the problem here – or if there even is a problem!

I understand that your daughter is not able to join you at present and that you feel dissatisfied with the response from the hospital your wife consulted – so would it be possible to seek further advice from your OWN doctor?

I realize it would be difficult for him or her to make a true diagnosis without actually SEEING your little one, but he/she may be able to give general advice based on the information you provided here. You could also ask your wife to provide some close-up pictures from all over your daughter’s head for the doctor to look at.

It’s not unusual for babies’ hair growth to be somewhat erratic!

One of my children had a mass of curls at the back of his head – but absolutely NOTHING on the top – until he was over a year old. Eventually, the front caught up with the back, and now he has really thick hair.

Another of our babies got bald at around 4 months after being born with lots of hair.

The hair – now in a different color – grew back when he was over 1 year old.

The third – our girl – had massive amounts of hair right from the start. She only got bald spots at the back of her head due to lying on her back when she was really young, like most babies get. Baby hairstyles are usually nothing like the commercials!

I wonder if – in your daughter’s case – the irregular growth seems more problematic because it is more obvious after shaving…? It the hair does grow everywhere so that no spots are completely bald, then my guess is that the development is completely normal.

All this said, if this IS a medical condition, then it will need a proper diagnosis by a medical professional. Among the links below, you’ll find information on what type of medical conditions may cause hair loss and bald spots in babies.

Just remember that when a baby has bald spots, most conditions are rare and usually only occur among babies older than 12 months.

Good luck.

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May 02, 2018 same as my daughter

by: Anonymous

dear tony
Is your daughter’s hair has grown? Please I need your help because my daughter is the same problem as your daughter. I shaved two times but the hair did not grow, like a bald man’s head. When I read your problem I was thinking that someone who knows my daughter wrote this question… :-)


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