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Mom’s Question:

My 4-month-old son is spitting up/vomiting what looks like pieces of milk and saliva and then sometimes just white formula.

He has spitted up since 4 weeks but once he hit 4 months and when we began cereal/solids if we only give him formula he spits up/vomits 4/5 times before the next feeding.

I told the ped about it but she didn’t seem concerned or anything. He is sometimes in pain after eating from what seems like gas but when he actually spits up/vomits he does not seems to be in pain or discomfort. At times it seems to even make him feel better.

Does he need to eat more solids? Is it just because he is more active now?


Baby Helpline:

Possible Reflux When Baby Spits Up

Your son might have a mild form of acid reflux. This is very common and usually not treated unless the baby is in pain or doesn’t gain weight as he should. Some babies just spit up more.

In most cases they grow out of it during their first year, and the more solid foods they eat the less spitting up. Also, the more time they spend in an upright position, the less spitting up.

Since your baby is now 4 months old, he will within a couple of months be able to sit up better, which often helps.

Other possible reasons for the spitting up could be food intolerance, which definitely could be the case, since he started vomiting more after the introduction of cereal and solids. An easy way to check that is to take away one of the solid foods at a time and see if you notice any improvement.

If you do feel that your baby is in pain or not gaining weight or could have some sort of intolerance, make sure you talk to his pediatrician about the possibility. The doctor can then give advice as well as, in severe cases of reflux, medication.

Good luck!


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Oct 01, 2017Pyloric Stenosis
by: Anonymous
My son was vomiting a lot when he was 2 weeks old, and I mean vomiting, not spitting up. The doctor had me change the formula, change bottles, and put him on Prevacid. When he was 4 weeks old, he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and had to have surgery. After this surgery, he has been able to eat so much better and does not vomit anymore, although he occasionally spits up. I just thought this might be something to check in to.

Oct 25, 2017son spitting up

by: Lisa

My son just began spitting up more frequently and more have been coming up. We just started him on cereal and apples. He goes to the doc this week and like your son, the vomit doesn’t seem to bother him. He laughs and gets very active after. What did your doc say was the problem? I am also being told because he’s teething, he’s swallowing more saliva which is making more acid in his stomach…Help!!

July 25, 2018Throwing up and vomiting

by: Mina

My daughter is 4 months old and she stopped breastfeeding for different reasons after just one and half month so the only solution was to go for the artificial milk, so since two and half month my child is on such milk and she started throwing up what she has in term of yogurt so I had to consult a doctor and the prescription contained “STUGERON”

What should I do?

Baby Help Line: I think you should head back to the doctor and ask about the prescription. You need to understand (and agree with!) the doctor on how to help your baby.

I wish you good luck,

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  1. Mina

    You described the same thing my 6-month-old does. All he can eat is breast milk and he throws up everything else. Please help do you have any pointers?