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Baby Vomiting Questions… Answered!

Too much, after every feeding, through nose, yellow vomiting, with blood…

Below you’ll find all the infant vomiting questions answered here at Easy Baby Life’s Help Line. As you will see, you are not the only one worrying about your baby spitting up.

By browsing the questions and answers below, you’ll find out what’s normal and tips regarding both stomach bugs and reflux.

Why Is My Baby Vomitting?

95% of the time as soon as she is done eating, my baby starts with a little cough that proceeds to her coughing harder till she vomits out forcefully. Why?

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Baby Throwing Up Voluntarily

Why does my 5 month old keep making himself throw up? He sticks his fingers in his mouth til he throws up. He does this with breast milk and formula.

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Baby Vomiting After Fall

My baby fell and was bleeding a bit from the nose. The doctor said the bleeding was because of a cut. But after feeding, he started vomiting. I am afraid.

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