What could cause hair loss in a 9-month-old baby? Newborn baby hair loss usually occurs earlier, so what’s going on when an “older” baby starts losing hair?

Let’s go through some possible reasons.

9-month-old baby hair lossPin


9-month-old baby losing hairPin
Look at all that hair -help!

Mom’s Question:

My baby is 9 months old and is losing her hair all around the sides and back. I haven’t noticed much on top; could this be a problem? I read somewhere that it could be a vitamin deficiency.

They will test her for anemia in a month.

I am very worried, though. Does anyone have any thoughts on why my 9 months old is losing hair?







4 Possible Reasons For Hair Loss In Older Babies

What an adorable girl!

Since your baby is 9 months old, she shouldn’t really be losing her hair but rather growing it. You’re correct that some nutrition problems may cause hair loss, such as a deficiency in iron or zinc.

Here are some possible reasons for hair loss in “older” babies, as your daughter:

  • Are you still breastfeeding her exclusively (more or less)? Exclusively breastfed babies older than 6 months are at risk for developing iron deficiency. A study published in Pediatrics found the odds of iron deficiency to increase by 4.8% for each additional month of breastfeeding.
    You can give your baby some iron-fortified rice cereal or oatmeal to help her stock up on iron. This is a safe thing to do even before the anemia testing you have scheduled, but you might want to wait for the results just to make sure this is really the reason your baby is losing hair. Find more iron-rich foods for kids here.
  • Some skin infections, as well as severe cradle cap, can also cause hair loss problems. Ringworm is one example that can easily be treated. Some babies also simply tear their hair too much! Is the scalp skin in the area she is losing her hair changed in any way (reddish, scaly, flaky, etc.)? If so, this may be a sign of infectious origin of the condition.
  • There are also some more unusual illnesses that cause hair loss in children, but they are very rare in babies younger than 1 year. Still, they can be worth knowing about if consulting a doctor. You can read more about these different illnesses associated with baby hair loss here.
  • Vitamin D deficiency may be another reason for hair loss, but it is unlikely to present with only that symptom and is rarely seen in babies in developed countries.

Please don’t worry too much, though. Most severe conditions that cause hair loss only appear after a baby’s first birthday. But only a pediatrician who meets your daughter can really help you sort this out.

Hope this helps,

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