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My baby stopped rolling over, and I am a bit worried…

We were on vacation and my son didn’t have much tummy time. He also saw the chiropractor when we got back and now doesn’t seem strong enough to prop himself up on his stomach and suddenly also stopped rolling from stomach to back.

I’m worried that something is wrong with his arms, neck or back? When you hold him upright he holds his head strong still. Is something wrong with him, since he is losing abilitlies?

Baby Helpline:

5-Month-Baby Stopped Rolling Over – A Reason For Concern?

Regarding your son’s lack of interest to roll over and prop himself up on his stomach, my guess is that he is just heading over to new adventures!

If he didn’t have much tummy time on your vacation, then of course he might have weakened slightly, but I wouldn’t worry. If he holds his head steady and is happy, have good appetite and shows no signs of illness or other development issues, then just let him develop in his own pace.

I’ve seen several babies rolling over early and then lose interest for a while. Maybe they practice grabbing things, communicating, sitting or just exploring the world some other way.

Start with the tummy time again now when you are back home, and try doing it in a way he enjoys. Some babies endure the tummy time better if on their parent’s lap or on a pillow, so it is easier to lift the head and look around. A mirror or a smiling mom and dad in the same position on the floor may also help.

If you do continue to be worried, talk to your son’s doctor at the next health check-up.Enjoy your lovely son and don’t worry too much!

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Dec 01, 2019 what would posess you?
by: Anonymous
What would posess you to take a 5 month old to a chiropractor in the first place? If your child is now having difficulty doing things he did previous to seeing the chiropractor, take him to a real doctor. Not enough ‘tummy time’ would NOT account for his suddenly not doing things he did before.

Dec 01, 2019 Chiropractor…

by: Anonymous

Just wondering if you know what a chiropractor does? He doesn’t work on the baby the same way he does on an adult. My son has been having problems with bowel movements and he has helped him go when nothing else has worked. I didn’t know coming here was going to be a judgement on my character. I came here for help on what could be going on with my son. I also didn’t take my son to the chiropractor due to him not propping himself up on his stomach as well as he use to. I always take him to the “real” Dr’s office when I have any concerns. He has always despised tummy time but has very good neck control. Thanks for the judgement.

Dec 02, 2019 Chiropractor ok for 5 month old!
by: Baby Helpline
I’m very sorry that you felt judged by the fellow visitor’s comment. That is certainly not the aim of our website!

Comments like that usually come from lack of knowledge more than anything.

Of course you did not do anything wrong with taking your son to a chiropractor, especially since it was one who was used to working with babies. In some countries this is even done on routine with newborn babies.

Dec 02, 2019 Thank you:-)
by: Anonymous
Thank you Paula for your comments and reassurance. I actually saw the chiro from my second trimester on and I believe he helped with a much easier (pain for only 20min), quicker delivery. We are trying to get my son on his tummy as much as possible and working with him more now that we are home. It is so hard not to worry about things when it comes to your kids. I have a 7 yr old daughter and there are so many milestones I can’t recall with her. I don’t remember if she stopped rolling but she too hated tummy time and we have always put both of them on their tummy’s. Thank you again, I think I just needed some input from other mommy’s as well as the Pediatritian:-)

Dec 02, 2019 Your 5 Month Old is Okay!

by: Jessica Fry

Hey! I don’t think there is any problem here, especially not with your baby’s muscles or spine. Right now our family is raising three infants: My four month old, my cousin’s 7 month old and my aunt’s 8 month old. They have all reached milestones and then “back-tracked”. My little girl started rolling over from tummy to back over a month ago, but then lost interest and now hasn’t done it in weeks! It seems like this happens most often whenever there is a change in their schedule or routine, and that would apply to your situation. Also, if your baby can hold his head steady, he has to use a lot of neck and back muscles to do so, so you know they’re all working properly!

Dec 13, 2019 worried
by: Anonymous
I dont believe u have anything to worry about, but i do recall a friend i had worked with at a daycare and her son had slowly stopped doing things like rolling over and grasping things and focusing on objects and he was diagnosed with autism when he was about 2 years old. I dunno if this has anything to do with it.

And I’m sincerely sorry about judgemental people. I took my daughter to a chiropractor when she was 2 for back problems and found out she was born with spina bifida which we had not known because she is adopted. I believe u should try all u can for the welfare of ur child.

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