How can it be possible that an 8-month-old baby can snap their fingers – and in time to music? Well, the baby in this Q&A does, and we take a look at why this may be.

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Mom’s Question:
When can a baby snap fingers..? This is a silly question, but my baby is only just turned 8 months old and already clicks her fingers IN TIME to music!!
Do you know the average or earliest age that babies/children do this? I’ve tried “googling” for the answer… even “Guinness Book of Records” failed to answer my question.

Many thanks,
Jamie-Lee, Australia

When Can Babies Snap Fingers? Let’s Do A Survey!

Actually, no, I don’t know the average age for being able to snap fingers, but I’ve never heard of a baby that snaps her fingers so early and even in time to the music! I even asked around among some other moms I know, but I think your daughter is unique! It sounds hilarious!

Maybe the next generation Australian Rock Star..? :-)

A quick Youtube search reveals some babies that snap their fingers at around 10 months of age.

Have a look at the video here:

My 10 months old smart baby snapping her fingers.

What Developmental Milestones are Required to Snap Fingers (In Time to Music)

The Pincer Grasp

Considering that babies start developing their pincer grasp at around 8-month-old, I can see why it would be possible for an 8-month-old baby to learn to snap their fingers. Snapping fingers is a very similar finger movement to the pincer grasp. But in addition to the pincer grasp, it also takes strength.

Moving to Music

Kicking or moving or moving their body in time to music, is something that babies can develop early – already during their first months of living. Actually, even neonates have been shown to react to rhythms, although at that age (less than 28 days old), babies have no control over their limbs and can’t move to the rhythm with intention.

But… the combination – to have developed the pincer grasp movement into snapping fingers and doing it in time to music at this young age, sounds quite unique. :-)

Baby music classes sound like a fun activity to stimulate her rhythmic talent further.

Hey parents, when did your children start to snap fingers? Let’s make our own investigation here. Write a comment below!

Warm wishes,


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by: KL
My daughter is now trying to snap her fingers at 9 months old, it is not something we do around the house on a regular basis. I sure would like to know the answer. Thanks

Apr 07, 2017 8 1/2 month learned to snap
by: Jen
I’d love to know this answer. I can remember when I learned, yet my daughter displaying the act tonight was amazing. I had no clue that a bay this young could snap fingers and I can’t find anything on. But she is mimicking us and excited she was doing so. VERY exciting!

Apr 12, 2017 8 Month old snapping fingers

by: Rachel

Our 8-month-old daughter started “snapping her fingers” two days ago and it is hysterical! She does this when we sing to her and when we dance. It is a wonder what babies are able to do.

Jun 29, 2017 :-)

by: Anonymous

:-) My 7 1/2-month-old is trying to snap his fingers, and he gets stuck… He’s so cute trying to figure it out!!

Aug 10, 2017 8 month old also snapped his fingers

by: Anonymous

I was fascinated to discover other babies have also discovered snapping their fingers at 8 months. My son used to snap his fingers often when he was 8 months I was able to catch it on video. He did this until about 18 months or less. Now at three, I wonder if he can still do not and it is very difficult for him, but when he was eight months, it was almost like an automatic response. I would be curious to know if other babies keep this talent or somehow forget it later.

Aug 25, 2017 8.5 month old also snaps her fingers


My 8.5-month-old also just started snapping her fingers. I was surprised and googled it, which is how I found this site.

Feb 07, 2017 Finger Snapping

by: Anonymous

My son is 6 1/2 months and is snapping his fingers… It’s so cute!

Apr 04, 2017 snapping fingers

by: nikki

I thought my son was doing it early when he started at 12 months!! LOL

Sep 29, 2017 11 mth old can 2 & 4yrs old can’t ;-)
by: Anonymous
It is brilliant, and our baby is now trying to teach her older brothers!

Dec 31, 2017 Snapping

by: Anonymous

My son started snapping his fingers at 9 months, and we have no idea where he learned it. It sure is cute though!

Feb 08, 2018 snapping baby

by: Anonymous

My son just turned 8 mon last week, and he started snapping his fingers about 4 days ago. I thought it was amazing and so I did the same I wanted to know if he was advanced or not. But I see here it’s more common than I thought.

Mar 05, 2018 Two month old

by: Anonymous

I was two months of age when I learned to snap my fingers, and I was wondering if anyone learned before that age.

Mar 09, 2018 6 months

by: Anonymous

My son was 6 months when he started snapping. He is 10 months now and still snaps but doesn’t clap.

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  1. Kayla

    My son started snapping at 12 months 😁 he’s 15 months now and has protected it! But he started snapping bc I snapped at him to pick up his toys and he snaps back at me 😂

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Haha, they learn by imitating us! Wonderful!

  2. D

    My baby was about eight months when he started snapping his fingers. His twin brother didn’t so then I started worrying maybe this was something strange but with these answers here it seems like that’s about the average age for some babies to be able to do this.

  3. Joshua

    I’ve never snapped my fingers before and i’m 11.

  4. PJ Alstarz

    Well look at that, I’m 14 and I can’t snap my fingers for nothing