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9-month-old baby development
A 9-month-old baby is not sitting still. He or she is moving around one way or the other.

The “other way” may very well be by ordering you to carry him/her around to different places. Pointing and shouting an enthusiastic “there” or some form of the word.

Or they might not accept anything less than you holding their hands so that they can walk around.

Take care of your back!

The 9-Month-Old Baby

9 Months Baby Milestones

Here are the development milestone to look for when your baby is 9 months old:

  • At nine months, your baby is likely to be able to walk along furniture or by holding your hands.
  • A 9-month-old baby is also strong enough to be able to sit without support for a while. Take care of your baby’s back though, and don’t let him sit up in a high chair or swing for a too long time.
  • His or her arms and shoulders are strong enough for the baby to be able to push himself up on straight arms if placed on his tummy.
  • Some babies crawl.
  • Lying down on his/her tummy, he is probably also able to sit up. Sitting up, they can turn in different directions, for example, to reach a toy.
  • They will be able to grab thing using only their thumb and index finger.
  • At 9.5 months, my daughter said her first words – look there! Our pediatrician said that it was impossible that she actually said it and meant it. The doctor was wrong! Some kids do say their first word at around nine or ten months, while others wait a few months longer. The understanding of words is, however, increasing for all babies. Your baby also understands you by the tone you use. Give him a lot of praise for his achievements and tell him often how much you love him.
  • Emotionally, your baby is now mature enough to understand other people’s feeling. He will know if you’re sad.
  • Separation anxiety is now at its peak and will remain so during the next few months. Babies are very different, but some only want to be in their mother’s arms, more or less all the time. Tough for both mom and dad!If you can avoid it, don’t plan to be separated from your baby for any length of time during this period. He obviously needs you!To help your baby during this difficult time, protect him from too enthusiastic strangers. Tell people, including grandparents if needed to approach him slowly. Don’t force him to interact with a stranger if he doesn’t want to. Separation anxiety is a natural part of your baby’s development!
  • Your baby’s recall memory is developing during this month. He might not be able to remember things for a long time, but very well for a week or even a bit more.
  • 9-month-old is a bad sleep period (again…), as was 4 month and as is 18 months. It seems to be so for many, many babies.

My youngest slept for 8 hours without interruption at 4 months old. At 4.5 months he started waking up every hour for no apparent reason. Not hungry, not sick, sometimes even not sad. He lay in his bed babbling wide awake.

At 5.5 months things were improving rapidly again, with the help of our continued sleep routines. At 9.5 months old, he started waking up at 4.30 am. Every night. How we fixed it? Well, I wrote a whole article sharing our experience. Don’t despair!

Games To Play

9-month-old baby developmentHitting blocks against each other is great fun. The higher the noise the better…

Hide and find and peek-a-boo are great games to help your baby understand that things and people do not disappear even if you can’t see them, This might be especially good to help your baby cope with his/her separation anxiety.

Putting things in a container and taking them out again is something that many 9-month-old babies enjoy. For example, put different fabrics into a bag and let your baby take them out.

Reading picture books with photos is good now when your baby is learning words and their meanings.

For 9-month-old babies that have learned to crawl or creep, a pillow mountain can be a great adventure. Build one and help you baby climb it.

Music, especially with movements, like Itsy Bitsy Spider can now be a lot of fun. Your baby may go out of his way to imitate the movements you do.

Talk a lot to your baby now (again…). Take turns saying words like dada, baba, or whatever. And listen carefully to what your baby says even if you can’t understand what he means.

Toy Tips

If your baby is not moving around yet, or if your little one likes to take a break now and then, a gym that he can use sitting up, can be a good investment. Also, toys with big buttons to press like a phone or a baby piano might be fun. Here is a popular one!

If your baby is crawling, he is probably not very interested in anything more than doing just that!

9 Month Old Baby Video

In this video, you can see some rather typical 9-month-old babies in action. Moving around, sitting without support playing, and not wanting to be left alone on the floor. The video does show babies that are happily put down in the crib for a nap, but I would say that many 9-month-old babies will not go down alone without crying. Separation anxiety is still too strong.

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