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Mom’s Question:

I have a baby girl who is 11 months to go in May. She eats and drinks almost everything along with my milk but still, she weighs 6.5 to 7kg.

Please tell me some easy and convenient ways to increase my baby’s weight.

On the other hand, help me to decrease my own weight which’s 70 kg that was earlier only 47. Please help me I’ll always be thankful to you.

Thanks, n bye.

Shabnam Khan
(Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Baby Helpline:

Increase A Baby’s Weight Or Not

Your baby is a bit under the average weight for her age, but these are just guidelines. There are lots of variables, genetic factors, her birth weight, whether she has had any illnesses, etc. If your weight was 47 kg before having her, then I would suspect she has a small build.

Normally you would expect a child to have tripled birth weight by about 12 months. But if she is eating and drinking everything happily and is happy and comfortable then she is thriving. Then I wouldn’t get too worried about it. If she is unhappy, not eating, listless, etc then get her checked out.

At her age, milk is still the most important part of her diet, so solid foods are really just introducing tastes, textures, and different experiences. It only provides a small percentage of her calories.

Don’t make a big issue out of it, just offer her food frequently if she seems hungry. Many babies prefer to feed themselves rather than have a spoon pushed into their mouths. Lots of finger foods like pieces of cooked vegetables, fruit. Let her try to feed herself – it is messy, but she will learn lots more than by you doing it.

Let her explore and play with her food. Peas were a favorite of my babies, trying to pick them up one by one. You can be sneaky and pop a spoonful in between while she is concentrating, but if she gets annoyed then stop as you will just set up a battle. Here are ideas on other finger foods as well.

Food is something to enjoy, it is a big part of our social interactions so making it fun and exploratory at this age is the best thing.

In regard to your weight, your body does change after having children, and many women never get back to their pre-birth weight.

The thing to watch is are you eating properly – many Mothers, particularly if they are back at work, get so busy, they start skipping breakfast, then eat junk food mid-morning or for lunch, etc. Just make sure you are eating sensibly, getting some exercise, and celebrate your womanly curves! You can read a bit more about losing weight while breastfeeding here.

Enjoy your lovely little girl,

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Apr 24, 2018 thanks a lot – not so worried anymore
by: Shabnam
Hi Paula, I want to thank you for that you explained everything in such a nice way. Now I am feeling much better than earlier after getting ur answer.

I can’t tell you how worried I was that day when I was writing to you. You know, Paula, actually what happened is that first I was not that worried but the rubbish relatives and friends they don’t let you live happily. When they see my daughter they say that ‘OH SHABNAM UR BABY IS LOOKING SO THIN AND WEAK AND HER WEIGHT IS ALSO DECREASED PLEASE GO TO THE DOCTOR’. WELL, it is really nice to talk 2 u.
Thanks a lot for everything take care

Oct 12, 2018 Low weight

by: Parvathi

Hello doctor, I am Parvathi fr India, I had a girl baby on birth its 2.7 kg. But after 40 days it’s 2.3 kg. I take her to paediatrician.. he made all types of tests and said there is no prob… because of not feeding well it has become a low weight and he suggested breastfeeding well. Please guide me on what to do I am totally depressed. Thank u…

Oct 16, 2018 Frequent feeding?

by: Baby Help Line – Paula

Hi Parvathi,

Congratulations on your little baby! How good of you to seek medical advice when you were worried about your baby’s lack of weight gain. Being so young, certainly, your baby should be gaining weight. The doctor you met obviously ran a number of tests and couldn’t find anything wrong, which is good of course.

You mention that breastfeeding is not going well. What is not working for you? Is your baby not latching on properly or is it simply lack of milk?

If it is the latter, you can try to breastfeed every two hours around the clock for two or three days. That is likely to increase your milk supply significantly. This can be quite exhausting of course, so if you have someone (your husband, mother, friend) who can help you out with cooking, etc during those days, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

If you feel that it is not the milk supply that is the problem, but rather your baby’s ability to latch on or something similar, then if possible try to find a midwife or doctor in your area who can help you get it right. It is very common to have these kinds of problems in the beginning, but it can often be easily solved with the right guidance.

Third, remember to breastfeed on demand. No waiting for three or four hours or so. Being so small, and probably needing to catch up, your baby needs to eat frequently. So any time your baby shows signs of wanting to eat, then breastfeed. That will also help increase your supply.

Also, remember to try to really let your baby empty one breast before switching over to the next so that a lot of the fat hindmilk gets to your baby.

Fourth, try to remember to get some rest, eat properly, and drink a lot of water yourself, to help your milk supply.

Last, always remember to go to a second doctor with your child, if you didn’t think you got good advice from the first.

I hope this gives you some ideas and I really wish you good luck.

Please write back and let me know how you are doing,


Oct 13, 2018 my baby does not like formula milk
by: Mahek
hi, I m Mahek. my problem is that my son is almost 6 months old. his birth weight was 3 kgs.i had to start him formula milk as I felt my milk was not being enough for him.now that Alhamdulillah he is six months I have started giving him solid foods also. but now he is really giving me a hard time while taking bottle feed. as I read milk is very essential for the baby in the first year I wanted to feed him milk as far as possible but he takes only 90ml milk that too only twice a day but on the pack, the quantity of milk per feed is 180ml.he takes my milk very happily but it will not be enough. I am worried as I can not give him solid food every time when he is hungry as it is causing constipation to him.pls if anyone can answer.jazakallah.thanks.

Oct 19, 2018 Creative feeding when baby refuses milk

by: Paula (EasyBabyLife)

Hi Mahek,
Some babies do like your little one – once they have achieved a taste for solid foods, they love it enough to start refusing milk.

As you say, milk – breast milk or formula – continues to be important throughout the first year, so some creativity is needed.

One thing to do is to see if your baby accepts milk in a sippy cup. Some like that better.

Another thing you can try is to always mix formula into his foods. If you make your own baby food, never mix the veggies with water, always use breast milk or formula. And add the milk after boiling, to not destroy any of the nutrients. The milk can be added to canned baby food too.

You can also make healthy formula/breastmilk shakes for your baby. Mix breast milk or formula with a piece of banana, some apple juice or prune juice, apricot puré, or anything similar that your baby likes. Just NO sugar, salt, or honey. Just healthy foods.

You can find more ideas for making healthy formula/breastmilk shakes in this thread.

Finally, continue to offer the breast or bottle to your baby, without making it a power struggle. Sometimes babies refuse the breast or bottle for a couple of days or weeks, only to suddenly revert to wanting it again.

Also, remember that your baby was born relatively low to average weight. If he grows and thrives, you don’t have to worry about his weight. Some people just are skinny, and there is no research showing any disadvantages from that. (Rather the opposite!)

Try to make the meals a joyful, nice event. That is the best way to make a baby eat.

Hope this helps,


Oct 24, 2018 how can I give flavor to formula milk

by: Mahek

thanks, Paula for ur concern. Can u please let me know any ideas regarding adding flavor to the formula milk. I have tried adding a little quantity of mango juice to the bottle and I think its working. Can I continue in this way or is it not safe? Also if u can give me a few more ideas on this? Thanks

Baby Help Line: Mango is great – just double-check so the juice does not have any sugar added! Other possibilities are actually any type of fruit pure that your baby likes. Make sure NOT to add any sugar, salt, or honey, but to only add fruit. Some babies really like to taste of ripe banana, so try that for example.

Nov 17, 2018 hi

by: praniza

hi..my baby is 16th month but her weight is only 10 kg. I want to see my baby looking fat. Plz, give me a suggestion on how many times I will give her meal&milk. And what is most needed to eat my baby.

Baby Help Line: Ideals for babies and toddlers vary around the world and it is easy to be affected and think one baby is too skinny or too chubby. But really, focus on providing healthy foods to help your baby thrive and have the energy to explore the world and to also ENJOY eating, is a much better focus. It will make both of you happier. :-) You can read through our Baby feeding section for ideas on feeding schedules, recipes, how to help a picky eater, and much more. Good luck!

Nov 17, 2018 To Praniza – Feeding schedule and more

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

Hi Praniza,

I totally understand that you worry about your baby’s weight, but really unless she has lost weight or seems to be ill or weak, she is likely to be perfectly fine. Some babies simply are skinnier than others and it is far more of a concern from a health perspective if a child is overweight compared to skinny.

That said, of course, she needs to eat healthy foods regularly to help her thrive.

Take a look at this feeding schedule It is from the age of 8 months, but works pretty much all the way until at least 2 years old.

Also try to focus on making the meals a pleasant time, to avoid power struggles – they only make a baby eat less.

If your girl doesn’t have time to sit and eat – many young toddlers are on the move all the time, you can give her a bit to eat on the go (but nothing that she can choke on!)

Among the comments to the first question below, there are several parents struggling with babies who don’t want to eat. Read the tips and see if anything can be of help:

Baby learned to walk, won’t eat

I hope this helps,

Nov 23, 2018 Not drinking formula


Hi, my baby is 11 months old. I still breastfeed actually I tried feeding him formula when he was 6 months and failed, he hated the smell. He won’t drink it and won’t eat anything mixed with it……please help

Dec 16, 2018 baby weight

by: Vipitanair

hi Doc,
My baby girl’s weight was 2.9kg when she born.
now after 06 months, her weight is only 6kg. I am a bit worried is her weight is in permissible limit or she is underweight.
kindly guide me on how often I should feed her solid food in a day.

By Easy Baby Life: Your baby has doubled in weight in just less than 6 months, which is actually exactly according to the general rule of thumb. So no need to worry at all. :-) If you are about to start feeding her solids, you’ll find a baby feeding schedule here and a lot of feeding tips and recipes here.

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  1. Paula @easybabylife

    I am not an expert on kids’ growth, but I do know some things about toddler eating habits. It is awesome to hear that your girls is so active and following her milestones (except for the weight).

    Most toddler are active and not at all interested in sitting still to eat. Lots of parents find this worrying and start to try to force their child to sit and eat. Forcing a 2-year-old will most likely lead to power struggles and even less eating! What to do instead is to feed the toddler on the go as much as possible as well as trying to make the feeding fun. Play games! hide food among the toys and have your girl find it. Make a pic nic with her dolls or soft animlas on the floor…

    Make sure to feed her lots of healthy fats – that’s good both for her brain development and weight. You can add virgin olice oil or virgin coconut oil to her foods. Butter works great too.

    Both you are your husband are quite short and your daughter is likely to not become very tall either. She might catch up in length or weight during puberty or not. But she is alive, healthy, happy and hitting her milestones in other ways. :-)

    Are you in contact with a Dr who is specialized on preemie growth? If not, I’d suggest you get a 2nd opinion from an expert both on her weight development, what you can do and what a continued low weight might carry in terms of risks. In general, being overweight is far more concerning than underweight, but of course I can’t say anything about your daughter’s specific situation.

    In any case, you and your child had a rough start and in many ways, she seems to be doing great. Celebrate that! smile with her, play and feed her frequntly healthy foods (on the go and while playing if needed).

    Here are some feeding tips for toddlers:



    I really wish you all the best,


  2. Clarisse Hs

    Hi, desperately seeking help.

    my baby girl celebrated her 2nd birthday today. She was a prematured baby weighing only 1.5kg at birth. Today at 2, she weighs only at 7.2kg. She does not eat much. But is a very active girl. In terms of development I think she’s fine. She can walk and run and say few simple word. But her weight has been a major concern, still way below the percentile.

    There’s this one doctor who told us she will suffer in her later stage of life if this continues. Doctor looked at her growth chart and told us it is nearly impossible that she can ever catch up, and tell us she will be very vulnerable to all sickness when she’s grown up.

    We are devastated. We tried everything we can, letting her eat all the high caloried food but still it didn’t help much. But then again she doesn’t eat much since she was a baby, due to her reflux problem being a premature baby. I’m 165cm and my husband is 174cm.

  3. mohit bhojak

    hi… my baby born with 2.5 kg and now she is 40 days old . but she weight only 3kg .. i want to now her weight is in permissible limit or she is under weight.
    mohit bhojak

    1. Paula Dennholt

      Hi Mohit,
      The rule of thumb is for a baby to double their birth weigh by about the age of 5 months. She has already gained 0.5 kg or probably a bit more – most babies lose a little bit of their weight during their first days of living. Your daughter has around 4 months more until she is 5-months-old and only 2 kg “left” to reach that milestone. It sounds as if she is doing quite well! Unless she seems weak and not thriving, I would not worry. (If does seem very weak or doesn’t wet her diapers as expected, definitely bring it up with her health care provider.

      The doubling is a rule of thumb and not an exact science. Make sure to offer your baby breast milk/formula on demand – no waiting for any certain time to have passed. If she is hungry, let her eat. Other than that, simply enjoy your daughter and keep her close as much as possible. A baby feeling secure and loved is likely to feed better too. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  4. mrs Abhinav kumar

    Hi.. m khushboo.. My baby girl is 9months old when she born she was 2.94kgs, length was 50 n head circumstance was 33cm now she is just gain a weight 6.97kgs,length 67cm n head 41cm… She is active reaching her milestones but she is not gaining her length weight n head from last 2 month or it just little bit up n down n she not taking any food jst depending on breastfeed… I tried each n evry thing in my cooking style for her i cook for her new thing from net but she is not take a bit … Doctor said she is below from growth chart.. M very much worried about her when i see other children from her age she just look 4 months old but she is 9months old… Plz help me n give me ur advice… Thank u