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Mom’s Question:

My baby Madhu is not gaining weight. Her birth weight is 2.75kgs. Now she is one year and two months, but she’s weighs only 6.75kgs.

She doesn’t like bottle feed and cow’s milk. She can’t even stand it. She looks very thin but very very active. Please give me suggestion to improve her body weight. You are the only hope to me.


Baby Helpline:

Feeding Tips For Skinny Toddler

I agree with you that your daughter’s weight is at the lower end. A rough guideline is that a baby should weigh around 3 times his or her birth weight at the age of 1 year, so that would mean that your daugher “should” weigh about 1 kg more than she does. But these are just estimates, and how your child develops, if she grows in length, if she is happy, healthy and active, are a stronger indications of her well-being than her actual weight.

You say that she is very active – that is a good sign! If she seems weak, isn’t eating or increasing in length, make sure you take her to a doctor to have her checked.

Being active is wonderful for a 1 year old – it means that she is developing and exploring the world. But it also means that she can benefit from eating quite often.

If she doesn’t have time to sit down and eat, give her a healthy snack on the go several times per day. A small sandwich with butter, or a piece of banana are great snacks to boost her energy intake. Cooked vegetables are also good, as well as fresh avocado, which is calorie dense and packed with nutrition and fats excellent for a baby’s development. If she likes peas, give her some to discover in a small cup – many babies love picking them up.

Make sure she eats something 6 times per day – three regular meals and three snacks – at least. And if her regular meals become very small, because she is too busy, then simply offer more healthy snacks while she is playing. Find tips on healthy finger foods here.

Regarding her refusing milk – that’s actually quite common for babies at around 1 year old. Some start prefering solid foods and seem to think that they are no babies anymore. :-) What you can do is to add some formula or milk to her foods and mash it. Then she might not notice that she gets it and she will still get the nutrition from the milk.

An effective and healthy way to get more calories in her is to add butter or oil to her foods. You can read more about adding fat to baby food here.

Unless your baby’s doctor says that you really have to work to increase your daughter’s weight, I would stop focusing on her weight and appearance and instead focus on her energy levels and overall development.

Some people simply are more skinny than others and being skinny (if healthy) is far better than being obese from a health perspective in the long run. Give her plenty of healthy foods often and try to make eating enjoyable for her. No nagging or forcing, simply offering foods to try and also lots of opportunities for her to feed herself either while you are eating or while she is playing. Learning to enjoy a nice meal and the taste of differnt healthy foods are the main key for her future development.

I hope this gives you a few ideas. Enjoy your little girl,


Oct 07, 2018milk for a baby

by: Anonymous

I am having 8 months old baby and being a working women and not able to feed my milk. She started taking rice with dhall and cerelac and lactogen. But while I am home, when I wanted to feed, my milk level has come down and not feeding her sufficiently.

How to raise the milk level, at least during nights I wanted to feed her.

pl. suggest me some tips.


Oct 07, 2018Increase milk supply

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Priya,

What a good ambition to continue breastfeeding your baby despite working.

Once a baby starts eating anything else but breast milk, the supply slowly starts decreasing, since the baby doesn’t suckle as much. It is a natural process, where mom’s body adapts to the needs of the baby. But sometimes, like in your case, the supply decreases too fast. The most efficient way to increase supply or keep it stable is to get the baby to suckle more often. So if you can find a time in the morning for example, and squeeze in another feeding in the evening, it will help.

Another possibility is to buy a high-quality breast pump and take time during the day at work to pump. If you breastfeed in the morning, evening and at night and then pump once or twice per day at least 10 minutes per breast, it should increase your supply.

There are also herbs that may help increase your supply. Herbs such as Fenugreek, Red Rasberry Leaf, Fennel, and Mother’s Milk Herbal Tea may all work to increase the hormone levels that produce milk naturally. You can read more about herbs for breastfeeding in this article.

I hope this gives you a few ideas.


Oct 08, 2018TE

by: manjula

My baby is one year old. She is very fond of to drink milk and she will, but after sometime she will vomiting that milk, what can I do for this please give me a suggetion

Baby Help Line: Vomiting after drinking milk could indicate allergy, but not necessarily. Babies tend to vomit much esier than adults. It could also be that she is drinking too fast and swallowing air at the same time, or it could be related to for example a cold. Does she have other symptoms of allergy, such as rashes, diarrhea, constipation or belly pain? You could try to cut down on the milk and give her formula instead for example and see if it helps. Or even just give her smaller amounts. If the problems continue, I think a Doctor’s visit would be appropriate.

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  1. Lakshmi Mohanan

    Helo Madam… My baby has a cleft palate and is 1 year old now. She weighs only 7 kg with a birth weight of 3.1 kg. I’m so worried as she takes formula only while sleeping since 4 months old. She takes per day 2 times 3 scoops of cerelac, 1 tbspn of ragi which is then cooked, two tbspn of rice smashed with litttle bit of ghee, and maybe a small banana or dosa. Formula is fed only 3 times a day with just 90 ml per feed while she sleeps. Please help me to change my babies feeding routine so taht she gains weight for the palate surgery which is 10kg.