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1 year old and the baby year is over
Well, a 12-month-old baby/toddler is still quite young, I think!

Our daughter celebrated her first birthday by sleeping through the night for the first time ever. She must have felt that she was no longer a baby…

Five days later she walked a few steps for the first time. So happy!

1-year-old babies are fantastic! So able yet so young. With the first baby, it is easy to believe that development will now slow down. Not so!

Growth will slow down, but by 2 years, your young toddler will be able to talk, run, jump, maybe use the potty, use a fork, sing a little bit, draw, and a lot more. And say “no” and “no” again.

(But I don’t quite agree on the “terrible twos”. I think 3 years old is actually worse) :-)

Anyway, the next year will be a fantastic one too!

The 12-Month-Old Baby

12 Months Baby Milestones

Here are the development milestones to look for when your baby is 12 months old:

  • Many babies take their first steps at around 1-year-old and actually start walking more and more. Some others need more time. In any case, many 1-year-old babies crawl when they need to get somewhere fast. Our oldest boy didn’t walk until he was well over 18 months and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him!
  • The same goes for using the language. Many children seem to be either “early” with their motoric skills or with the language. Some sit and talk, others run around and say more or less nothing. But they do understand a lot!
  • 12-month-old, it is a good idea to let your baby start feeding himself with a spoon if he is interested. It is very messy in the beginning, but so convenient after a while to not have to feed your baby.
  • Your baby has now a well enough developed hand-eye coordination and understanding to open cupboard doors and drawers that open easily.
  • The baby’s brain is developing and a 12-month-old can solve simple problems like opening a container or pulling a string to make a toy come closer.

Games To Play

12-month-old, building towers or rather knocking them down is fun. You build and he knocks. Again and again and again.

Look into a mirror and point at the nose, the mouth, etc. Soon enough your baby will do the pointing.

Draw together using thick crayons or finger paint. I personally like sitting in the bathtub (or at least putting my baby there when using finger paint. Dress him off except for the diaper and have some fun.

When using crayons, drawing is much easier if you tape the paper onto the table or floor.

Seeing other children both of the same age and older are good at this age. Your child is likely to imitate what other children do, although he is too young to actually play together with another child.

Singing songs or saying nursery rhymes with movements are great fun.

Hide and seek is becoming easy to play now when your baby is able to move around a bit.

Hunting each other is also probably a favorite.

Toy Tips

Toy tips this month is, of course, birthday tips! But my very first tip is to not overdo it. A baby that gets too many presents and too much attention may end up crying rather than laughing.

A very wise tip I got once was to invite as many friends to a child’s birthday as the number of years he is.

1-year-old = 1 friend At least not 10 babies!

Now to the toy tips…

Push toys; especially if they are steady enough to help your baby walk.

Pull toys, the ones you pull in a string are fun if your baby already was well. Otherwise, they are too difficult.

A small play slide is great fun if you have enough space.

Sorting and nesting toys are still very popular.

Picture books, but now with small stories rather than just pictures.

Musical toys, like drums, are fun.

Dolls and animals, both stuffed ones and others.

Riders, like this one, are fun – but remember to buy one for small children!

Crayons and finger paint. But be prepared that your baby will chew the crayons!

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The 12-Month-Old Baby on Video

In this video, you can find see some 12-month-old babies in action. They are playing, laughing, and crying when things don’t go their way. Many babies in this video clip are walking – if your baby doesn’t, don’t worry. Most babies start walking between 13 and 15 months. Before that, they take a few steps or walk holding in furniture. (Take a look at our poll on when your baby walks here.)

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