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What Could Cause A Child To Pass Out?

by quenten
(prince george bc canada)

My 1 yr old gets so angry she starts to hyperventilate, her eyes roll in the back of her head and she passes out. Doctors say it is just anger, is there another reason? It is very upsetting to see her pass out and I am afraid that she is seriously ill.

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Reasons Why A Baby May Pass Out

Anxiety, fear, pain and intense emotional stress may cause a brief loss of consciousness and posture in children.

If your baby becomes intensely anxious and breathes too quickly, she may faint from taking too much oxygen and getting rid of too much carbon dioxide too quickly.

Temper tantrums do not themselves lead to loss of consciousness, unless they are a trigger for a breath-holding spell or Expiratory Apnea, as it is sometimes called. Breath-holding spells are not dangerous, but scary. These spells usually result from anger, fear, pain or frustration and are reflexes; they are not caused by children on purpose.

Breath-holding spells are common among 1 to 3 years old children and are usually not serious. They do not cause permanent damage of affect your child’s health. Breath-holding spells usually disappear when children get older.

If your baby has one of these episodes try to sit calmly and breathe slowly yourself, it will help to calm you, and she may pick up on it. To protect your baby during a spell, lay your child on the floor. After the spell, comfort your child.

For a young child, like your daughter, trying to disctract her before she gets so very upset is usually quite an effective method to avoid these episodes as much as possible. Try to not go into power struggles with her, whe is much too young to understand verbal corrections anyway. If there’s somehting she wants, that you don’t want her to have or do, then try to divert her attention into something else.

I hope this helps,

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Feb 04, 2014

by: Annie

Hi Quenten,

Firstly congratulations on having such a dynamic little girl! I know it is really hard as a parent to cope with a child that is so determined, and it may not feel like it, but having a child that is so strong is a great start for her. It will be a challenge for you, but as much as you can, stay calm and draw on all the patience you possess. Some children come into this world absolutely determined to get the most out of it and until she learns strategies that are less alarming for you, you are going to have to focus more on how you cope with it.

Firstly, have a think about the situations that are likely to cause her to get really angry. Sometimes we expect too much of our little ones and you may be trying to restrict her unnecessarily. If you see a pattern then ahead of time see if you can head it off with distraction rather than head on confrontation, or you make the choice if this is going to be something you battle over or let it slide. I am not suggesting you give in to her as that will reinforce the tantrums – you need to make decisions before she loses control.

As her language develops she will start to learn how to express herself verbally rather than getting so frustrated.

It is not uncommon for children at this age to hyperventilate with anger and frustration, so in the meantime, hang in there and keep your cool or you will be inflaming the situation.Best of luck!
Annie Desantis

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