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In the beginning of the week our baby was running a fever, we gave her Tylenol, brought it down and she seemed to be feeling better. She was still congested with a runny nose but acted like she felt better.

Two days later she started getting an awful cough and has coughed until she drastically throws up! She also has been sleeping very lightly and rolling around and moaning a lot.

She has a doctors app tomorrow but what could this be?

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Baby Coughing Until Vomiting

Poor girl! This is really the season of sick babies!

It does sound to me as if your baby simply has a really nasty cold, epecially since her fever is now down. Babies can throw up a lot easier than older children and adults from coughing, so that doesn’t have to mean anything in particular.

However, I still think you are doing the right thing by taking her to a doctor. The fact that she moans and rolls around could mean that she is in pain or has trouble breathing, which in turn could signify an infection more serious than just a common cold. So keep an eye on her, give her a lot to drink, write down her symptoms and talk them through with the doctor tomorrow.

You can also elevate the head end of her bed a bit, to help her breathe easier. That can prevent some of the coughing at night. Using the saline drops and a nasal aspirator may also help to ease her sleeping and lessen the cough. Babies do not know how to blow their nose yet, so they often cough to get rid of nasal congestion.

Hope this helps a bit,

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Oct 23, 2013

by: stephanie

My son is almost 7months old and i just brought him to the hospital about a month ago beacuse he was haveing trouble breathing and he kept pukeing and had a stuffed up nose and running fevers…The hospital did a nose swab test for rsv and it came back positive.. I recommend you to take your baby to the docs. But rsv is a respitory virus that is caused at baby’s til there born til age 1 after age 1 your son or daughter shouldnt get it.


Oct 13, 2013

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus guide)
by: Paula (EasyBabyLife)

You are completely correct that RSV is common during winter. If a baby gets really sick from what appears to be a severe cold, one should definitely have the baby examined.

RSV is a common virus and not an issue for older children and adults. But for young babies, it can at worst be lethal. If your baby seems ta have a bad cold, and gets a high fever, trouble breathing, very stuffy nose, coughing, wheezing or a blueish skin, you need to pay a visit to the ER.

Most hospitals can take a simple RSV test from the baby’s nose.

Since RSV is a virus it can not be treated ith antibiotics. In most cases, no treatment is needed, but for babies that have trouble breathing or are very ill, oxygen, moist air, fluids by IV and in extreme cases a breathing machine can be used to help the baby through.

You can read more about RSV in this guide here, provided by New York Times. (Opens in new window.)

I hope this helps,


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