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Mom’s Question:

My 10 months old baby fell down from the cot and was bleeding a little bit from the nose. I took him to the doctor and she said the bleeding was because of a cut in the nose. But my problem is that after that incident after completing his food, he has started vomiting. I am afraid, why is it so?

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(ras al Khaimah,UAE)

Baby Helpline:

ER or Not When Baby Vomits After A Fall

If your baby is persistently vomiting after a fall, it is normally a sign of a head injury called a concussion.

Here are the most common signs of concussion in babies:

  • clear or bloody drainage from the nose mouth or ears
  • being drowsy or dizzy
  • seems confused and/or weak, problems with coordination, communication or vision
  • very sleepy and difficult to wake up at some point during the next couple of days after hurting the head
  • vomiting – both right after hitting the head and within two days after; if persistent
  • irritated
  • unconscious

(You can find more warning signs to look for after a fall here.)

My advice is to go to your nearest minor emergency clinic or emergency room. Letting this go on for too long could be bad for your baby’s brain. Please seek a second opinion! It could be something else, like a stomach bug and not related to the fall, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Also, consider keeping a good reference book at home such as My Child Is Sick!: Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries.

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Sep 20, 2013concussion or blood

by: Anonymous

I agree with the second opinion. I worked as an pediatric ER nurse for years and vomiting after a fall and hitting head is symptoms of a concussion. IF baby only cut his nose, the cut may be bleeding and the blood dripping post-nasal may induce vomiting. Either way your pediatrician or other health care provider should follow up.

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