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Mom’s Question:

My 3-month-old baby is throwing up blood, what is that?? How can I know if it is dangerous? Should I take her to the ER?


Easy Baby Life:

Baby Throwing Up Blood – Dangerous Or Not?

A baby can sometimes throw up and it is tinged with blood from swallowing blood after a nose bleed or from teething. Also, the force of vomiting can create tears in the little blood vessels lining the esophagus. A few drops of fresh blood like this, is normally nothing to worry about.

But if you can’t explain the blood or it is more abundant that a few drops, or the amount of blood is increasing with time, you should call the doctor. Tell your doctor about how much your baby is throwing up and how much of it is blood. To make this easy I would say “My baby is throwing up enough to saturate her whole bib and about a quarter of it is blood”.

If there is a lot of blood in the vomit or if it is dark brown, like coffee grounds, the advice is to take your baby to the emergency room immediately, since it can related to some internal bleeding. Try to collect a sample of the vomit and bring along to the ER or doctor.

Examining the baby’s stool may also be helpful, as blood may be found in there as well. Look for a tarry black stool or bright red streaks of blood.

Also, try to note and report to the doctor if you baby has swollen or tender abdomen or significant behavioural changes like excessive sleepiness or irritability.

Actually, unless you can be sure that the blood derives from the mouth, at least call your baby’s doctor for advice. I hope it is not serious and you get it sorted out quickly.

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Feb 20, 2014 baby vomiting brown coffee looking blood by: Anonymous

I just left Er my 4mth old was vomiting brown coffee grain blood. 4x today was a lot they sent us home not concerned I’m very upset.

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  1. Mhemi Canceran Adlawan

    hi can you help me my baby baby vomit today with blood what is that im so worried

    1. Paula @easybabylife

      Hi Mhemi, I understand that you are concerned! Can you describe the blood? Was it fresh or more dark? A lot or a little? Was it regular vomit tingded with blood or only blood? How old is your baby and does he or she seem ill in other ways? If there was a lot of blood or if it was really dark or like coffee ground, you need to take your baby to the doctor immediately. If it was just a little and more bright red it can be from swallowing blood. Is your baby teething? Or do you breastfeed and have cracked nipples? Pls provide some more details!