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Mom’s Question:

My 11-month baby gets a very stuffy nose at night and I have the vaporizer. But he sometimes wakes up at night and I try everything to find out why he’s crying and I can see that his nostrils are full of bogars. I tried clearing it out for him, usually, it’s a struggle with him but one side of the nose started bleeding. I don’t know what to do if his nose is blocked. I don’t want to cause more bleeding.

Baby Help Line:

Tips To Avoid Baby Nose Bleeds From Cleaning It

Aww, poor little man – I’m sorry to hear that his stuffy nose is making him so miserable. I can completely understand that you want to avoid damaging the delicate skin inside his nose, but at the same time, you feel that you need to do something to help him.

Have you tried giving him a bath just before bed – or even just sitting him next to a hot running shower (on your lap, of course)? The steam may help clear his nose even more effectively than the vaporizer is doing. I also find that a little warm, homemade chicken broth given via a bottle is a wonderful and natural remedy for stuffiness.

Failing that, a good option for cleaning his nose would be to first squeeze a little saline solution into his nostrils (please check with your doctor before doing this). This helps soften the contents of his nose, making it much easier to clean (it may also make him sneeze, which may dislodge the blockage and solve the problem for you altogether).

I do hope this helps – and that you both get a good night’s sleep soon.


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Aug 26, 2013 My 16-month-old son keeps getting nose bleeds.
by: Jonny

Hi, my 16-month-old son keeps getting nose bleeds when he’s really crying. It’s not poring out it’s just the same nostril every time. He’s not a very good sleeper and when he wakes up crying he’ll rub his nose and there’s blood on his hand. Is this something to be worried about? Or is it just the pressure when he gets really upset? Thanks, Jonny

Aug 26, 2013 No worries about a small bleeding

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Jonny,

If it is just a little bleeding and you can refer it to the rubbing and being upset, I don’t think there is much to worry about.

If your son is like most children of his age, he does get frustrated and cries quite often, which probably means that that particular little nostril doesn’t have time to heal completely between the bouts of crying.

Hope this helps,


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