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8 Possible Reasons For Blood In Your Baby’s Diaper

blood in baby's diaper
My daughter in law just called and her daughter 6 1/2 months old had some blood from her vagina after she changed her diaper. Is this normal or what could the cause be? She is quite upset right now.

Nancy (San Diego, CA)

Baby Helpline:

Why You May Find Blood In Baby’s Diaper

I’m not surprised your daughter in law is concerned, she could be imagining all sorts of things. It can sometimes be difficult to know the source of the blood when found in the diaper.

Here are some reasons why a baby may have blood in the diaper:

  • Babies can often have a tiny amount of blood in their poo, or the anus can crack if they are a bit constipated. You find more info on blood in a baby’s poop here.
  • Newborn babies do sometimes have a little bit of vaginal bleeding due to all the hormone changes, but I would expect that to have settled down by now.
  • Blood in the urine can also happen due to infections mainly, and should always be reported to a doctor, who can find out what is causing the blood.You can read more about blood in the urine here.
  • A little girl could also have a small wound somewhere from being naked and sitting down on something. How active is your grand-daughter? If she is crawling around and climbing over things, maybe she didn’t have a nappy on and had a minor injury?
  • A so-called straddle injury is also common in children. It happens when, an actively playing child falls and lands a genital area over a hard object, such as a bike frame, an armchair rest or a side of the bathtub. But this is a less likely possibility in a child who, like your granddaughter, does not walk yet.
  • Sometimes there can be nappy rash that has bled a bit. It can be hard to see where it has come from, it may look like it was from the vagina, but babies kick around a lot and wriggle and it could have come from elsewhere.
  • A vaginal infection, caused by transferring the bacteria living in the gut into the genital area may also be causing bleeding. The transfer of the bacteria occurs through the child’s hands and with poor hygiene of the region.
  • A foreign object, such as a toy part or a piece of toilet paper is also known to be a cause of vaginal bleeding in baby girls.

I would get it checked just in case there is some infection or injury. The doctor will be the best person to diagnose anything in this case.

A final tip – an excellent reference book to keep at home for first info on possible illnesses in the baby is Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 6th Edition: Birth to Age 5 by American Academy Of Pediatrics. (Link goes to Amazon, where you can check it out.) Maybe an appreciated gift for your daughter in law.

Good luck, you daughter in law is lucky to have such great support from you,

Wishing you well,
(Answer approved by our Medical Reference Team)

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Feb 08, 2013

blood from babies vagina
by: tracey


My eighteen month old has some blood and mucus coming from her vagina , it is very little. How did your daughter in law make out?

Jul 09, 2013

Blood and pain
by: francine

My daughter diaper was changed this morning and had a blood in it when hurts she squats in a boo boo position and she cries. and has fluid coming out of her vagina. What should I do?

Jul 10, 2013

The Dr

by: Baby Help Line – Paula

Hi Francie,

I think you should take your daughter to the Dr, to make sure she doesn’t have a UTI.

Wish you good luck,


Sep 05, 2013

9month old blooding from vagina
by: Beverly

My daughter is 9 months, yesterday about 6pm i was trying to give her a bath, when i took her diaper off, i seen some blood. So i took her to the health centre, I was so concerned. They got her all checked up, they even did a swab, so now were on our way to go see a doctor, the nurses don’t know what’s the problem, they think it’s an infection or sexual abuse, but I dont think its the abuse.. It’s really terrifying when they were coming to conclusions!

Jan 03, 2014

So scary

by: Anonymous

My two year old baby girl also we find blood in her diaper and took her to er after they take her urin sample they say it is not infection they almost conclude that it is abuse that scared me a lot because we know it is not abuse. We want her to get checked, not jump to conclusion.

After one day we took her to her regular Dr. They did not take her urine or blood, they suggest to wait and see even though they show the same character they found ear infection that the er never found. Hopefully next time they are going to check everything and get better result for our baby girl’s well-being.

I wish they do better job in er than trying to blame or jump to conclude something not.

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