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by Elizabeth M.
(Grovetown, GA, USA)

When my baby lost his umbilical stump, his belly button did not close properly so the doctor put silver nitrate on it.

It finally closed up about two days later. He is four months old now and it seems to be reopening a little bit. Is this something that will heal on its own or do I need to take him back to the doctor to be evaluated?

Baby Help Line:

Baby’s Umbilical Granuloma Coming Back

If your son’s umbilical granuloma appears to be coming back, you’d probably want to discuss it with his doctor. Depending on how it develops, a new treatment with silver nitrate or other treatment may be recommended.

Unless the granuloma appears to be infected or is oozing, you probably don’t have worry much about it, but if you think it did heal completely before, it is a bit odd that it is coming back now. Most likely it didn’t heal 100% previously, and is now showing a bit again.

It is not likely to be a big issue, but have it checked out.

Good luck,

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Apr 28, 2012

Belly Button Opening Up
by: Anonymous

Hi Elizabeth. I was just changing my 11 month old son’s diaper when I noticed his belly button was open. It is deep to begin with so I don’t know how long it has been this way. Did you find any information about your baby’s? I cannot find anything about it and I am concerned.



May 19, 2012

Belly button

by: L. M.

My baby is 8 weeks and the dr. has done silver nitrate twice and his bellybutton is still open after a few days…did anything ever come of your situation with your child? I’m just wondering what the end result was so that possibly I can Help my baby’s close…

Jun 07, 2012

2mo belly button seeping clear fluid …

by: BabyBoyMyJoy

At his 2 month well visit today, my son was referred to a pediatric surgeon after I pointed out to the dr that I’d noticed a reoccurring yellow crust inside his belly button. His belly button is deep and upon pealing back the skin, the inner area is red and “wet” looking. Dr said this is totally abnormal as that are should be 100% healed and dry. She then said there was nothing she could do since he was so old (i.e. could not use silver nitrate as that might risk sealing together folds of skin that should not be) … and so she referred my son to a pediatric surgeon????? Now, he may have to have surgery????? Anyone experience this before??????

Dec 13, 2012

8 week old

by: Anonymous

My 8 wk old daughter’s belly button never healed all the way she is leaking yellow fluid and it hardens it makes her clothes stick to her so I don’t know what to do.

Feb 16, 2013

12 week old button still not closed
by: Anonymous

Our 12-wk old boy has an open belly button – the same sort of discharge that most of you mention. Our family doctor sent us to a pediatrician a few weeks ago, and he’s been trying the silver nitrate – but after two attempts it has not worked at closing it. He said he has one more attempt and then can’t do any more for it, and will have to send us to a specialist. He didn’t comment further, but the only research we can find is that surgery might be the only other option.

Aug 04, 2013


by: Anonymous

My baby girl is 3weeks old and has same problem, they have used silver nitrate eight times. Tomorrow she goes for ultrasound, the yellow fluid they think is urine leaking, next week she goes in for surgery to detach the bladder from the area and seal her belly button.

This is an abnormal condition and needs to be treated asap, see your dr.

Sep 09, 2013

4 month old
by: Anonymous

While giving my 4 month old daughter a bath I noticed a dark spot on her belly button. My mom then looked futher and it was a scab. While cleaning it out the scab came off and we pressed to look for oozing. Noting came out. I am worried he belly button had reopened and sealed back up. Is this something I should worry about? How did everyone elses experience turn out?

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    My 7mnth baby’s navel never healed properly. Just like as you all have mentioned, it all started after 2 month till now his navel has water like sticky discharge. We were referred to surgeon until now, he gave us different kinds of ointment and we did ultrasound too. A week before we tried silver nitrate too but nothing worked. The surgeon says he has no other solution rather than surgery, did anyone have experience such condition, plz help us. Thank you.

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      Hi , am

      We are going through same . He is 8 weeks old . Had two ultrasound at sick kids . But no attachment to bladder. He is on antibiotics now becoz they think it could be infected . We finish antibiotics course tomorrow . Still has some yellow fluid leaking . You can reach me at We can stay connected and see how it goes .

      Wish everyone lil babies speedy recovery !!

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