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Mom’s Question:

My 12-month baby fell off bed (around 18 in high) to the matted ground, when I and my wife several steps away. He cried right away and started vomiting 4 or 5 minutes later, though he was fine without any external injury. During the next 12 hours, he vomited several times during this period. So we went to the hospital and the doctor ordered a CAT scan for his head and found a bruise at the edge of the brain.

The pediatrician said there will be no long-term impact on his brain, but they got the CPS involved and accused us of child abuse and removed our baby from us. Their reason is that they do not believe such a fall will cause this injury. So now we are really in a suffering situation.

Anyone on this forum has ever heard similar cases? I mean falling off from a bed at such height and get a similar injury? Any information is appreciated.

BTW, we suspect his vomiting may quite likely be to his bad digestive system at that time period because he just had diarrhea and fever after his 12-month vaccination, which was just 3 or 4 days before his fall.

We have dedicated all our efforts, mentally and financially to our baby, and just got into this miserable thing. Any information is appreciated.

Baby Helpline:

Child Abuse Accusation After Baby Fell

I understand you are going through a very tough time and I can only offer you a few pieces of advice but I hope they help you!

First, when a baby sustains an injury to the head they vomit a lot. This is just a typical sign of a head injury.

Second, as for a fall not being able to cause that type of injury. I would have to see the injury to be sure of its location and the object that your child hit after falling but bruising to the brain actually is caused by an object hitting someone’s skull OR someone’s skull hitting a hard object which means it is highly probable that one can sustain this bruising to the brain by falling and their head hitting a very hard object/surface.

In my opinion, it is invalid for CPS to say that this type of bruising cannot be caused by a fall because it very likely can be.

The only thing that seems to be in question here is the height she fell from. If she only fell from 1ft then it is not likely it would result in this type of injury but with enough force driving her towards the ground (i.e a roll onto the floor) a fall from about 2ft may very likely have caused it.

I cannot say whether CPS is completely right or wrong if I am not there to asses the full situation, but if you obtain a good lawyer and fight against CPS allegations to regain custody of you child, bring pictures and anything you can to prove this was merely an unfortunate accident.

I wish you the most luck with regaining custody of your child. I hope this helps a little bit and I wish I had more!


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Sep 24, 20183x
by: Anonymous

Thanks much for the comment, we’ve hired a lawyer and asked several medical experts to look into this. Hope they won’t put this case too long, may god bless us.

Apr 29, 201912 Month Sleepy Baby Fell Off Bed And Got Injured
by: Anonymous

What happened to this case?

Did you get your child back? I feel so sorry for you.

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  1. Gee Cee

    I have some very great facts that can be brought up in court to help you and your child. I would like to start of by saying I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Y’all will be in my prayers. Did you know that vomiting and diarrhea are a vaccine injury? The CDC wants kids to receive 70 vaccines by the age of 18. Considering one flu shot contains 250 times the amount of mercury the EPA considers liquid hazardous waste, it’s safe to say that any amount of vaccine can, and does, damage a child. Your child’s body is trying to detox from the toxins and disease injected in their body. Since your child will be receiving the bacteria or viral illness vaccinated against, as well as a load of other toxins and allergenic substances, their bodies will try to detox these substances post vaccination causing your child to have diarrhea and vomiting which is also a sign of brain damage which is also what the doctors who get compensated to vaccinate never share with you the vaccine injury symptoms however when a child falls this is also what the doctors in the hospital look for as a sign of brain damage.
    I also want to add please check into the CDC website ( Center of Disease Control ) at the ingredients being injected into your kids. Some of the vaccine side effects of the poisons cause brain swelling and brain damage. The vaccine industry is corrupt and the pediatricians and insurance make money off making us parents believe it’s in our best kids interest to inject Human DNA, animal DNA, heavy metals such as aluminum and Mercury and viruses into our kids developing body. I promise you if you look into all the other court cases of vaccine injury wins of causing autism and other symptoms such as seizures and death the evidence is overbearing. Loss of balance may also be a vaccine reaction as well since convulsions are common causing the injury. I hope your lawyer can work the actual vaccine insert of symptoms in your favor. Please detox your child of the toxins and do your research. I can not imagine how terrible you must feel for your child to have fallen and for CPS to interfere. My condolences to your family.